The Rush

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The African gene is built with rushing. This has made us to always have the perception of African Time. We do believe that nothing ever start to time and at such we forget that time wait for no man. In other to beat time we end up rushing. During the rush hour, we left a whole lot of things on done and also forget important documents.

The rush hour is a dangerous hour. This is a period where we tends to lose focus on the main reason rather we want to run and beat time. Time is a constant factor that will always remain on course.

In rushing we spend more and put our life in danger. This is the period where to put your vehicle on high speed in other to arrive at the location before time. Rush hour is also a frustrating time, you get annoyed with the slightest provocation, during the search of important documents you transfer the blame on anyone around. This is a period you got frustrated with all motorist

Some most frustrating aspect of rushing is when getting dressed. This is when the reality is not getting prepared now drawn on someone. At this junction, you remember you cloth is not yet pressed, you shoe not yet polished and you start looking up and down for your accessories. In most cases we wouldn't be able to go out in the best of our output when we are already in a rush.

There is a popular saying now Na them dey rush us. This means, the writer belief the society is rushing him into a whole lot of things he's not prepared for. We have cases of rushed marriage and eventually they crumbled after two weeks or a month.

Life is a delicate stage that requires careful trending and taking of time step by step in anything one does.


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