holiday is over, back to work

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Two years ago when we moved into our apartment here in Switzerland we bought this massive oak table in a sale.

back then it was not treated and while we feared that we would stain it we painted it with a layer of Acryl Varnish.

We only put in one layer of the varnish and now two years later is has worn of through use and daily life.

So when I was walking past our neighbour I remembered he is a builder. So I went up to them and asked if they had a sander that they might loan/rent out to me. And lo and behold they had a big machine from bosh that was hardly used and they were willing to rent it out for 20 Franks (roughly the same as a dollar)
I got some of the special sand papers for the machine and am now ready to start sanding our tables.


I was going to just do big dining room table and since I now have this fancy machine I will also be doing our smaller coffee table. I might as wel take advantage of the situation. Tomorrow bright and early and hopefully out of the rain I will be able to start sanding the tables and making a whole lot of dust.

I will feel like a proper man again, lol, doing man stuff like fixing furniture...
Sitting at home unemployed and doing the housekeeping is fine for a while but sometimes other stuff needs to be done.

The tables and intensifying the job hunt are part of this. Getting back into the game after wallowing a month and doing nothing.

Holiday is over, back to work




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Great job friend. I like it your great news. thanks for sharing your post my dear best friend.


please do not call people you do not even know your best friend, It just sounds weird

great writing with a nice photography