Shout Out to the Awesome "Bombay Central"

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So this afternoon was spent with friends. My mates birthday, in fact. And instead of the usual circle of restaurants we've reserved as "special occasion" venues, we thought we'd all try something new. Which, after some research and discussion, led us to the fantastic "Bombay Central" in Harrow, London.

First off, I do love the row of tuk tuks lined up outside the entrance way. Giving the place an air of authenticity before you even enter. But to the food itself. It was really delicious and I'm here to lay down bragging rights on its behalf. I'm big on "Lamb Biryani", but also quite fussy on taste and how it's cooked. But damn, this was prepared to perfection. I could have easily ordered another. And out of sheer greed, not their generous portion servings, lol.

Of course, the photos can't do it all the justice I want to impart to you, but this place is the actual bomb! So, a huge big up to you, "Bombay Central". Keep on keeping on, you awesome people... :)

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One of the best Biryiani I had was in Hyderabad but I'm can get something in Singapore when I want to.


Yeah! Used to date a girl from Hydrabad once and she introduced me to some excellent biryani. You ain't wrong there, buddy. :)


Cannot beat a source of information like that. :-)