Episode 38: The Demand Of Daniel's Head As a Purification Sacrifice

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Gradually we are marching the month of March in a fast pace, and it really saddens me when I look around and see pandemic legacy everywhere. As at now it seems about 40% of countries in the world have been hit with the virus. And among all these countries, Italy has been the one who suffers most in terms of lossing lives.


The last time I read about the situation on grounds, I heard one of their ministers say they have done all that they could with every resources that they have and to them the pandemic should have been sustained but they keep lossing souls. Well the full story will continue one day over here but for now let keep our mood activated for some short episode of the story on board.

Today's episode,

I hear the cry of a soul deep down from a dungeon, a cry of an innocent with his child, as I draw my attention to the source, I discovered that it was no other person than Joana, who was hurt by what have been happening to her ever since she lost her grandmother. She cries for help but help never finds her so tears have been her only food she has.

Mike one day was seated with Rebecca at their usual hide out and this time he narrated how he lost his parents at a very tender age and how he has known no soul apart from her grandmother who happens to be the only surviving soul of their generation. Mike then asked Rebbecca to never let him go and he was going to love her forever.

In the land of Swan village, the King summoned the fetish priest of their land and was briefed by the King through his linguist on how Joana and Daniel keep saying they have nothing to do with the lost golden ring. The fetish priest just smiled to the sky when all was said and told the King and everyone present at the gathering that he has spoken to the gods and finally they have answered.

He told them the gods said Daniel should be used as a sacrifice to cleanse their land and the way to find the ring would be shown after. The king pleaded to him to speak with the gods again to rather demand sacrifices of animals rather than the life of Daniel but the priest insisted that that was what the gods said and he can't do anything about it. He left them after.

Ophelia in the land of Jen one day went to the busy with a calabash and summoned the goddess she sent Benjamin to be used as sacrifice to know how far she was on finishing the task. But the goddess showed for just some seconds and said she was into Benjamin now and can't kill him. Suddenly the goddess disappeared and asked Ophelia never to call her again.
Ophelia with an angry face thought of an alternative way to execute her plans.

See you another with what happens next, but until then stay safe.


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