Sushi and wine on our third Blockbrothers monthly meeting. Steemify Android is a go!

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I needed this meeting more than I knew!

This morning I talk about realigning my focus and tonight I managed to do that thanks to my fellow @blockbrothers.

I'm 100% convinced now that this is what I want to do with my life.

Add value to the STEEM blockchain and have fun while doing it.

I'm motivated more than ever.


(from left to right: @bennierex, @eqko, @s3rg3, me)

Steemify Android is a go!

I have great news!

Tonight we decided to go forward with the Steemify Android development.

@bennierex (our dev) found us a Android dev a couple of days ago and after talking about it tonight we concluded it's an app that will benefit the whole community and we want to make it.

Tomorrow the Android dev will be informed about our decision and development can begin next week.


Our meal tonight (in line with Steemfat3, accept for the wine)

Steemify roadmap and STEEMTURBINE status.

We talked about the Steemify iOS roadmap (features that will also be implanted in Android).

Notification filters is highest on the list and our most requested feature. It will be implanted in the next major update.

STEEMTURBINE (Witness monitoring toolkit) is in the final stages of testing as well and will be released within the next few weeks.

Future of the witness

We also talked about the future of the witness.

It's important that you make sure that every member has the same goal and that this goal is aligned and on par.

It's one of the reasons we have these meetings. (besides that it's a lot of fun).

First of, we are insanely proud that we recently managed to enter the top 50 (currently #47).

Second, we are hoping to slowly move up on that list in the upcoming months and prove ourself with development and our believe in the STEEM blockchain.

We thank all of you for your support.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:


Holy shit! The first photo is a killer hahaha

Good call,
More people will share steemify with android.
Good call blockbrothers.

Finally. Android app! :D
Looking forward to it.
Thanks for your work.

Congratz for the success you have made so far! Steemify Android app, this is one of the greatest news for me :D I think with that app, I could do much better! I also noted blockbrothers witness node is at top 50, yesterday it hold 46th place there! (If i am not mistaken) Great update friend! Steadily you and your team moving forward! That's a great news!


That sushi selection looks GREATTTTT..............
Only good things come out of a sushi and wine sharing with friends.

Yeah, I agree with you :)

@exyle I want to congratulate you on the Android being a GO, and the Fact that you have now climbed into the TOP 50 of Witnesses. Life is Good !!!

Thank you so much!

@exyle You deserve it for all you do.

Excellent news, we definitely need an android app, this will truly push Steemit towards the mainstream and encourage people to join up. Checking your phone constantly for Steemit notifications is going to be damn more exciting than the constant twitter and fb drivel, both of which I've almost given up on.
Best wishes chaps :-)

Nice. Looks like a great time.

You made a great decision to go forward with the Steemify Android development.
Steemify iOS roadmap, Notification filters, STEEMTURBINE. This all sounds very exciding, can’t wait once its all finalized and developed. You guys definately have my support.
Following you all guys @bennierex, @eqko, @s3rg3 and you!

Thanks for the support!

Congratulations on entering the top 50 witnesses, it was a very fast climb to the top :)
Excited about the android app, I hope it will run smoothly because esteem runs pretty slow at times.

Super cool some hot news coming in :) voted for your as witness

Thanks for your vote!

Just added Blockbrothers for Witness. Thought this was previously done, glad I double checked.

Looking forward to the Andriod Version!!

Thanks for the vote!

Anytime! You add value to the steemit community on a daily basis. Hope to keep growing my account and reach a point that I'm doing the same.

Keep up the good work guys and enjoy!

Thanks bro!

This is great! I know a lot of people have been clamoring for Steemify on Android. That's terrific news. I'm also glad you've become even more surer about your purpose for improving the blockchain; just want to let you know, on behalf of all steemians, you're very much appreciated. Keep going @blockbrothers; the moon is your starting point!

Thank you.

Great news @exyle, Steemify Android will be a success I'm sure, glad you have established a roadmap. I'm an android guy, guess I have to wait a little bit more, but that's ok, keep us informed of the development of the iOS roadmap.

I'm a steemify fan boy!

nice... is the android dev not on steemit yet? I guess when he knows what to do he already knows the news ;-)

He knows :)

I Will resteem
@s3rg3 all the boys have computers you only have wine in front off you!

