Episode 37: The Great Warning To The Goddess

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Such a day so far, I woke up just some minutes ago and am staying to feel like I woke hours back. Usually am so dull for some hours when I wake and it takes me a lot of time to recover through the day but this morning seems different. I feel some great energy and know today will be a great day.


This morning kept me in the dangling state and I was in between continuing the story or finding a different niche to write about. But after some series of thought I came to the conclusion of siding with the story since I know someone out there is really dying to read what I have for today. So sit back and let me drive you home safely,

Today's episode;

As they say, there is no body as committed than a lady who is in love. Rebecca who was in the similar situation wanted to surprise Mike with a visit one day, but unfortunately for her, she met his grandmother rather at home who said she has sent him to the farm.

Rebecca then asked for a leave but as someone who wanted the best for his grandson, she asked Rebecca to sit for a talk. The grandmother then asked Rebecca what her relationship with his grandson was and she boldly told her they were in love with each other. At that moment Mike's grandmother asked her about her marriage arrangements with Isaac and the oath of his dad the King. Rebecca said she never agreed with his dad and she knows his dad will accept whatever decision she make.

At the camp of the goddess, Benjamin was invited to the room of the goddess who seduced him to lay with her. Songs were sang for them by the maids after they had their fun. But as curious as Benjamin was he asked the goddess he thought it was a forbidden act for the spirit to lay with humans.
The next morning, the messenger of the goddess superiors brought her a furious message and asked why she laid with a human who was an enemy. The goddess pleaded for mercy and was forgiven.

In the land of Thor, the King summoned the town crier to quickly move around to announce to everyone that littering around is prohibited and any soul caught in the act would be dealt with. And after he should move to the next town to warn them to move back to their boundaries before they send their wrath on them.

The Chief of Swan village finally visited Joana and Daniel in their cells and pleaded with them to please help him retrieve it. But Joana and Daniel were still on the stand that they knew nothing about it.

See you same time tomorrow with another exciting episode. Bye 👋 👋 👋


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