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"Do not look back", what does this mean? Dr. Henry Cloud, the psychologist and author of "Do not Look Back: Ten Things You Will not Do Again" has discovered by observing successful people that they have specific qualities in their lives and work that make them not return to their old ways Which they do their work through. When they do not go back to their old ways, they never return. In short, they have achieved what they want.

"One of the bad decisions I made years ago was that I had an enjoyable conversation with my coach. I learned a tough lesson, but it was precious," he said. "I was reassured when he said," The good thing is that when you learn this lesson You will never go back. "I wondered what were the most important factors of success that affect successful people, change the way they do business forever, and push them to succeed in their work, relationships, and lives? I began to study these factors and look for them over several years. "Although there are many lessons that we can take advantage of in our lives and our work, Dr. Cloud noted that there were 10 things that successful people did and never came back to.

Successful people do not repeat:

  1. Repeat doing things that did not work:

Whether this is something that has not worked or failed, we should never go back to doing it, expecting different results unless there is a change.

  1. Anything that requires them to be other persons:

When we do any work, we must first ask ourselves, "Why are we doing this work? Is it appropriate for us, are we suitable to do it, and is it sustainable?" If the answer is "no" to any of these questions, you have a convincing reason to get away from it.

  1. Trying to change someone else:

When you realize that you can not force someone to do something, you will give him the freedom to choose and let him know the results himself. When you do this you will also find that you are not restricted.

4 - Try to please everyone:

When you understand that it is impossible to please everyone, you will live a purposeful life trying to satisfy only those who deserve it.

5 - choose the comfortable things in the short term and ignore the useful things in the long term:

When successful people know that doing something requires them to make the effort and time, they do not mind because they know it will be fruitful in the long term. Understanding this idea is one of the major differences between successful and unsuccessful individuals on the personal and professional level.

6 - dealing with someone or something that without defects:

It's normal to get attracted to things that look "fantastic" or to people who look "great" - we love excellence and we're always looking for it. Where we always look for people who do their jobs in a distinctive way, about persevering employees, extraordinary people, friends with an attractive personality, and leading companies. But there is nothing without flaws, and if it seems to you that there is something without flaws, I will reconsider it.

7 - shift their eyes on the full picture:

When we see the whole picture, we do better on the emotional level and on the level of our lives in general. For successful people, one event does not represent the full picture. They always remember that.

  1. Ignore the search:

Regardless of the quality of something from the outside, we can not know what we really need to know about this thing unless we take a deep and honest look at it, and that's what will get us to it.

9 - Forgetting the question of why they are where they are:

One of the biggest differences between successful people and other people is that they always ask themselves this question: "What role do they play?" Both in terms of love and life, or in relationships and work. In other words, they do not see themselves as victims, even if they are.

10 - forget that their internal life determines their external success:

Good life sometimes has nothing to do with external circumstances. We often feel happy and satisfied because of what is in our midst, and research confirms this. Our inner life contributes significantly to the determination of many of our external circumstances. On the contrary, people who are still looking for success in many areas of life can identify the reasons behind their repetition of the same mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes, even the most successful people. But what the successful do better than others is to identify the causes of these mistakes and not to repeat them again. In short, they learn from the pain - from their pain and the pain of others. We must remember something important, which is that pain can not be avoided, but the same pain can be avoided twice when we learn to do things differently. I would like to say, "We do not need new methods of failure ... old methods work well!" It is our mission, at work and in life, to observe these methods and not to return to them


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