Vlog 222: A small dlive succes story + Anything you create will be stored on the blockchain forever.

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Fabio (@fabrews) told me a cool story last night.

His brother is a streamer and he plays a lot of games and uses Twitch.

He suggested to his brother that he should use dlive and try it out.

His brother made an account (@ishnuala) on the steem blockchain and made an intro post.

He then made a bunch of other posts presumably to get a feel for the platform. (you see this a lot, I guess we all done it).

After some tries he went to dlive and started streaming.

Yesterday on his fourth time streaming session (the other 3 made 2 cents total) he made $30!

How cool is that.

It just another example of the process I like to call the grind.

It involves lots of ups and downs like this.

His next stream can be 2 cents again.

It reminded me of when I started on Steemit.

You just have to keep going, be consistent and enjoy whatever you create.

What is cool though is that anything you create will be stored on the blockchain forever and that is more cool than you might think.

I often scroll back and look at my older creations or read my old thoughts.

It's a lot of fun.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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Steem is harder when you start thinking the rewards first.
Steem is fun, when you focus on having FUN stay relevant and bring your best to everyone.
One thing for sure the reward will come cause your dedication is a lot worthy than rewards.
Keep on steemin'

Hello @exyle. We do not take any cut from rewards on DLive. We believe that all rewards belong to the author! Thank you for your valuable comments about DLive.

that's why dlive is far different others..
gj @redjepi and dlive team.

Yeah he knows what hes doing and his streams are proper so I think he has ways to go with this. All initial hick ups with dlive were sorted quickly on discord and he's got a good thing going. Thanks for telling this story man.

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I think the grind is far more enjoyable than starting out on youtube or on other platforms. You have a nicer and more supportive community and it's easier to stand out

Yes, grind is very important. I first heard it from Gary Vee. I am sure more and more youtubers/streamers will join steemit/Dtube/Dlive and we will have to say good bye to youtube.

We are doing more than million transactions on steemit everyday and that is only the 0.14 per cent of what steemit can totally handle. So it is evident there is plenty of groth room for steemit.

@exyle Thanks for the support man!
The grind is real, I invested quite some time on twitch, art & social media thinking I would grow and get some people watching just for the fun, but it's defintely not as rewarding as streaming on Dlive.
But the key is to be persistent and make live streams everyday!
I hope that someday that I get to meet up with you in The Netherlands!

Very inspiring story @exyle .... That's very true that we must keep going on, be consistent and enjoy whatever we do. After all " Winners never quit and quitters never win". So, never give up and just push, push, push until you succeed.

right say, bro

In my opinion consistency is the key for almost anything in life and steemit is a great way to exercise that!

Some people don't know about that, not only your post will be save on the blockchain forever. it will also appear when someone is searching for a particular word on Google and you post has related meaning to it, your post will appear on the Google page.

Yes it is totally true. You just have to be consistent and stay focused while going throught the grind! I feel like I am almost there!

Next month I'll be celebrating my first year on Steemit anniversary. I think that will be a great moment to consider that a good time to say that I am finally through the grind!

A year already! Man, time flies!

What you said is absolutely what happens to everybody in steemit I guess I could so relate and this is what motivates me to keep posting inspite of the fact my efforts are not rewarded and people are unable to recognise the potential of my content.

Most the posts does not make any money like you 6 chapters out of 7 for the book. But the patience pays off. I keep on creating videos (guitar lessons) for free which mostly goes unnoticed and efforts are not paid mostly but it's an addiction and sometimes good days come. But as you said it is fun and you kept doing it and so do most of the people who do will eventually get rewarded.

That's the path of life.There will be ups and down,you just have to keep moving.Nice success story that will encourage new comers like us.@upvoted and resteemed

Actually to be success in steemit or dlive require hard patience. Without Patience anything is impossible for us. I was also be inspired because you was like us in your past time. So we have to try to success and I always follow you .

