Behind the mask

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Behind the mask lies the face. There is only one identity can never be identify. The mask can be a weapon of destruction, distraction and disturbance. This has in many ways causes tragedy and also help in solving problems.


It's often discovered that evil is mostly penetrated with the use of a mask, this allows the predator to feast on it prey without the fear of been recognized. There is always a boldness that accomplish wearing a mask.

Mask can be of different cases. It might not necessarily be the physical components that is visible to everyone. A mask can be an hypocritical character. An individual that tends to please people in their presence and slander them in their absence also uses a mask. A double standard lifestyle won't allow people to know his/her true identity.

An individual that found joy in operating during darkness as uses a mask. Darkness is a mask for most people, they uses this medium to attack unsuspecting prey and disposes them of their belongings.

What most be learnt about mask is that it never last forever. They have an expiring date. It either the mask got turn, lost or become useless after wear and tear. The identity of an individual got exposed one he/she is unmasked. At this point he/she becomes ashamed of his/her attitude and might even end up in bigger punishment.

It's better for one to get rid of a mask before it got rid of someone life. A mask can be an object in accelerating death. It can bring up a mistaken identity. Let us all live the kind of life we are made up of so that we won't regret living a masked man life.

Even Robbin Hood the mask man even got unmasked for all to know who's under the hood


The mask we wear everyday covering all the secrets inside! :)

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