What is the best way to measure your success in your career?

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Having success in your life in the specific  career you have thought about is everyone’s  dream. the part of our life in which we struggle a lot  for gaining the success of which we are dreaming for the struggle and hard work  makes us  able to say that the success we achieve in our life, we are proud of it.

#Personal satisfaction:

                                    if you are satisfy from what you are doing in your life what the success which you have gain in your life then it is very good news for you as you really successful to  achieve that career .Our personal satisfaction is the most important thing or  way to measure the success in our career. sometime people go on the highest peak of their career but still they are not satisfied from it . this  could  must be  their  disliking  or the person be a Clausius person

#:Happy and healthy:

                                  in any of your chosen career it is very important that you are not disturbing your family as you cannot manage time for  spending with them and if you are making your health bad then  it  would  must be not right career for you to give you success for even if you have attained success. this success  have no meaning because by this you cannot take care of your happiness and health

#: Improving more:

                              It is obvious that you have struggled a lot to have that success in your life in any of your career but there is another thing which is more than important from having the success of which we have dream for it is that if you are improving or not. if you are improving or just trying to improve then it add  a  measure  to the success of our  career

#: You are you:

                       having success in your career is very important and it's valuable if you have  if you have it only if you did not have lost you  in this whole journey .It mean that you did not have to make up for this or  have to be someone else to attain that success in the career as this could be the biggest failure of your life because you didn't  remained you.


                  The best way to measure the success in our career is to count that weather we  would not lost our real personality in gaining that success in the career or  we are not happy by this  or this  career is tiring for us and specially if it is not or is it giving us personal and mental satisfaction.

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