Wow! How far had you come from earning nothing from the new 7 posts after the big upvote to hundreds of dollars now? This is so inspiring. Thanks for motivating us to "grind" in Steemit. Upvoted!

Please help me ,upvote me

It's actually pretty amazing that he made 30 dollars on his 4th streaming session, with Twitch that would have taken a lot longer I think.

A buddy of mine is also streaming on Twitch and after something like 30 streaming sessions, he averages 2 to 3 viewers. Didn't make anything yet.

Might be a good idea to also introduce him to Dlive...

Journey here on steemit is really a roller coaster ride and like you said one have to be consistent!
Thanks for the advice, its actually nice doing what one enjoys.

You just have to keep going, be consistent and enjoy whatever you create.

I have never used dlive because i dont know how its done!

On days when the motivation to continue developing & posting original content gets hard, a post like this really helps!

Thanks for your thoughts again Exyle! i read a lot about steemit and am already a big fan, but a question im asking myself is: who is hosting the steem blockchain and the apps? who pays the servers and the electricity? perhaps you can answer the question or theres a good article about it?
Keep on posting the great content.

This is an excellent example of what the blockchain can do! Just being consistent pays off in the end. @ishnuala has done well with his posts.

@cecicastor, consistency is key to doing well!

Looks like a cool streamer, but 'the grind' is so true, I have some posts that make 10$ and some that make 20 cents, but ultimately the average I earn from my posts is steadily growing.

Very successful this post dear friend @ exyle, you have a lot of reason in what you comment, the success in this platform depends largely on the dedication and above all the perseverance, another thing that helps a lot is the channel of the people with whom you relate and interact.
Thank you very much for sharing your experience on the subject, your method is excellent
I wish you a beautiful Sunday

@exyle Same thing happened to me on my 3rd Vlogg i posted up just last night☺☺ i generated $30 compared to the last 2 which generated 0.2 and 0.001
This morning when i woke up and checked on it , it got me so amped ill be sure to continue Vlogging on what i know best ,You gotta love steem for that.

I look at my old stuff too. It's great to see how you evolve and also to realise how good done if your older stuff was as well.

Good on ishnuala!

Content creators paradise Heaven it is one of the beauty of this blockchain everyone has something to share here and it will remain special forever cool incident to know that this happened wonderful

Yeah thanks for sharing this, it's just a matter of time to gain popularity with a particular niche anyone chooses, consistently posting really matters, don’t give up because you are earning cent,yet. As @exyle mentioned you should enjoy whatever you create.

It reminded me of when I started on Steemit.
You just have to keep going, be consistent and enjoy whatever you create.

Consistency is the key, and talking about something you love is another plus, i love science and i'm now taking an interest on politics, talking about it on steemit is really cool, because it's a place where i can express my opinions and hear other ppl opinion about the issue, even if we don't agree on something!

Yeah the success will not archive in a single day! But it will come and knock our door one day! Like what you did, we all should try our best! That's what I am doing! Your story is the place I got that inspiration!


And I tried to make streaming with twitch, but without much success I tried Dlive but I do not have the equipment needed to make a successful streaming, I am a good poker player but I do not really understand the technology. Now I try Steemit and I have the passion to help people in all directions, but here too I do not know how to do this, if you have some tips are receptive, I see you a successful man at least here on Steemit. With love Ionut Ciobanu.

Very Nice to read, two days ago I Tried Dlive as well, its not easy to setup, and some of the settings needs to be improved. So a lot to learn, but that is a Nice to do. It proves the blockchain is unlimited.

Blockchain technology is gonna change the world

Excellent video friend, it's true success never come over night we have to work hard consistently and our hard work will bring us one step closer to success with every passing day and i agree every thing which we post on blockchain will become part of it and that's the beauty of the steem blockchain, when my childs grew up they will able to read about my life through steemit blockchain, thanks for sharing your nice thoughts with us friend, Stay blessed

We are early. There is more distance to cover in steemit. When we will do it , its gonna pay for our hardwork.

