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RE: What It's Like To Befriend A Living Legend... It AIN'T Easy!

in #life5 years ago

Mack, I'm on the edge of my seat reading this outrageous story! I love it! Underneath that Hollywood persona is a real person, with feelings and emotions, and you brought that out in her. I keep thinking of Mrs. Robinson, although she is not Anne Bancroft. But what a tale. Life takes such bizarre turns. Had Eric not been in Miami, you might never have become friends. Wonderful! If I have a leaky roof, I know who to call.


Im on my way @fairytalelife -- any time. But seriously, your comment makes me think about all the weird, strange circumstances that led to our meeting.., and the even stranger events that followed. I guess, it experiences such as these that make us who are... It would have been, all to easy to chalk her up as just another spoiled Hollywood brat. And called her names like the rest of the crew... But sometimes your instincts just tell you different.., and if you're paying attention -- you get to make a genuine connection someone.., someone who might need it more than you... Thanks Again @ fairytalelife

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