Home alone again

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Hi steemit friends, it's been a while of being silent and am here again. Hubby is going somewhere miles away from home so as I am about to count my lonely days I'd rather chose to think of happy thoughts.

Days before, we've just visited his birthplace and the green sparks my eyes again.

One day in God's perfect timing, I'll be spending my old days here. My dream land my dream place.

See yah!



Well done. I upvoted your post, keep steeming good content so we can promote to the world and bring new users to this platform.

Thank you,
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hu! thanks @yehey, this is my second time upvoted...wow congrats to me😅

Welcome back :)

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thanks my friend😊

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One day the better days will come. Gotta concentrate on the good. Praying for you! Blessimgs!

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