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Our sociopolitical life is increasingly dynamic, especially in the run up to the 2019 election. Despite being two years away, the "battle" ripples are getting more and the political machines are starting to be turned on. Like the previous elections, many parties projected the 2019 election would be more "hot" because of socio-political influence post-election of Jakarta Capital City 2017.

In order to create a conducive situation for the election, the Government must coordinate with various parties. Especially the KPU as the organizer of the election and Bawaslu as the party who has the authority to oversee the election. From this coordination, an agreement must be taken to solve a crucial problem. It is still two years away, but of course this initiative can start with the consideration is the holding of a fair, democratic, honest and open elections.

In addition to KPU and Bawaslu, the Government should also anticipate misleading information massively distributed in social media. Overcoming this crucial problem, becomes a challenge in itself because lately, our socio-political conditions are dominated by medsos. The efforts of the Ministry of Kominfo to fight the hoax deserve to be appreciated and supported by all levels of society. The spread of misguided information is very disturbing to our democratic climate. If left unchecked, it would be very disturbing to elections that are only two years away.

The holding of democratic elections, of course, will bring a positive impact on our lives. Looking at the previous election, there are at least three scenarios to watch out for. First, the optimistic scenario of the election will go smoothly. Second, the scenario is moderate, there is little disturbance. Third, there is greater volatility.

Of the three scenarios above, the Government must have an "exit strategy" that has been prepared well in advance. The determination to hold a conducive election should continue to be inflated. Why? Because the election is a momentum to save and rebuild Indonesia. What proof of the election could improve Indonesia?

We see the 2004 General Elections, when the Indonesian macro grew closer to its position in 1997, just before the economic crisis. In fact, inflation at that time reached 4.8% is much lower than in 1997 which reached 11.05%. The rupiah exchange rate by 2004, although not yet reached such a position in 1997, has also been stable for a long time and remains intact. The economic condition that continued to improve in 2004, one of which is because the election of the President and legislature when it is very democratic.

These macro conditions have positive implications for Indonesia's rescue and rebuilding. Investors trust Indonesia as a big country that indeed puts the succession of national leadership through a democratic process.

The 2019 election is the same. So strategic, then the Government should not be half-half in encouraging the democratic party, in order to run democratically. The ranks of intelligence, police and TNI must make an estimate of the situation since now. All possibilities should be read in a grand plan, including contingency plans. The possibility of logistic delays and distribution with ordinary equipment, then the Government must take anticipatory steps. Although it is a classic, the problem of logistic distribution can be spelled out as a recurring issue during the democratic party event.

Interpassed clash fears must be calculated. The readiness of security measures should involve all parties. Once the importance of securing the elections in 2019, efforts to pit the TNI-Polri should be terminated. We have to be wary of the possibility of the TNI-Polri sheep contest related to the 2019 election. Therefore, strict action must be taken whoever blows the sheep.

The government must also call for political parties to be directed to compete fairly, openly and responsibly. Relation to security issues, should be able to avoid the action of radical and aggressive emotional.

The role of the press is very big. The mass media must be part of an open, informative and educational political community. The press has the function of control, and is able to reveal every issue openly, objectively and pay attention to ethics and the joints of morality. Thus, the 2019 election becomes democratic, honest, fair, direct, public, free and secret elections.

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