A Glorious End to a Stressful Day

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It was one of those days today. I needed to get out and relax my mind from the annoyances of earlier on. I'm sure you can relate to that feeling well. So, gazing upon a picturesque scene like this was just the ticket. Worked a treat, in fact.

Gladstone Park, which is about 10 minutes from where I'm staying, has always had a soft spot for me. I spent many of my teenager years here, raising hell and having "young" fun. It's great to know that all this time later and I can still find an inner solice from the beauty contained in this park.

Another cool thing is that my wife loves it too. I remember introducing her here when we first started dating. Sharing memories of a prior life of mine she never knew and what it all meant to me. These moments are special to me and should be treasured.

Loving it out here right now. The temperature is just right and the sun is beginning to set, lighting up the sky. I think we might just hang out here a little while longer... :)

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Really amazing nature views, Im sure you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing these amazing impressions!


Thank "you" for stopping by, man. Hope all's well your side. :)

That is a beautiful sight to see. To live that close to history is amayzing. Home to Alan Turing who cracked the Germans Enigma code with the Colosus computer. Which in my own personal opinion would be considered 20th centurey crypto in its own way solely used for communication purposes.

But between that and the ack ack guns the list of history in London goes on and on. You are truely blessed to have dailey access to a place like that man. The photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing these. Another reason steemit is awesome you just shared great images of a great place in a small comunity where they can really be appreciated.


Thanks for the kind words, buddy. I love life in the most interesting of cities. A place I can truly call "home". :)

Nice light on that photo @ezzy that will be a cracker with autumn leaves....have a peaceful weekend....hope the market picks up over the weekend too!


Autumn can be most beautiful in this neck of the woods. Thank you and have a good one too, pal. :)

i know the feeling- I had a really bad WEEK last week culminating in losing my yahoo #email that I have had for many years- @angrytwin needed to go to that 'special place' to relax-


Sorry about the stressful week. Hope you get it sorted out, bud.

This looks to be quite soothing place to relax and chill on the weekend.


This looks to be quite
Soothing place to relax and
Chill on the weekend.

                 - mik1

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Oh yeah. A great way to start this weekend. :)

Beaultifull place! I wonder to visit someday!


Defo come and check London out. :)

Looks like a great spot to visit, enjoy the beautiful weather!


Many thanks. :)