Vlog 140: I don't always get up at 4am but when I do Steem dollars are pumping.

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Man, what a night.

I woke up at around 4 am and as usual checked my phone and portfolio.

I then saw Steem dollars were pumping!

I missed the previous pump a couple of months but not this time!

I jumped out of bed and went to my computer.

From above I heard Bianca say, 'what are you doing!'

I said, 'SBDs are pumping!'

She said, 'WHAT?!' (lol)

I quickly send my SBD's to an exchange and sold them gradually for BTC.

I was a bit groggy but I got a decent price (but not the best). Around $2500 for $1300 SBD.

Problem with pumps is you never know how long they last and how high they will go.

It's a guess.

I decided I was happy with this trade. (and it was 4 am!)

I didn't want to buy STEEM straight away with my profits because it was also pumping a bit and I thought it might come down in the morning.

It did.

So, I bought 240 STEEM to start with an hour ago.

There is still a lot of selling pressure on STEEM from some big accounts with a lot of liquid STEEM. I think the price will go down a bit more soon. (and if not I'm happy too).

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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steem is still on sale. we have good surprises coming up

@exyle Nice Job on the SBD to get the profit into Bitcoin and yes we Buy STEEM on Pullbacks .........I Love your thinking.

Probably very good decision, SBD will eventually go back to 1$.

what country you belonged ? confused about Standard time lol

Oh my gosh, lucky you for waking up that early! I couldn't fall asleep until like 2 last night, so I was fast asleep when they were pumping. I had some sell orders ready though, so I did profit nicely on the SBD pump!

Well if that will be the case every time you wake up in the middle of the night, I guess you will sleep with 1 eye open from now on! lol



Love your optimism, I remember I once woke up to check my portfolio and saw steem had risen from 1 dollar to 1.6, was a good night to wake up. :)) sold my liquid steem and brought even more when it fell again. Now it's all powered up.

I managed to do the same. Got an alert on my phone. Send some SBD to the exchange. Hoping to buy back and double my SBD. If not getting BTC for under $4500 isn't too bad either!


Well done! I think I will sort my alerts today. Waking up was just lucky.


You guys are catching those knives like ninjas!

Ohh great ! congratulaion @exyle
Wake up at 4:00 am totally worth it.
That not happen everytime ,you are so lucky to get to know about the pump and make good worth from it.
Have a good day...

you did a LOT better than I did...although I think I did fairly well.

Your Spidersense must've been tingling. How lucky that you would wake up smack in the middle of a Pump. I'm glad I had some SBD for 'occasions' guess this is as good an occasion as any so I sold them for Steem on the internals market as well.

First time selling SBD for Steem because of the actual price (instead of just wanting steem for powering up)

ps. Love The Most Interesting Man in the World meme reference of the post title.

I had a happy trade too. Started my crypto journey merely a month back and after reading and tracking BTC, ETH and all other altcoins, I stumbled upon STEEM and was pleasantly surprised. Felt like this has the potential to be the next big thing in social networking. Accumulated some STEEM 4 days back and its already 10% up (though the high was much higher). Not bad at all. Now excited to contribute here and see where I end up :)



Great news and a day in profit today, I congratulate you, my friend, we today are all in a good mood and a positive outlook on the future of the STEEM! By the way, SBD on the Poloniex soared by 200% from yesterday's price, although I did not have time to go there, but for 150% I sold it exactly ;) Thank you and a nice day!

can someone please educate me about how long it takes for your rewards to show up in your wallet, i mean i have commented and upvoted for lot of posts, i only got few cents that too once in my account its been around 1 and a half week since i joined steemit.


Looks like your first post to have any sort of reward was 6 days ago, so that will land in another 24 hours.
It takes a full week to finalise and land.
Keep at it, though. You're picking up followers, and improving as you go.


thanks for pointing that out!


This page will help, it covers a ton of helpful information:


That was indeed great and luck was in favor this time for you buddy !
For $1200 profit that was worth it ;)

Lol, I was the same this morning. I was up early feeding the baby and as usual was doing a juggle between the bottle and my phone. Looked at blockfolio and was like hells bells!! So I had to sell all my SBD through bittrex whilst feeding a baby. It was tense!!

steem dollars gave everyone a shock when i saw it i was totally amazed to see that and the internal market was selling steem at 0.53 $

wow excellent man, many congrats on catch this pump on just about a right time and yes you did absolutely right because SBD pumps are occurred every now and then but they won't last long and did you look at the internal market the steem was way down to 0.50$ per sbd and it is still down at 0.7 i think and now it's a great chance for steemians to buy a cheap steem as well with SBD's, Stay blessed my friend and have a very cheerful and joyful week ahead.

That was a great transaction with your SBD. Happy for you,keep steeming :)

Yeah @exyle, today steem dollars are pumping with 100% percentage. It was over $2. But currently drop down under $2. You got terrific decision that moment. SBD exchange better to bitcoin bcoz the price will go drop down a more soon. Tks for update.

