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I would like to touch on a very important topic, the elderly. Today boiling. Today, nothing remarkable day, I was riding the subway, two blocks and a bag of slaughtered were empty seats. But I knew that sooner or later will go, grandparent, who is much older than me and heavier than them, so I did not even took place because, in any case would have yielded place. But today, I saw the sign first grandfather in the wagon train, but the girl behind breaking into the car, pushing it, and just in front of his face to sit on a place that is well signed "For the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities."
Of people with disabilities, it is generally a separate post, they just do not see people. What a pity uvidit grandmother, who is on his knees in a crosswalk and asks for money for a piece of bread. Each passing might throw $ 1 - it's bring it to another day of life. Not so difficult, and not much money is spent. And you think, where you spend your money? In the void, when might help people and not get anything from it, you just have to know that it's not right to ask for and nothing in exchange.
Every day, I see people who are in need of something, everyone wants to help, but I did all-powerful? Why are people so cruel? I live in a beautiful country and beautiful city, but I do not feel the brotherhood among people. We are all the same, just different characters. People, I want to say that if you see a person in need, be sure to help him, talk, listen, or simply feed. And remember, they are just like you!
Sorry for my bad english.

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