Vlog #130: community supported by Steemit + the grind + Support Witnesses.

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It's day 2 in Lisbon and we have a arrived at another beautiful venue.

It's presentations all day but it's a little less heavy then the day before.

It's more about the bloggers today.

I'm also trying to find more witnesses to support. I got some spots left to fill.

I went to a presentation by Witness cervantes. I liked that besides running a note they also try very hard to introduce Steem to the Spanish community.

Especially in Venezuela Steem is getting traction. With a base salary of $10 I guess a lot can be done there.

Starts @ 1:03.


Yes Cervantes is doing a great job in the Spanish community, I am not sure if we have any stats but the Venezuelan users must be amongst the most numerous on Steemit.

I also try to onboard Venezuelans as much as I can, I did a facebook ad campaign directed to Venezuelans, created a twitter account that retweets all their content, created a subforum for them in ChainBB and I do what I can to support @provenezuela initiative. It’s all in my blog, but I guess I need to create a new one-pager witness page where all the info is found. I would be happy to have your support.

I couldn’t go to steemfest this year, but I hope I can attend next year and meet you guys in person, must be really interesting see all the bloggers face to face.

Thanx for showing us around!

That would be really great to get Spanish community involved with the Steem platform, i am sure slowly eveybody will be attracted. Enjoy and have a great time at SteemFest2...

I have been sitting here on the livechat trying to catch as much as possible from this amazing event. My colleagues are really amazed at how silent I am today...
I have already picked up a lot of things I did not know before, well worth listening

It was a lot to take in for sure!

Next year i am there as well...

If you haven't already you can support @dragosroua as a witness, he really knows his stuff.
It's fascinating how the steem blockchain can impact different comunities around the world.

There are many communities that can greatly benefit from extra ways to make extra money. While most think of Countries with very low average incomes there are still a lot of people in developed countries which really can use an extra income stream.

Lots of potential here if we can just spread the word!

@exyle Your kindness and what you do to help others in the Community and yes presenting the value of STEEMIT to everyone on Earth is Admirable.

Great news, if more people join us in Spain, then for all of us it will be a big leap forward! Thank you @exyle

nice post my friend and wow amazing scenes and really awesome atmosphere out there, i really like your decision to support witnesses and it's great, these guys doing fantastic work and they deserve support, i agree with points that steemit has a great potential of changing life's and you quote a nice example of Venezuela here, i am sure as the time moves on and SMT's also launched and running we surely see more growth and power of steem blockchain, wishing you a very joyful steemfest2 ahead, Stay awesome.

Thank you man!

Excelente señor Exyle es una tarea dura lograr una nivelacion cuando una cultura y posicion geografica tiene mas peso que otra siempre es algo que se ve siempre en las esferas sociales y aun en las redes sociales, hay mucho trabajo por hacer en Venezuela.

Overall a wonderful effort by every member steem is going to the moon soon :)

Thx for the update again. How was the snooker? kind regards @rival Dutch witness.
p.s. I was there virtually

Yeah some people are promoting STEEMIT without thinking about Witness Updates! That would be a good thing also! Anyway I didn't get what you said about Venezuela and Steemians there!


He talked about how the steemit community is helping the Venezuelan people with upvotes. He said given that the basic salary there is $10, that the sometimes $15 upvote the Venezuelan gets at some time could pretty much make a difference. @exyle I dunno how I did in the summary. Happy steeming

Great vlog! Lisbon is an amazing city - I've been there for a few times and I never seem to be bored of this place :) Also, I would love to point out, that what you are doing - helping others is really amazing trait, shame not that many people have it! Cheers

The volume on this video is much louder; not sure if it's problem from my side now, the speakers have been a little wonky.

You are right about voting for witnesses, I do realize I have a a lot more votes unused, I should probably look into it.

Day 2 seems to be a little more interesting consider it is less technical and more towards the impact and how revolutionary steemit blockchain is; go team steemit !

Wow very cool friend. Great information about the development of steemit community. Great job by Cervantes to development of the people of Venezuela. It will be great welfare job for humanity. Very beautiful pictures and post ,thank you so much for the great share. Wish you great time ahead.

Yow yow yow, maybe you could consider supporting @lukestokes' witness @lukestokes.mhth He's a really passionate guy and he has the technical chops to back up his claim. But, don't take my word for it. He's there at Steemfest, maybe you can tap him in the shoulder and say hi. I'm sure he'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Also, if you don't mind, tell him @jedau says hello :D

Thank you for keeping us posted and good luck! Appreciate your being such a determined ambassador. Safe travels.

Wow!!, well done👍, you are doing a great work, I also promote steemit in my community.

Suggestions to vote to witness are accepted, I still have a few left unassigned.
I have been assigning the votes according to the projects of the witnesses.
Enjoy the steemfest!

Well sir good to here from you about the 2nd day well there r a lot of people over in you video and it's good to know that there they work on different combinations that makes steemit the best of all social site . Well it's like you enjoy there . Thanks for update sir.

Based on the price action of Steem... I am disappointed. I expected a flurry of excitement surrounding SMTs. Thanks for the tour.

Yah more than ever, steem needs to be introduced to new users because the price is coming down.

I love Lisbon <3

Excellent video ,beautiful place
Great communication
Thanks exyle

Lisbon....my fav. Nice post friend.

Good video

Amazing second day in Portugal! Waiting for more news! Thanks for sharing!

lovely post...thanks for sharing

An useful knoledge @exyle.

Thank you for the tour of this beautiful area and I am so happy with the progress Steem is making with the guidance and participation of so many talented people.

very nice post about the best things people can do for each other!

Amazing post. Thank you for sharing!

It is a great move to help the others in the best possible way.

Wow. Grinding 16h/day for 3 years. She is a beast.

Keep it up mr @exyle

wonderful post, thanks for sharing
following up voted

city ​​of lisbon to visit, historic city and many cultures

Thanks for another steemfest update. Glad to hear how steemit is uplifting lives in Venezuela. Its just amazing :) Wishing you all the best and lots of fun there in Lisbon :)

i too just learnt that supporting witness is really important thanks for sharing the updates :)

fill me as your witness.
I am willing.

Don Pique, saludos

Sounds great then buddy

Your Blog All Post Is Good I like it.

successful greetings from @bustamam

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