They grow up so fast! Baby Sam is now 1 year old.

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I don't have enough fingers to count the number of times I heard people say that kids grow up so fast.

Admittedly It has gotten worse since my own friends have them.

But looking at Baby Sam this week I guess they do have a point.

(For anyone that does not know. Sam is my sister's kid.)

Every time I see him he changes.

This is a picture of me 11 months ago. Sam is one month old here.

His little bottom fits into 1 hand of my hands :)

Just 4 months later he looks like this. Bianca took this picture after we (mostly she) successfully changed his diaper.

It was an adventure and we were both relieved we came out victorious (me and Sam that is). This is probably one of my favorite photos with him.

He must have doubled in size or more!

I guess to make him grow like that he needs to participate in one my favorite activities. Eat food.

And my goodness does he eat a lot.

I also know now he gets grumpy when he's hungry.

Just like me :)

Teaching him how to grill is something I look forward too. It's an essential skill to learn I think. This is 3 months ago. He's 9 months old here.

And this is this week. Almost 1 year old. Incredible! He's so big.


It's been a year and I don't think that I have changed that much.

Same glasses, Same face, Same beard.

But Sam! He will never ever be that small again.

It truly is a one-way trip to utterly enjoy as a parent.

Funny to realize that to be honest, because I am not even one.



It's going to be interesting for him when he will be older and will read this post and all of the comments, an online account of his childhood :)
Happy birthday !

Next comes walking and talking, you may get a new name, because he can't get his tounge around yours, wear it with pride, it will last the rest of your life.
In 17 years he can take you down for a beer, theres something to look forward to.

fantastic post my friend, babies are wonders, babies are fun, it's nice to see baby sam again and yes he is growing up beautifully, well all the photographs are so cool and attractive, especially the one in which baby sam is just 4 months old, Wishing you happiness and new joys in your life with baby sam. Stay awesome and thanks for sharing.

Wow, he's already been a year! My best congratulations, be cheerful and happy !!! Thank you @exyle

They really do. My daughter is turning 3 this December 26. Time flies phewwwwww... Honestly not yet financially ready if she will tell me one day "papa school" phew

Yeah man.. they do grow up fast! I have a nephew and two nieces and they're already grown up kids!! Seems like yesterday when they were crawling and all.

Without a doubt, kids are fun!

wow what a major transformation from lil sam to the big man haha all the best to little sam :) wishing him happy birthday :D

It sure is a transformation!

Yeah friend they grow faster! My son is at his 2 years now! Same scenario I still feel him as the new born baby :D But now he is older as you said! Time goes faster than we imagine!


Happy birthday Sam!!

Buddy, I am the same. I always kind of blew it off when people told me they grow up so fast before, but then I had my own kids.... and my God, they are right! They grow up so damn fast. And they seem to change just about every week. It's amazing to watch, but also makes you wish you could hit the pause button sometimes.

I love the car pjs!

They are awesome!

Next, comes the talking and the nickname for the favourite Uncle. And the running...little boys never walk anywhere. I enjoyed the photo walk down memory lane (and its only been one year). Hang on, the years go by faster and faster...

I hope it will be a cool nickname :)

Watching a kid grow to one year is a wonderful experience. Baby Sam is gonna love these pictures when he will grow up.

Yes babies truely grow fast. Congrats to baby Sam on his birthday.

happy birthday. how u celebrate? :))
we have a tradition where i live that we put at the first anniversary different objects on a tray and we let the little one choose and is a superstition that the chosen things are like a destiny :)) if he picks pencils or lipstick or veggies or stuff like this :)

That's a cool tradition! I just went to my sister's house, we had cake and talked. Sam got a lot of presents. Just a normal Dutch birthday :)

we invite ALL the people we know and even cut a bit of hair and save it for life time in a box :))) post-communist traditions :))

The first 6-7 years they are the most fun imo. Questioning everything with immense curiosity. (And then they go to school and lose it... xD)

He is beautiful, may Allah bless the wonderful child

Yes, they grow up so fast, especially during their first years ^^ So cute little one, it's really awesome to see his growth during some months thanks these photos ^^

You have so many more changes yet to come with little Sam :)

waw times goes fast right! I hope to begin with children soon.

@exyle I have so much FUN when I see your postings and then when I do my UP Vote and it jumps the value of your post like $20. People will come to STEEMIT and I am so glad that we are already here. You are a Good Uncle.

Time flies!!!

So much cuteness in one pic:

Enjoy every moment which you share. They grow so fast, and together you make history, kept for life.

Beautifully loving father, I wish I had this as a baby; also beautifully written post! Resteem'd :)
Beautiful photos as well, congrats to you and your family.



as like father .cooooooooooooooooooooll.look at his smile @exyle

Very cute baby :)

you must be the most faithful and good father.
I like.
I follow you you follow me

Hes not the father, he is the uncle

I am sorry.
but I'm pretty sure he's a good fit to be a father

Nice one. I couldnt agree more. Its really obvious from those pics. Very young children grow and change faster than adults. The difference between a two-year old and a three-year old is quite noticeable.
My Aunt's baby is nine months today and her front top teeth have appeared. Soooo exciting but also sad as she looks different when she smiles. But I am trying not to dwell on life going by so fast. We would rather enjoy each moment for what it is. She just keeps getting more beautiful by the day.

That is indeed the truth ,Kids grow fast :)
He does looks adorable and lovely .

He is so beautiful . May god protect him for evil eye and take him to the right path :)

I am pretty sure you will be a great father :)

Oh Really Good

Lots of fun times ahead for you and your family with little Sam!

Hehe... Yet...

Indeed! :0)

he is so cute its great to see him turning 1 :)

happy birthday to cute sam :)

This is beautiful. Watching a baby grow shows us the inevitability of change.I see how much you love Sam and I hope some day you have yours. I trust Sam is going to love him as you have shown him so much. Thanks for sharing. Please watch out for my first story and kindly follow. Thanks.

Watching a little one grow is some of the best stuff life has to offer!

Nice to meet you. What a great uncle Sam has, my baby is four months now and you are so right on how fast they grow, sometimes I wish I could stop time to savor in the moments a little bit longer. cherish every second of them.Happy Birthday Sam!

Children will grow faster and faster. Cherish the good times. What a lovely baby! I wish you all the best

Children will grow faster and faster. Cherish the good times. What a lovely baby! I wish you all the best

Baby Sam is so cute! may God bless him with everything he wants..

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