My travel to mumbai first time to see most beautifull places of mumbai

in life •  7 months ago

Today I am diccuss about my some days mumbai in which I am enjoyed travel of mumbai
because Mubai is a most beautifull city of india to enjoy in which more place to enjoy ed like Taj holel,marine drive

Taj Hotel

13879424_894445164017888_1804183496934539300_n (1).png
Te taj hotel is most beautifull hotel of mumbai in india .Which is placed in apollo bunder,colaba,mumbai.This is taj front view in evening

15380406_1254972624568833_248433552377559006_n (1).jpg
This is also front view of taj hotel in night

This is front and side view of taj hotel in morning

This is inside view of hall of taj hotel to party and other programs

This is inside view of taj hotel

This is a special guest hall

Gateway of india

Gateway of india also most beautifull place to tourist to enjoy that is placed in apollo bander,colaba,mumbai and near to taj hotel.This is front view of gateway of india in beautifulll view of gateway of india

This is front of gateway of india in afternoon

Mount Mary Church

Mount mary church is also tourist place this is most beautifull church in mumbai and mostly tourist are come to pray from god that is placed in Mt mary Rd,Bandra west,Mount Mary,Mumbai.This is front view of mount mary church in night

This is inside view of mount mary church

Marine Drive

Marine drive is also a tourist place that is a area in mumbai to see view of sea and placed at bank of arabian sea near to nariman point

This is morning view of marine drive


Juhu Beach

Juhu beach is also a tourist place in mumbai to enjoy sea tides



Haji Ali Dargha

Haji ali is a mosque and dargha that is placed on an islet off coast of worli in the southern part of mumbai


This is night view of haji ali dargha

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Chhatrapati shivaji terminus is also known as name of victoria terminus and historical railway station tthat is placed in chhatrapati shivaji area,fort,mumbai

This is morning view of chhatrapati shivaji terminus


Global Vipassana Pagoda

Global vipassana pagoda is a meditation dome hall that is so beautifull place to tourist which is placed near gorai,north-west of mumbai




Bandra Worli Sea Llink

Bandra worli sea link is most beautifull bridge to tourist that is a cable-stayed bridge that linking western & southern mumbai across the bandra channel


17201293_1318007708277392_6170741257175673570_n (1).jpg

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