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@exyle that is what I love about STEEMIT we are all Early Adopters and will be some of the Biggest to Benefit over the Next couple of Years........

An excellent example, my friend, and this once again proves that need to try and believe in your success! All that we do in the end will bear fruit and everyone will someday become noticeable in our ecosystem! Thank you Mark for the indicative and positive post!

@exyle uploads a post

comes in to read the post

in less than a minute, 5 comments already.

"nice post" "nice post" "nice post" "follow, upvote, resteem"


and then i start laughing..

did these guys read anything at all?


Haha I appreciate this post most definitely

Hello exyle,

Its only my second week on Steemit and I am still learning a lot about how Steemit works. Your post is very helpful in getting a better idea of how apps can be developed with or is it alongside the Steemit platform. How does one go about doing that?

May the steemitforce be with you.

Keep steeming ahead,


Anyone can explain about steem power? is there any expiry ? or how many upvotes we can do in 24hours without loosing power

@exyle I also look back at how I started on Steemit, most of my post had 0.01-0.04SBDs only but I am really glad that as a result of consistency I now have upto 3sbds in a post and it's glad knowing that your consistency pays off.
Thanks for dropping this post, all the best today.

Myspace is still around but I did lose my Yahoo geocities website. :( I think Facebook will be around a while but who knows. I bet it is expensive to run their servers.

Yah thats cool ....newbie earning 30$ is alot...and i guess with whales help they can get into this in no time...and the second thing your profile will always remain there forever either it may be personal post or something related you like ...steem blockchain will keep those memories alive everafter....it is really great...

a very interesting story. surely many people see it.

we should have patience which is sometimes difficult to hold. We should keep continue and shouldn't quit. thanks for the post!

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Really great to hear that his blog is worth that much in such a short of time!

Funny how you then look back on your own starting time on steem. Just like you said you have to keep on going!

wow that was a great post. thanks for sharing with us

i love blockchain and i love the storing part

It also important not to post the embarrassing content because it is also stored forever :-)

Today on our 1 year anniversary my gf, Teresa, was the stinkest. "Of all times..." She said with a sly smile.

This is Inspiring,i must say.

nice post sir

nice post
thanks for sharing it
keep it on
i am wating your next blog

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awesome! be you and be what you want to do! be positive always!

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

I think It's just natural. Good content was properly evaluated.
His streams are not bad at all, that is why people start to visit them more often.


cool will watch his live streams and nice thing to know how he is liking it fun is rewarded for those who have passion for something

Yesterday on his fourth time streaming session (the other 3 made 2 cents total) he made $30!

Wow! Interesting. I think I need to know more about Dlive and start making cool cash too. I will check out @ishnuala to see what he's got. Weldone @exyle

@amoni Hey! Let's go! feel free to follow me on steemit and I'll be doing live streams everyday!

Ayt... Will do just that, thanx

I am really stuck in the grind at the moment, creating 4 posts a day. But it's hard to keep going when I see others who joined at the same time as me, doing less work and getting much bigger upvotes for photos with no story at all on them.

Then there are those who just bought SP and surge ahead because of that. I know it's not a competition but it's a challenge to keep going without noticing what others are doing. This for me is a downside of transparency and being able to see exactly what's happening for others.

Yesterday I wrote a post I was really pleased with and it did less well than a photo I put up for the black and white challenge that took about 100th of the effort. Very disappointing. 😢

And, if as you mentioned recently, this will most likely take 2 years to get to a decent position, I don't think I can keep going that long. Certainly not at the pace I'm posting and commenting now.

Time to have a rethink about it all maybe and find a way to put back the fun in this!

Sorry for the moan.😊

P.S. Suggestion for notification when changing master keys is a great idea!

Amazing and interesting post.
i love to follow and upvote you because of your interesting content.
Keep going. Good LUCK

very nice writing,thanks for shearing.

Stories like this is will make steemit succeed!

