Old lamp table restoration in ONE day!

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Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you another of my restoration projects, which I completed within one day. It is easy way to update any type of furniture that you might have around or purchase from second hand store. Inspired by farm house style which is easy to adapt and perfect for those carefree, unpolished interiors. I understand that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea and I respect that people need different environments to feel comfortable. Some perfectionists might feel distracted and luck of clean lines with high gloss finish, is a deal breaker for them. That was me few years back, but somewhere while trying to live up to my perfect standards I got tired of this imagine.
Now my goal is to have easy living space with imperfect designs, they might not match and be sort of eclectic, but they are part of our family, usually made or restored by us. This creates more of a connection to things that are around you and because I don’t try to make them perfect I don’t mind if my kids or animals scratch/stain them. They are made for living and fit perfectly into our imperfect family.


The advantage is in price that is significantly lower and while building a house we have to watch all money that we spend. Only today I found out that we have to spend additional $1500 for relocating a water meter. Builder claims it is water company's fault and the other side blames them, but the bottom line regardless who made a mistake, is that we are the ones paying for it. I wish I could say this is last surprising payment.... but who knows what to expect any more!


Our dog is checking out my lucky find, I got this table for only $15 and because I already had a design in my head plus chalked paint on hand, I started working on it as soon as I got home. It took me around 5 hours and that includes drying.


First I lightly sanded the table and follow by a proper clean. Then I applied charcoal paint, waited for few minutes to apply grey.


Turned table to make sure the paint covers all angels properly.


Create a mixture of grey and charcoal paints on top and blend them gently using a cloth.



To add some extra personality I stick a napkin on the top and on the sides of the leg. Use PVA glue to stick it and then brush a thin layer on top to set it in.



Once fully dry apply in circular motion dark wax and then follow by clear wax. Wait for it to dry and your table is ready to be used.


I also spray painted some baskets and lined them with foil to add some flowers to our house. I love the causal look they bring.


I hope you like the finish product. I enjoy making it and it is nice addition to our collection.




Love this! Nice job!!!

Nice. You're creative at doing this type of thing.

Thank you. I find it relaxing :)

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very nice creativity