From above I heard Bianca say, 'what are you doing!'

My wife said me the same, when I went at 5 am straight to the computer and not make cofee :)



Yah, i saw the price pumping to and i bought some steem too. 83 steem for 46 SBDs. That is quite high.


That's a good deal!

it was nice night , sold some sbd for easy steem :) its my first pump in steemit :D hope more nights like this in future for us

Hey @exyle,

4am is a bit heavy. Nice gain on the trade. I think Steem should be a long trade. Good post. Keep up the good work.


I thought I was the only one awake at ridiculous hours! The early bird gets the worm. lol

I'm not always busy doing relationship things, but when I am, SBD pumps and I miss it.



Great thinking man...you were won finally. We cannot trust steem dollar pump will again. In this fact exchange and buy steem better i think. Congratulations @exyle. You`re the great investor & trader.

While the pumping I bought STEEM, and will run the revert process when it back to 1:1 ratio :D Anyway, today I also happy with my couple of trades too :D


Unfortunately I only heard about it in the early morning price had already gone down but still a nice bump I feel it will go down again @exyle but excited to see if I am wrong.

It's great that you were able to cash out on the Steem dollar pump. I just trade some of mine in for more Steem though.

I was trying to find the reason for the pump. The best I can figure out is that it might be related to the 30 million dollar Tether theft from yesterday. It's possible that someone thinks that the SBD are better place to store their liquid currency rather than Tether.

Same here - was checking SBD and felt - OMG - sold all my SBD for Steem and got angry over myself I had only a few left. Will keep them probably now for the next pump.


Still a good deal. I always keep some extra SBD on the side for this reason.

Why there is so much selling pressure on steem?

I also saw it in time and was able to get some cheap steem! whoohoo!

This is just weird, why would anyone want to buy SBD at 1.7x its intended price? would you buy 1 Tether for 1.7 USD? I'm not complaining though :D

I agree with you, there are a lot of selling pressure especially when it surpass the 1 dolar mark!

Sell orders might help you sleep better :)

We definitely experienced a pump but I’d be wary of waiting too long. It seems like this Winter could be a game changer for Steem!

I decided I was happy with this trade

Thank you for vlog @exyle
I made logo for you


hahah yeah i slept through it! but it was still higher than before!


I think a many was sleep when this happened :)) I hope you got something. @allasyummyfood


really nice video and great post,,,,,,,,
I like this.............!
have a nice day................//////////

Wow friend you are a man of business

wow i am so jealous of you lol. wanna help me get big?

SBD will go back its very good

That's interesting. I know it is supposed to be worth about $1. Probably unrelated, but I wonder if people are looking for an alternative to Tether after that hack

Great ! Lets hope they are going high !!

Great post @exyle!
I like your thinking.. Regards from Indonesia :-)

i like your post

I am Newbie. Hello new friends...

lovely post

@exyle nice. What exchange do you use?

It’s Really GReat Resteem Follow upvote

The word has not only to spread, that would explain so much...

i really like you vlog, i just want to say i had the same story sometime, yah it's pumping lol

i was sleeping so i missed it..

Congratulations, I'm happy for you, I too will do the same thing to control the high and low SBD by waking up sometimes at 3am or 4am lol.
And as you said, the problem that always annoys me is that we can not know how long it will last a pump of an electronic money

I hope it will remain......

The word has not only to spread, that would explain so much...

Hi congrats u made me jealous lol. Wish I coukd do like u but I still don t know how, any suggestions?

hoping for the best

This was a good time to check the price. Well done!!!!!!

You were luckily, wake up early. Great thinking SBD convert to the Bitcoin.
We`ll see SBD droping very earlier.

your post is very interesting to read and follow, @exyle
perfect hard work


I was in morning too wow .... And in morning I did a little wrong move and I lost 5 steem... but I am happy that steem is try go up... this is good :)

Pump and dumps seem to always happen in the middle of the night..

steem dollar is going up

I caught this right when the pump started. It was fun to watch, but that's twice now I missed the timing by selling my sbd prior to the pump starting! 😡

You were lucky this time. I am expecting downward movement and being stable around 1

@lukejmorrison - early risers...getting the worm! #thanks

Hi,I am Bangladesh and I upvote you.Wow thank you for this information. I think you are doing a best work on steemit.Really this blog is very information to other.GOOD LUCK✌✌


Then I was too late when I just exchange mine...
I still have so much to learn here phew..
Thanks for this update.
I bid you more blessings!

yeah steem dollars are now going so high..1 steem dollar equals 1.90 dollars

Congratulations @exyle!
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I got up around 4 am too, but didn't think to look at the prices. Lol!

It was a nice surprise to see that SBD's were mooning :)

$2500 for $1300 SBD : good job.
I also made huge benefits : I got $4 for $2.5 SBD 🤣

I wanna catch the waves.