Yeah he knows what hes doing and his streams are proper so I think he has ways to go with this. All initial hick ups with dlive were sorted quickly on discord and he's got a good thing going. Thanks for telling this story man.DQmSbgyQbzuKArT6XntHi1VHSfEMuiiYDJAFQiV2eDpbGDH.gif

What you create is stored on the blockchain forever, this is awesome and also scary. More so when one is not mindful of what they post.

Nothing is easy and simple at the start. You will face a lot of things that you don't want to face. Dlive sure is a platform that's growing by every day.And as u said everything will be stored in the blockchain forever and that is great. @exyle

In my case, I jumped to this video from Steemit so is useful the post there. Thanks for sharing these ideas and thoughts!

Its a win-win here on steemit, all one needs is consistency. Post payout might be low in the early days but consistency takes you to the real deal.

the cents will go up again that's not matter because he will build his base from the start : ) i wish him all the best

the genius is made with 1% talent and 99% perseverance and hard work. what a motivating post @exyle, we are in the best platform of the 21st century, with the best developers to improve our comfort every week, steemit is incredibly magical,

да статья интересная

Your friends are creative. cool

Good job/ boy. Awesome upvote

Make your ideas great, YouTube will soon disappear, because Dtube/Dliv will be more successful, especially as it offers greater profit to channel owners @exyle

Great post just subscribed to your channel have a great day 👍

on the one side it can be cool that you always have access to the post/ creations on the blockchain but what if people start to use it in a bad way, for example, someone makes a video while you had too many drinks and post it, then it will be almost impossible to delete it.

Good post sir

cool to know that about the story dlive is working great on the steem blockchain certainly life is changing

the platform just keeps getting better welcome @ishnuala keep rocking !

It would be amazing to see some of the biggest streamers to move from Twitch to DLive!

Great Vlog Exyle. :)
I would be afraid to post view counts simply because of the new accounts from youtubers.
They base there complete value on views,we do not.If they see 150 or 20 views they would quickly give up I believe.
So Dtube is correct in my humble voice.
On the topic of extreme up-voting,.$01 then you get $30 HHMM. I believe it's about the followers.When your new you just have a few like me but I noticed when you have thousands the moneys is a lot more stable,like yourself :)
This is why Jerry is a whale I believe.He is a Master at sales and marketing to get more followers.
Thank YOU for all your support Exyle
Toddjr. in setting Values...

Yeah it is so much fun to look at the old thoughts. The person develops with every passing day so as the thought process of the person so looking at older thoughts is just like having a glimpse of developmental process of our own thinking process.

even friends of friends are now getting on board this fantastic to know the community is getting stronger and better

Steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein. Alles braucht seine Zeit zum wachsen. Wer nur auf ein schnelles Ergebnis schaut, der verpasst vielleicht das ergiebige Ende. Wenn man schreibt, weil es Freunde macht, wird man auch belohnt. Der erste Lohn ist dabei die eigene Freude am Tun. Also weiter machen! Die Ernte wird kommen, wenn es soweit ist. 😉

It does remind of some times in steemit :)
Ups and downs are common here !
But as we move on the journey begins !

@exyle. For me I am beginning to get a grasp of the steemit system.I was really puzzled some few days when I first stated out here.But for the streaming thing.I hope I could get a hand of it soon so that I could earn more here.

Most of us are here to make money you know guys.Some knowing how things work here at steemit is very important to me.

I always respect your ideas about this platform..
so i follow you.

Nice post brother. Vote post me. Thanks

Te cuento que estoy en las mismas, con perseverancia y fe, lograremos el éxito en steemit. sigo intentándolo para cambiar mi situación económica, que aquí en Venezuela está en total crisis.


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Thanks for this explanation - appreciated!

very cool story. you hear that theme of doing stuff step by step a lot on the platforms which is great. though i am not sure everyone will like what they created months/ years ago especially if they just did to get a feel for it :D

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