Vlog 315: I want EOS to launch so we can see what we are dealing with.

in life •  6 months ago

In 2 days and 13 hours the mainnet of EOS will launch source.

I for one would be happy when it happens.

In my 5 years in crypto I don't think I have seen a bigger hype created around a blockchain project then this one.

Personally, I just want to know what we are dealing with once the main net is live so we finally know for sure wether the hype is true and if we are all doomed or not :)

As usual, never a boring time in crypto.

I talk about it more in my vlog. (Starts from 1:00)

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Thanks for this video.

You have an IT background, thus you know what goes into developing something like this. STEEM spent two years learning, adjusting, upgrading....all of that does not happen over night.

People seem to think there is a STEEM killer that will magically appear. Sure, there will be other social media platforms...some might even better than STEEM. That said, they arent going to show up overnight.

Look at all D.Tube went through the last 7 or 8 months to get to the point where it is now. That does not happen in a week.

Plus, there is always the scaling issue...something the development team is working upon. How are others going to handle upgrading the back end.

I like the DPOS Model and EOS ... but the low speed at wich issues are solved is someting to keep in mind.

If they pull of mainnet launce on scedual we should move forward and give the http://Block.One team lott of respect. @EOS_io

Looking forward for the EPIC launch of a revolutionary crypto currency. The EOS mainnet launch is the big step toward a new generation of blockchain technology and it may have great impact for the future of crypto-currencies.

Mark @exyle I am happy that EOS is almost here and I am also happy that you have Dedicated yourself to STEEMIT and @blockbrothers is exactly where you are supposed to be.............

We see soon... :)))

I hope the launch have a positive impact in the crypto market, that will benefit us all


I hope it will bring some rest and a positive impact on the markets would be nice for all of us.

Been looking forward to it too for over a year! Really interested to get my hands on it and see how it works, I guess it's still going to be a number of months until there are any really functioning dapps built on top of it. The true implications for the likes of ETH and STEEM will take a long time to play out

I am really excited for tomorrow. I really expected more of a run up though. the fact that it has been sitting around $12 has me kind of concerned. I have a pretty small stake in it though, so I doubt whether I am going to be seeing huge benefits anyway. It is still really exciting. It is too bad some of the outlets had to use the routine stress testing to spread FUD and draw out the skeptics.

AHAHAH you sounded like a child, "rediscovering the world", amazing what a piece of glass can do for us, now you can even see the ground ;)

I´m on the same point has you do, let´s see what EOS bring to the crypto world, and what are we facing... Personally, I'm very bullish for their project, but as you mentioned, there is to much hype around it, and expectations can be tricky, too many people expecting too much, the odds for a lot of people to get disappointed are pretty big.
Crypto is too small, STEEM and EOS don´t have to compete for now, because their immediate goal is the same, attract millions of people to the crypto world and enjoy the value created by that.

Looking forward for the EPIC launch of a revolutionary crypto currency . I just hope the long anticipated EOS launch . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

Yes, EOS has created the biggest hype, but let's see what will happen. Either it is true or it's just another scam like Bitconnect.


Haha I don't think ANYTHING will ever be quite as bad as Bitconnect

This is going to be an epic launch seeing all the hype and excitement around it. I can just imagine the kind of adrenaline rush Dan Larimer must be feeling at the moment. Then again rest assured EOS will be successful, he has done it twice with Bitshares and Steem :)

Thankyou sir for this post, creating is promoting😊😊😊

Yeah, it is really hyped but i still believe it will luve up to the expectation. I can't wait either!

I want EOS to launch so we can see what we are dealing with

I'm looking forward to it too, to see how it will work, maybe as perfect and flawless like steemit because I'm getting more involved in steemit and I don't think I would actually have a rethink to join other platform. But let wait and see what they have in stake for us.

creating hype is promoting ;)

Now you have your new lens! LOL
A long-awaited EOS... I will base with your observation. You have a lot of experience than me...

I just hope the long anticipated Eos Lauch will put some smiles on investors faces as we are all expecting an increase in price of Eos .

Let's hope June will be great for EOS and the crypo market as a whole.

May wasn't that good to us unfortunately.

I think that EOS actually have something good in stock. Keeping fingers crossed🤞

its all about the hype and rumours but project which touches life of people are more interesting just like steem for instance

this is great investing sir and thanks for sharing this, this is something new to me. Marry Christmas..

Even though EOS might be Steem’s competitor, I believe there is enough space for both in this market. That’s why I own both. Competition is a great and healthy thing. I have EOS on Binance exchange registering EOS for its customers, however anyone who has his EOS in ETH wallet should not forget to register it.

Yes, let's see what happens with EOS.

Where's the volume in Crypto?
We would like to see a nice recovery.
Still great opportunities to buy at a low price.

Do you also buy different coins to diversify?

all in the wait to see what EOS brings us, we keep advancing to the future, it's not long! Thanks for your information

good articles @exyle i want to read some of your characters

Well lets all wait and see the hype of eos manifest itself. All this hype on eos, the d-day is finally here. I hope it triggers a bull run on bitcoin

Until now we can see a lot of great marketing effort but in a few days we will have a solid proof how the new mainnet from EOS is working.

Not long now then @exyle. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. 😊

Vlog 315: I want EOS to launch so we can see what we are dealing with. Resteemed by the @resteemmuse!!!!!!!!