A Great Evening Out Tonight With a Good Mate

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I was lucky enough to catch the first 30 minutes of so of Ned's live webinar, after which the guy pictured called on me to go grab a bite together. Haven't seen him in absolute ages so it was great to catch up once more. He discovered this newly opened restaurant near to where I live. A Brazilian steakhouse, serving up what you see lavished on our plates. Well, it turned out to be just the ticket! Very tasty indeed!

The staff were friendly and real helpful. The venue as well being quite cosy and warm. But the main portion of the evening was us friends catching up with one another. He loves the band "Lamb of God" and just got back from seeing them live in Vienna, Austria. Although my heavy metal days are truly in the past, he's still somehow in full "rock" mode and there's no sign of that letting up. Hell, he apparently even stage dives too! Good on him.

Well, an enjoyable time outside followed by a much needed rest back at home. Couldn't ask for more at this very moment... :)

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I think you done well @ezzy to pull away from the stream. I watched it and I feel after what was said some time away from this bomb is very much needed to process and really think about what all this actually means, I look forward to hearing what are some of your takes from the session.

We're all feeling it, buddy. I'll be posting what my thoughts on all are in a bit. Thanks for dropping by! :)

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