Wayhay!! When I chose to go to bed early I miss the best news. I can't wait for the android app given the reception the iOS one has gotten! Top donk!

I know you have been waiting :) Just a little longer man!

I'm hanging in there :0D

Great news on two fronts going forward with the android version which will be helpful to many and on your being #47 on the witness list. Congratulations to all of you @blockbrothers.

It's nice to see you together at work and in a good mood. I am very glad that you are continuing your Steemify Android development and I very much hope to see your application in full capacity, especially with a road map it will be much more convenient and will greatly help everyone in our ecosystem! You are my witness, Mark, and continue to climb the list, it pleases me! Thank you and keep us informed of what's happening!

Excellent post and it's great to see more development in steemify app and that app really strengthened the steem blockchain even more because right now we are not getting notifications from steemit and rest and only steemify help us to be notified in time, wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors! Stay blessed

I'm new here, so I didn't know that meetings like these even existed.

It's really good to see that people that met on Internet socialize outside of the virtual world.

By the way, who are witnesses?

I've been here for a week now, and this has to be the first time someone mentioning it.

Hi and welcome to Steemit. We have written about the roll of a witness in the past. here I hope that helps.

what will this app do exactly?

Great news and jealous of that Sushi!

Thanks man!

That is great news. I've been a little jealous of the iOS love, so I think it's great that you guys are working on making this app for Android. Steem is so much better than Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. I don't know how much longer it is going to take, but the work you are doing is going to help bring Steemit into the limelight.

Good news.. Hopefully it will be out for download before the end of the month. Just been optimistic here! Kudos to you and your teams!

I think that will be a bit too fast. Development still has to start.

oh!... what do i know!!? loL! .. okay then... Anticipating :) ... Good luck

Thats good news! I am already waiting for Steemify the Android version :)
Your meal for tonight looks yummy. I love Sushi. Enjoy your evening guys and thank you for sharing!

Sounds like a great dream job @exyle that's wonderful, the sushi looks great and its ok for steem fat, also its good to known the notification filters are coming good job bros.

Wohooo! Way to go! Isn´t it the greatest pleasure to do what you love? Can´t be expressed in money... Greetings from Austria!

Yeah, I'm waiting for the app. I'll specially buy a new android phone (Or tablet) for this steemit app.
Thanks guys for your hard work :d

Thanks for this great effort which can give a high value to our communnity and help us to be connected everywhere with steemit..but i would suggest to take deaf people into account
with finding a sound effect to each heading and operation..Nice meals and thanks again for your great contribuatuion..

Yes for the sushi 🍣 and superyes for the android app💪

wow @exyle the steemify androind will be most great news specially for me ..
that good decesion in your monthly meetup and hope your enjoy sushi and wine
your team work is really good for this platfarm
congratulations to reach 47 in and hope it will be in first 10 one day

continue adding value to it. i believe with steemit our future is secured.

Feel happy you have some fun and ecitment , sure! But excuse me , what fo you mean but top 59??

On behalf Android Users Association, I say that you @blockbrothers.

Excellent post :)

Excellent theme, I congratulate you brother.

I have always known you are a genius.. That will be a great plus in this great community. I want to make one request from you. That i need your mentorship in this platform. I am @brightfame

You guys are doing great job and right now i am giving my witness vote to @blockbrothers

Glad to see all of you @exyle! :)

Very inspired, with the meeting there will be conclusions. May you are stay forever.

Wow, this is breath taking. Please such developments like this should be encouraged. I have hard times trying to use Chrome browser on my phone to steem. Hopefully, your project would change the steemot world

congrats for in rank including in first 50 and now in 47 is good achievment
nice to see you all againg with blockbrohters and nerrry....steemfy app is really a good app for all and the features are more good i like your work

wow work with fun now that is truly great :)

Are you even able to eat so much sushi... Sweet mom potato!
You guys are amazing, keep doing what you do.
Because I want steem price to soar to heaven and then buy Ferrari, thx :D

So many amazing updates from where to start i don't know but that sushi is the best thing hahah no that android version was hahah awesome blockbrothers :D

Please check why Steemify isn’t sending notifications. I am not getting any notification

Next time I come along! Especially for the sushi 🍱 🍣 and for @bkdbkd

Finally..steemify for android
Thanks guys for all your hard work