Vlog #95: Baby Sam was attacked + Business opportunities for early adoptors + STEEM price

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My sister told me Baby Sam got attacked in the daycare center by another child on Thursday.

He was bitten in the face.

When he got here last night he had a big fever (39 degrees). (Not sure btw if the two events were related.)

He wasn't his little old self because of that.

She took him home again for the night and brought him back this morning. He's sleeping now while I'm writing this.

He's feeling much better.


Baby Sam last night, poor guy

And today, much better!


Steem Price

Just like last time, it seems I didn't get much of a chance buying STEEM under a dollar. I scooped up around 400 STEEM for 90-95 cents each but now it's above my buy target.

So, now I'm waiting to see what the markets will do. I'm wondering which person/country will open their mouth next and say something bad about crypto this time, lol.

In my vlog I touch a bit more on the subject I wrote about last night. Businesses on the blockchain and the opportunities for early adopters.

Starts @1:50


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That's horrible about little Sam. Glad to hear he's feeling better now. My nephews have went through the same thing with day cares and it's very sad and unfortunate.

Love the mug and again think it's great how you're promoting the value of opening a business on the Steem block chain. Blogging is not for everyone and showing people how they can earn crypto from a business on the platform is an incredible opportunity for businesses and also creates value for the Steem block chain.

I agree that watching the price of Steem and crypto is never fun, but looking at it as a buying opportunity is the right mind set. I think we might have another opportunity in the near future as the 2 major exchanges close at the end of the month and then the final 2 next month. We'll have to wait and see.

Congrats on conquering the poopy diaper by yourself. Now you just need more practice!! :) Have a great weekend brother and hopefully baby Sam keeps feeling good!

Thank you, man! Sam is ok now back to his old self. The mug is great and I truly love the idea of businesses on the blockchain next to creating content. So many opportunities out there in this new space.

Oh i was at shock at first what happened to little sam but these things happen when kids play i can't say much about that but seeing him happy made all of us happy :) i hope he is better now and seems like you learnt a lot while changing diapers hahah ;p thanks to little sam

by the way coming to the steem as a social economic platform the uses are quite impressive as its a trade between two parties without involvement of govt. that pretty cool

and just saw the stuff on Steemporium there are quite impressive things to looks upon thanks for telling about that and yeah have a great day and keep me informed about the HF 20 through your post :)

He's better now! and thank you for your nice reply!

Sam is learning. Your Sister is learning. Being bitten is a tiny step to learning about pain. Try to teach him something new... have you ever heard the song "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes"? He might enjoy some toddler videos. My grandson would sit on my lap for hours as we watched and rewatch these songs. Have fun today!

I'm Sam's grandmother and I play "hoofd, schouders, knieen teen" with him. That's Dutch for Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. He likes it very much!! He can even raise his hands in the air and clap his hands when asked to do so! We have a lot of fun doing this!

En het puntje van je neus, hoofd schouders knie en teen knie en teen. Hahaha the memories.

I am so glad I am back and able to comment on your posting @exyle. I was down a computer on the week my hard drive failed like a week ago and I was so concerned about so many things such as cryptos and my passwords and my email and on and on and on. What I realized is that when you go through computer withdrawal you start to focus on everything you have been neglecting. I need to get back to where I belong now and that is commenting on my fellow STEEMIANS Postings and making some Crypto to pay for the new Solid State Drive that I put in the Laptop. All the Best to Little SAM.

Welcome back, I hope you got all your passwords safe and sound again!

Oh my goodness he is way too cute!!! I like how you say "finally sleeping" hehe, not so easy getting babies to sleep sometimes. Glad he's feeling better. Great mug too.

Yeah, I took some effort to make him sleep!

Any plans for what you might do with the extra steem after you get past the 100,000 SP mark? Nice work giving such cool and calculated advice during this chaotic period. Cheers!

No plans yet :)

it's too bad that baby sam got bitten by another child in day care centre but also nice to hear that now baby sam is all right and his fever also gone, well that's how the life goes on and yes you make a really wise decision to buy steem at 90 cents, i am sure if you hodl now you will get great profit soon, enjoy your time and weekend with baby sam. thanks for sharing

Thank you, have a nice weekend as well!

oh no it's sad that baby sam got bitten by another child he is surely got jealous from the beauty of baby sam but it's nice that baby sam recovered from it and now fine, the daycare centers and never safe at all, well yes it's also great the you buy steem at a really low price and now it should gives you a really great profit and steemit is no doubt developed alot in last 18 months of so and it's great growth for any plateform, if we go back to 2010 btc, fb all these plateforms are unknown but now after 7 years they becomes like viral sort of thing so sticking with steemit right now is also a wise decision.

sticking with steemit right now is also a wise decision.

I couldn't agree more.

Sorry to hear that baby Sam was hurt by and get fever. Its okay that he was okay, hope to increase the price of bitcoin as well steem price too. Blockchain is fantastic, you can buy directly with steemdoller, sounds very good. But in India still not possible. You look awesome with the baby, say hi to your princess. Wish you both all the best.

All the best to you too!

I can't wait to share my music on the blockchain !

