I'm sincere as long as you're happy

in life •  5 months ago


Tonight I cry again
I don't know where the power I've had
Until I unconsciously cried again
I can't keep this up.

I have to stay strong and be patient
Even though I know reality is not in line with expectations
I don't care, I have to be strong
I can't fall and cry.

I am strong I can do it
It hurts and it feels broken
But I believe that at the end of the storm there will be happiness
I just have to be strong.

No matter a thousand waves came crashing
No matter a thousand walls came blocking
No matter a thousand storms came to hit
I will stand in front without trembling.

I will still love him
No matter even if the world prohibits
My love for him is sincere
Even if my love isn't reciprocated at all.

I just want to love him white
As white as jasmine that blooms every morning
White as snow that freezes time
As white as edelweis that bloom at the foot of the blue mountain.

I still love him
Even though in the end I had to see it with other people
I sincerely provided that he was happy and happy
Because seeing happiness is the thing I want most at the end of my life
Goodbye first and last love.

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