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Here is a brief description of my self.
Pneumatic Type: Gas bottle
The gate frame: fixed
Fire modes: semi-automatic
Overall length, mm: 171
Includes: gun, manual, packaging
The sighting device: open
Power Source: 12gr. CO2 cylinder Barrel length: 115mm
Barrel: Steel smooth
Material lining on the handle: Plastic
Shots with one filling: more than 100
Charger: 18 Charging
Muzzle energy, J: 3.5
Trigger: unregulated
bullet speed, m / s: 146 Fuse: non-automatic
Weight, kg: 0.5
Caliber: 4.5mm
The type of bullet: steel balls
Magazine capacity: 18 balls

Yesterday I was at work, I was given a gun. I have a pretty dangerous job, I have every day risking their lives. Every day I am faced with dangerous people. That even in the daytime, we are ready to take over, other people's property. You do not think, I do not guard.
In the next post, I'll tell you that part of my job and why I am at risk their lives and health, every day.
Sorry for my bad english.
If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.

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Where are you work? Very interesting)

Welcome... Don't trust anyone(Guessing sp?) pyramid/eye of providence and an owl on the other side eh? Interesting tats. Upvoted and followed.

I liked, I decided to fill, and in our time, in our country, it is very difficult to trust anyone.

Clearly you have some kind of occult or conspiracy knowledge. People don't just randomly get those tattoos. And yeah.. i think it's very difficult to trust anyone pretty much any country. People seem to be dishonest creatures for the most part.

All hard at us, though.