Waking up in Palma - Mallorca - day 1

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Bianca and I finally arrived after a rough journey!

The plane was delayed and on arriving at the airport here the car we rented wasn't 'there'.

With no other option to rent another car the name VW Tauran was mentioned.

Tired and Hunry (this never helps) I reckoned it was reasonable priced so I just went with it.

Looking at the car after picking it up I realised it was a family van!

For at least 6 kids we don't have!

I should really learn my cars...


We drove the van to the city of Palma.

Being a creature of comfort I guess...I already started to like the family van pretty soon.

It might not be the beast I was hoping for but it was spacious and the seats are great! lol.

Perfect for some trips we planned because I don't intent to stay here in the city for days.

We found our Hotel and checked in.

It was late so we had a bite in the outside hotel bar place were they were showing the football.

England vs Columbia.

We just catched the equaliser at the end of the second half.

Watching the overtime while having a bite and some beers calmed me down from the rush of traveling.

The weather here this morning is decent, but not as great as in the Netherlands!

Who the thought!


But it's always nice to be in new place and find your way around.

I'm sure there is lots to see here for the days we are going to be here.

I send Asher (abh12345) a message this morning I'm hoping to meet up with him somewhere this week.

And now it's time for breakfast!

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After lots of difficulties ,if destination will be alright ,everyhing will be alright.Enjoy your journey with your prences ,hi Bianca how are you dear?

Thank you Maya!

Palma seems to be a beautiful resort city... Enjoy and have fun exploring the wonders of the city...

I'm happy you reached your destination at last, though the journey was tiring like you have said but, It is good to explore around the world, enjoy your holiday there.

Have a nice stay.hope you enjoy your trip.every thing went good for you at the end..so i think not bad was this.you are finally there where you want.

It is the same every time I travel. The journey to get there is always a hassle. I am good once I get there. Enjoy the van! Usually, more leg room and the seats are comfy. I like vans when travelling because they are higher and provide better all around viewing. Hope you have a great trip and get to meet up with Asher while you are there.

Yeah, I have to agree with you 100%. I love the van :)

Glad to hear you got everything sorted in the end @exyle and were able to catch the end of the game. I didn't watch it but was able to guess the score from the noise in the pub cross the road! 😂

Looking forward to following you on your trip. I've not been to Mallorca. For many years it was a place to avoid, a bit like Ibiza now, unless you were a party animal.

No doubt @abh12345 will know all the best places to visit. 😊

Tbh Gillian I thought so too. But it turns out it's not if you choose it :)

that's wonderful @exyle. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the island. 😊

@exyle I am glad that you and Bianca arrived safely to Palma! I hope you enjoy your time there and get to meet up with your friend. I know first hand that rental cars can be a pain, but I am glad that the van you got is decent and you are liking the space it has. How is the food you have tried there so far? I like hearing of others travels and the new or old experiences they have down to the even the foods they eat. It gives me inspiration to try recipes for that particular place so it makes me feel like I am there! Many safe travels for you and Bianca and hope you both enjoy your holiday!

Good morning guys!

A bit overcast here on the east coast (Cala Millor) but don't worry, blue skies will be here by lunch!

I'll check my discord, maybe the van is rolling this way sometime?!

You were 100% correct. I'll answer you straight away.

family vans are awesome..i have never heard any one complain about minivans specially about the miles they give..

I like them too now :)

You will love Mallorca, great place to spend your holidays, the more time you spend there the more it will hurt to go back home!

The weather is not looking pretty, not on your photos and not around here, I would say that the weather will stay like that 1 or 2 more days... then you might see real sun.

I am sure the weather will get better. It's pretty awesome in Scotland just now too. Those cars/vans are massive lol

Weather cleared up nicely very fast!

Yay, that's what I like about those islands, it can be grey and dull in the morning and at quarter to eleven there can be not a cloud in the sky!

Thought I recognized the name of your holiday destination! Enjoy your spacious family vehicle! Are you foreshadowing something for us Mark? Hope your visit with Asher works out!! 😊🐥👍

@exyle, After the rough journey you came wonderful Palma city. It's perfect location selected for your vacation.

For at least 6 kids we don't have!

I think you'll try it in future LOL :D

I hope you'll upload more photos there. Have a safe journey with Bianca.

lol! Tomorrow I'll upload a bunch bit short on time today.

Mark @exyle and Bianca @bkdbkd enjoy your well deserved vacation and

Welcome to Spain and enjoy!. As Spanish I never find many Spaniards on steem. I wonder if there are few or if I have simply not stumbled upon them.

Good to hear that you reached safely and even caught part of that entertaining match between Columbia and England. Hopefully the sun will be out soon as you guys have fun exploring Palma. Enjoy your stay :)

You and Bianca were lucky that got finally a family van if didn't get what will happen ,it's alright ,sometimes happens lots of problem in journey but very nice to see you are reached your destination. Nice photography , wow I'm looking the beach! is it sea beach near? Really nice place, hope both of you will be enjoed lots, thanks to share.

Not a great beginning to start your vacation. Fortunately, it’s all behind you. In these kind of situations I usually take a deep breath and relax. I actualy use minivan for my job and I couldn’t be happier with it. Now, you can finaly enjoy it.

Man, after driving it all day today I like it even more! lol.

Man, after driving
It all day today I like
It even more! lol.

                 - exyle

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Bianca will definitely enjoy the breakfast with you this morning......... Thanks to God for a safe landing though........ But Bianca isn't up here with you in the pictures..... I guess she's catching some sight around the place.

It is a very beautiful city so you will have a great holiday. I will be excited about your next posts.

So finally you have arrived at your destination after such a long and tiring journey. Hope these holidays and the place worth all the exhaustion and stress. Looking forward to see more posts regarding your travel. Keep up the good work.

Enjoy your stay in the city and try to explore things around the city . The England versus Colombia match was a thrilling match and I was happy to see England wining the match

It was accidentally you got a van or you guys purposely rented a van ???. And have a great vacation

Quite an amazing place to visit and enjoy the beautiful day great shots from there :D

Hi Exyle. Glad you go there safely. Yes, as soon as you mentioned the name I knew it was a van lol.

I’m going to be a deluded Englishman now that I am after we won on

Palma is great!
Any plans to drive to the east coast?

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