Relaxing time with Bianca's uncle and Auntie.

in life •  3 months ago


Yesterday after the parade Bianca's uncle and auntie took us to this place out of town to relax.

It was very beautiful there.

From what I know normally these events are saved for the weekend but because of the the national holiday we went on a Friday instead.


To my surprise they had Sashimi there. This is made from Tilapia. After asking about it I learned that there is a lot of influence from Japan in this city (many Japanese live here) and that this was taught from them.

I loved it.


Most of the time I talked with Bianca's uncle. He likes a beer (as you can see :) ) but he also takes a lot of time talking to me in Portuguese and finding numerous ways of explaining things to me when I don't understand.

I can't thank him enough for that really.


It was a great end to an already fun day yesterday.

Today will be another filled day.

It's the wedding of Bianca's friend Monica and I'm about to be picked up to get my first Brazilian haircut.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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It's the wedding of Bianca's friend Monica and I'm about to be picked up to get my first Brazilian haircut.

In combination with a Brazilian wax?



Friend, what a beautiful place the family of Bianca took you, and I will tell you something, there are no more fun moments to share as a family.
I hope that your first Brazilian hairstyle suits you very well, and you look more handsome than you already are, with a little luck and in that marriage you have a great time and you show us funny pictures. Greetings, my dear friend.

@exyle, Yes, it's reflecting as you had an amazing and relaxing day and that is because enjoying the day with family members is the Completeness essence.

It's reflecting as this Out Of The Town trip is so beautiful because of the natural beauty and healing natural scenes.

And it's also reflecting that you'll had the fun while Fishing too. And in my opinion this is an perfect place for an outing.

And those houses and sitting sheds which are surrounded with the trees and greenery giving an awesome essence. Hope that you had great time.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Have fun at the wedding @exyle. Looks like yesterday ended with a nice relaxing preparation for it. You'll need all your energy if it's another late one. 😁



Apparently you've got a super busy schedule these days, @exyle. The space looks nice and Bianca's family friendly. After the cut, try to rest that I imagine the party will be long and lively. Take a lot of pictures for you to bring us here tomorrow. Good luck and hugs

It looks like you had an awesome day! The park looks really peaceful for a holiday. It makes things so much easier when Bianca's family accepts you! The fish looks really fresh and good. But I never eat raw fish...maybe someday! My son would love it there. He loves everything Japanese. Be careful with the haircut. You don't want to look like you have had a Brazilian wax...🤣🤣🤣🤣

I’m excited to see your new Brazilian haircut. I hope you communicate with Bianca’s Uncle much better and his talk had slown down 😆. I can feel from your writing you are having a blast.


Well it's live!

you looked relaxed dude! :) that's great to see. have fun both of you! :)


I am!

Oh Man, you are looting the joy of life all the way, wow! From where I can get such Uncle and Aunt by the way :D :D

PS: It is always great to see the lovely smile on your face Brother @exyle :)

Remember to tell the hairdresser's to stay above the waist! ;0)

Have fun and party like a steemian :)

Amazing look your whole family on the occasion of independence day while watching parade.

Spenting Incredible moment on occasion of national holiday with uncle and aunty

Have fun dear ,you and @bkdbkd are seemed to looking enjoy too much.Your life is fantastic ,god bless you both

Have fun @exyle...nice software you've got... Helps one to stay up-to-date with notifications

After a first fast moment when I understand that you eat fish you catched, I have understood that you love Sashimi like me. It is great! I did not know that there are a lot of Japanase people there!

Nice photos guys! Enjoy your weekend 😬

It is very nice to share with the family.

Wow quite a fun time there enjoying with delicious food too :D

Looks like a great time! I always enjoy getting out to fish when I get the chance.