Have you tried Dsound?

Steem is back. Any body who wants to attack cryptos should watch out, they might get burnt.😀😀. Good day @exyle.

Have a good day yourself too!

Och that's nasty. The good thing is that they do bounce back from things like that really quickly. Little Sam I mean and not Crypto although it seems to be at the moment lol!

all who attack crypto are buying crypto themself :) its nice opportunities for calm people to buy, not to panic sell

Teach him to fight back.
That's what my parents did and now I'm not a little bitch like the bigger part of my generation! Btw I'm 20 if you are interested of which generation I'm talking about :D

I'm sure he will be tough as nails when he grows up, but right now he can't even walk yet :)

You gotta start'em early XD

its great to know that sam is doing well after that rough day i hope the fever too is gone by now he will be alright and just as you are waiting for the other countries to speak something against cryptos i am too eagerly waiting for that to buy some more lol haahah

its good to see you in waiting for open market and nicely careing the baby.

Once my son faced such kind of problem (He is 2 years old now). We were at a wedding ceremony and a small terrorist :D ( I called such psycho kids as terrorists) hit son's face 2-3 times :/ But my son was frighten, he never thought such kind of welcome from same age boy and that kid won't stop it either.
I warned that kids parents and nothing worked and finally it was time to do the that kids parents work :D (until that moment, that small terrorist hit my son more than 8 times not only my son, he hit every child he could see)
I did what the kid's parent can't do and he was crying and everything went well :D
After that incident I started teaching my boy what will do if he has to face the same incident again :D

I did few trades yesterday and brought 2 BTCs at 3100 USD! Hope another market panic will happen again! I want to power up my STEEM account also!


Good buy on your 2 BTC! Congrats. The small terrorist deserved it :)

Ha ha ha yeah he deserved it! Now looking for cheap LTC :D
Have a nice day!


he is so cute.. nice to see he is well
Sill he is in learning stage this kind of small things he will learn his life.
Steem is now little bit high, hope it will become more stable over time

even i got hurt to when i read that title but the second pic made me happy that cute look though hahah i hope he is doing fine now its great to see him again and the early adopters really have huge opportunity in front of them to seize the moment like never before they could lead the change if they realize how big the opportunity really is that would be great to see in upcoming time.

He is doing great now! And yes, I agree, many opportunities, on the blockchain for the ones that take it!

Great video thanks for sharing blockchain is the future all company will use it it will be so HUUUUGE:)

Sam does looks fine in the other days Image and he does seems Happy .and that sounds Great for 400 Steem within $1 ,i guess it was success :)

I am such a noob still, I only bought 10 Steem, haha, better than nothing (-:
Sam is going defend himself just fine soon! My son is in Tae Kwon Do.

love the picture! and 10 STEEM is not bad at all.

Sorry to hear baby Sam got bitten at daycare. Not acceptable! Perhaps his fever was because of this. I am glad he is now feeling better. You'll have fun today, I am sure. Congratulations on your first diaper change, alone! Great stuff. As for the naysayers of the blockchain, they are just jealous. The blockchain is here to stay!

I was just wondering since you're into videos, why dont you consider the dtube ?

I use Dtube for most of my vlogs (when it works). But when I want to add a little more content with photo's, it's tougher to use because the editor is not perfected yet. So I use youtube because it's easier to embed.

He is an insanely cute baby!Poor bunny!You are absolutely right,people are trying too hard to make a bad reputation for crypto,but it doesn't really work😜

Hope baby Sam is all better. Poor thing with the bite from daycare! Hope he stays away from the biter!

Thanks for the info on Steem price :))

" I'm wondering which person/country will open their mouth next and say something bad about crypto this time" Haha, yeah me too xD

Nice pics with baby Sam, you two look so comfortable. You will make a very good dad in future when you get your kids :)

I hear that a lot. I'm not sure though :)

Congrats on changing the diaper successfully! ;)

You are welcome!! :)

Have a great Sunday!

@exyle - oh my goodness, poor child, Hope he'll get well soon. I could buy few BTC in last collapse Sir.

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nice buy!

Sam is making good progress and I wish one day he will be proud of his Uncle who loves him so much. You always give me a reason to read your blogs.

Thank you, man!

I am glad little Sam is feeling better, I guess it is all part of growing up, but sometimes these things are not nice.

sorry about accident sam , hope everything is allright now.

Wow he got bitting in the face. That's pretty harsh. Hope it didn't hurt too much. Today i was the baby sitter for my little cousin. He's only a couple of months old. And I also changed his diaper lol. I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Congrats! I'm getting better at it too :)

really nice article for bitcoin, steemtier will get help from here.

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Nice father and son photo. :-)
He will be fine soon.

Oh! my god,your baby is cute.

Sweet baby!
Thanks for sharing.

Such a lovely and cute boy))))😍😍😘

Take care of the baby

amigo #resteemia at your service

sam will learn how to deal with them or you should learn him ;) @exyle

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poor guy, in his face.. well yeah i just put some savings on my account to buy more steem. Wondering if it will move up or down in the next days. Meaby I shouldnt wait any longer to buy some more :)