Vlog #114: Steem thoughts after listening to the radio interview with Ned.

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This morning I listened to a radio interview Ned gave to a radio show called 'The Crypto Show'

He talks about a lot of interesting things and I highly recommend listening to it. here

30 million dollars was distributed to content creators the past year.

Steem Inc. employs 30 fulltime people of which 23 are devs. I had no clue they were this big already.

In the interview that's well over an hour, he says 2 lines (quickly) that on SF2 some "Design-oriented stuff" will be announced. That sparked my interested :) What can it be?

In the future when there are more frontends for the Steemblockchain than there are now, the website Steemit.com will matter less. I agree with that.

From the interview, I got that Smart Media tokens are the main focus of the team. Now that the idea has been out for a while and I got more time to think about it I think this is the right move.

The whole interview made me feel even more positive about the future of the Steem blockchain.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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@exyle I really enjoy when I UP Vote your postings and the Value Jumps Up to a bigger number. I will listen to what NED has to say later today when I get a chance. Have a wonderful day my Friend.

Hi @exyle, This sparked my interest too:

In the interview that's well over an hour, he says 2 lines (quickly) that on SF2 some "Design-oriented stuff" will be announced. That sparked my interested :) What can it be?

I hope all these efforts bring some positive outcome.

Excellent post. Thank You!

Steem On!

Although the future look interesting with the SMT, I would still like steemit to grow and be successful. Recently it has had a lot a problems with votes, comments and post being lost which is annoying at best but puts off a lot of new users. Hope that steemit doesn't get left behind in the race to develop SMTs.

The one positive note about that is that the blockchain works fine. On busy.org everything is much smoother/faster. I'm hoping the slow down of the Steemit.com website comes from a number of users (but I can't know for sure.)

I'll try busy.org in the future but it's strange switching between platforms. Anyway we shall have to wait and see.

nice post my friend, it's great to hear that we have some sort of great news coming for us in steemfest2, i am so excited to hear about it and yes i use busy and it's a fantastic alternative for steemit and it's no doubt a great induction to the steemit blockchain and if we found steemit.com down we can use busy.org or chainbb to access the blockchain and continue to use it without any worries, i agree with your words as the time moves on we continue to see a lot more website like busy.org and all of these efforts are strengthened the steemit blockchain even more and we see a really bright future of steem and SMT's are another powerful induction to the system as they helps the steem and steemit more than any thing else and that's awesome for all the steemians, have a fantastic week ahead my friend and thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us.

Great news, although it's a pity that we will not see the former Steemit in the future, but time does not stand still and if there is an idea with Smart Media tokens , then I think that this will give us more opportunities and prospects! Thank you @exyle

i hope steemit will keep growing and will be as main project too, not just tokens, because big websites need to see how it works and if steem without traffic and so on, then its bad example for them.

Enjoy Lisbon! Waiting... just waiting and posting just posting.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to it a lot! I'm waiting too and posting ;)

Great you decided to discuss about it! Just after Ned released the first video about SMT I could realized they are moving towards it! I think it's a great move! Thanks for sharing such great review with us!


@exyle - Sir, nice you decided to talk about it... SMT I heard, I understood the mechanism, but still have no confidence too :( So, your reviews about Smart Token helps me to learn it.... Nice vlog Sir... Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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Over 30 million dollars was distributed content creators.

Where do you think they got the money from?

$30 million worth of steem, which customers could sell to others if they chose.
I went into detail about where the money comes from, (past payout).

Ok. Thank you. Gat it.

The gym session was really needed mate after all the stuffs you had these last days! It's frustrating when we see Steemit.com down, but thanks to the other apps/site we are able to use it as usual!
Thanks for the link of the radio interview, I will listen to it just afterwards!

The blockchain is very stable and the more frontends there are the harder it will be to take them all out. I think it's incredible how safe the data is.

I like the idea of Smart Media Tokens as well as the idea of there being other front end websites to the steem blockchain. You could then vote with SP on an entirely different website of you happen to see something written you like,

30 full time employees, 23 of which are devs

That shows a lot about blockchain-based companies, and how there is a greater emphasis on development.

damm seems like i need to listen to that too thanks for giving the insight in your vlog :)

that's really cool to know that killing the block chain is not that easy haha :D wonderful thanks for sharing about the radio interview looks cool

It does give hope. Glad to hear about the design thing. My guess is moving away from the beta version. Lets see.

Thank you for the information. You make it sounds so simple which is good for me.

Thanks for keeping us updated and looking forward to more good news coming our way!

morning, struggling with that food/drink combo eh and exercise. super hard sometimes right? i'm gonna say that steemit.com is redesigned and launched at steemfest 2 you watch! :) - presume you are having troubles with dtube uploading as well right?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It's good to hear Ned in an open and unscripted situation.

It sure is! It's a good interview.

Hmm you made me curious as well. Will the design-oriented stuff involve designers form the community? If so I would be very happy.

Thank you @exyle sharing the link of the radio interview with us.
I am pretty excited about the future of Steemit and so proud to be a part of it. Hope thing will work out well.

Design-oriented stuff haha seems like something about UI for sure and you are absolutely right there

I'm very curious!

so steemit wont be the main thing hm? But steem will do well because of this?

Ahan Glad that we have great news coming for us in SF # 2 :)

Hi @exyle hope you're doing good. I listened the main chunks of the video. No doubt it's very useful video to get update about the future of steemit and steem blockchain. Getting very positive energy. Thanks for sharing man. Stay blessed!

seems like lots of surprises ahead of steem fest keep us updated on that :)

Oh~~~ 30 million dollars was distributed? it is unbelievable.
Also huge news for Steemblockchain after "The crypto show" interview. But steemit will be low range. Can you confirmly tell it sir @exyle? I don`t have any idea.

Great post thank you

He have great ideas for Steemit grow in the next months

interesting. I think the tokens are really going to change the internet as we know it. I think it is quite exciting to be involved with Steemit from the early stages and watch it develop.

That does looks good as the way Steem is going ,I hope it will be of Notice to more and more people Near future .Best of luck to us

hey bro @exyle,
excellent video and very nice interview.i hope you are happy in life..upvoted

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