A new month of life

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As a family we decided to celebrate each new month, as a birthday, in fact we believe that Facundo is one of the few children that only 1 year old has had twenty celebrations, some bigger than others, and that is that their godparents take care of doing that day, a Special Day.

This Sunday we will celebrate a new month, the twenty-first month, coinciding with the celebrations of the country holidays of our country, so this time, will have a very patriotic celebration.

Each celebration is a gift to us, because we feel that we are filled with energy and love, but it is inevitable to feel our heart tight, thinking that it becomes one month less enjoyment of our child. We try to stay with our positive thinking and think about the present, but there are times that it is more difficult, as it is this month.

Research shows that children who suffer from SMA1 can reach up to 2 years of age, although there are some cases that escape the rule. Undoubtedly, this is a fact that distresses us and we try to keep it locked.

Although we set out to make the life of our son, the most pleasant in the world, bypassing the barriers that the health system puts in our country, there are moments that this task is complicated a little, because everything is translated into money.

This is why we thank each of you for your support and good energy, which is transformed into concrete help.

We hope you enjoy a nice weekend.

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So sorry to hear that ,God bless him I'll pray for your son may he lives long and healthy life:)