The plan

in life •  2 years ago

So, you see, until hardware is solved and more widely secured, we are all pretty screwed.

I haven't trusted hardware for a long time. Here's the plan, more or less:

  • Test every platform we can get our hands on
  • Test them again
  • Test their USB3 ports
  • 3rd party audits
  • Open Source top to bottom-- nothing else can be secure, really. By definition. And it seem that we will never have sound money until such a system is built. AFAIK, there are 0 instances of steem on an end-to-end open solution. Zero.

And to everyone who didn't lose faith in me, thank you.

Now, I'm off to continue my work on that alternate platform I described, because y'all are worth it. Every single one of you.

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