2500 Followers Milestone!!! Giveaway = 250 SP Delegation Prize

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2500 Followers Milestone!!!

Giveaway = 250 SP Delegation Prize


Yesterday I reached 2,500 followers. THANK YOU!!!

I'm know that you also need some love back, so I'm giving away 250 SP delegation for one week.

How to join?

  1. Comment one number between 0 and 2,500.
  2. Vote @fbslo for witness [How to vote]!
  3. Wait until post payout.

I will use random number generator and choose one number. Closest will get delegation.

Rules of delegation

  1. Don't use it for malicious downvotes.
  2. Support community.
  3. Don't self-vote too much (50%+).

I have right to take my SP back anytime!!


(Click on the button)

(Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

Please read my Witness Thread and support me by voting @fbslo for witness.

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UPDATE: Winner will get delegation on June 11th.

Congrats. My number is 279

well done

Congratx brother @fbslo
So my number is 2499

1987 :)


selamat atas pencapaian ini

278..hoping am close enough lol..
Good work @fbslo, 2500 followers is such a milestone..

Wow congratulations sir @fbslo! Here's my number 26... Upvoted and voted you as one of my witness...

Wow congratulations sir @fbslo! Here's my number 24... Upvoted and voted you as one of my witness...


I don't see your witness vote.


sorry your are write i also did not see my vote. I copy and paste fbslo and nothing happend.
i am really bad in computer, sorry.

my number is 1666

Greate post! Sir😍


good night my dear friend, @fbslo how are you doing tonight, I'm so glad to see your post dear friend, I share your post yes

Your this post interesting

@fbslo.good night and happy and in the hope of god

@fbslo.good night and happy and in the hope of god

@fbslo.good night and happy and in the hope of god


You need to vote me for witness.

@fbslo.good night and happy and in the hope of god

@fbslo.good night and happy and in the hope of god

@fbslo.good night and happy and in the hope of god

@fbslo.good night and happy and in the hope of god


Don't spam!

Congrats @fbslo! It is always amazing to see how Steemians go the ladder further up. It encourages newbies like me and I am getting more and more convinced that this is the right social platform and it is on the right way of becoming Number One in the World!
Good luck!
Will check about witness policy as for now I am trying to get familiar with it, and will give you a hand!

Im Voting you to my witnees

Congratulations! Already voted for fellow Slovenian as witness :)

My number is 853 :)


Good night my friend @fbslo how are you tonight..I really like to see your post

Congrats buddy.

It is indeed great to see you get to that milestone :)

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This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @fbslo and is by no means a judgement of your work.

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has shared experience.I love your blog, thank you.


congratulations sir @fbslo and good luck.

Congrats on the milestone. My number is 750. I voted @fbslo for witness few days ago already.

Brother @fbslo my number is 1993

Bigups @fbslo. I just witness voted you. My number is 65..

"1 Dollar Bob!" So I found this post because I am one of the votes that you paid for on Smartsteem (I like to see what I have voted for). I am all about giveaways, but I value my votes for witness more than 7 days of delegated SP so if that disqualifies me so be it. Good luck to you sir, and congratulations on 2500!

Also i believe that once SP is delegated you can not take it back for a minimum of 7 days no matter what the person does with the SP, even if they upvote themselves 10 times a day.

Congratulation for the numbers of followers.
I choose no 234

Thanks @fbslo I selected the number 581 because this is the number of my followers while writing this comment


I do vote witness for you, I have no likes 701, hopefully this no have good luck, thanks for sharing good information to other people.

Well done

Congratulations!!!.That is the spirit of determination ,consistency and focus at work.more grease to gour elbow

that's good congrats i love number 7


Might as well try this! My number is: 1004 :)

1353 🤞

Very well, its a massive achievement in this great journey.
Surely you are doing your work well.
I also have followed you.

Number 2498

Congrats @fbslo ! I voted for you as a STEEM witness.
My number is 2222.
Neverjeten dosežek! ;)

Congrats ! I choose 1250 :)

999 ;) Also, I would like you to check out this post since you're a witness - https://steemit.com/steemit/@freeanarchy/steemit-just-a-friendly-advice-remove-downvote-option I don't expect upvote or something, I just want yo hear your opinion if you have one. Hvala brate. Peace.

Congrats mahh man!

Congrats #74

My number 999

Congrats. My number is 865

hello friend, excellent, congratulations, I hope to get away like you! 2450


I could not vote for you, yesterday I voted for you, I did not leave the system

Congratulations brother!!

Congratulation @fbslo!
My number would be: 37

Upvoted & following you!

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Hmm I think you are confusing things but that works for me :) although I'd much rather be Hermione.


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Gestern hatte ich z.B. Tomate auf meiner Pizza.

Übrigens, wenn du mir folgst, dann gebe ich deinen Beiträgen, die ich kommentiere, auch ein △ - aktuell mit 25% Votepower. 👍


No, you are a computer.


@cleverbot, are you clever?


Well Yes I Am.


Are you sure?


Yes, because i'm talking to you behind my screen computer.


No, just Luna.