Pasta with green pesto and chicken, leaks, red pepper, black olives, pine nuts and bacon.

in life •  11 months ago

Bianca was working all day so again it was my turn to cook.

But I don't mind, I got my cooking groove back.

I decided to go all out today on a chicken pesto pasta.

I bought all the goodies that make it extra great, like pine nuts and black olives.

I also made extra much because I work tomorrow myself for a company I have not let go yet because of contracts.

I wanted to take some pasta with me for lunch tomorrow.

Let's cook!

Snapseed 22.jpg

Ingredients: Penne Pasta, pine nuts, black olives, cherry tomatoes, a jar of green pesto, red onion, 2 peppers, a leak, bacon and chicken breasts.

Snapseed 3.jpg

As usual I like to prep everything before cooking. I forgot the red onion in the picture above.


Snapseed 2.jpg

Get two pots on the fire, one with water for the pasta, and one big one for everything else. I added a little bit of oil straight away.

Snapseed 5.jpg

Snapseed 6.jpg

Start with frying the bacon till semi crispy then add the chicken and cook it through.

Snapseed 7.jpg

Snapseed 4.jpg

Snapseed 8.jpg

While the chicken is cooking take a separate dry frying pan and put it on a low heat. Add the pine nuts to give them some colour by toasting them a bit in the hot pan.

Snapseed 9.jpg

Snapseed 10.jpg

Add the vegetables (except the tomatoes) to the chicken and cook for 3 minutes.

Snapseed 11.jpg

Snapseed 12.jpg

Add the pesto to the pan. After add some water to the jar (close the lid and shake) and add it also to pan.

Snapseed 13.jpg

The pesto will be pretty watery and needs to reduce a bit, that gives time to cook the pasta. This Penne needs 11 minutes according to the package but you should always undercook pasta and finish it in the sauce. I cooked it for 7 minutes.

Snapseed 14.jpg

Snapseed 15.jpg

After 7 minutes drain the pasta and add to the sauce stir it and just let it sit there for a couple minutes.

Snapseed 16.jpg

Snapseed 18.jpg

Almost there. Last step is to add all the goodies. The Tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and black olives.

Snapseed 19.jpg

Snapseed 20.jpg

End result: Fantastic, I love this pasta. I don't always make it with all the goodies but it does add to the experience. All the flavours work well together. I added some extra cheese on top (should have been Parmesan but I forgot to buy it).

Snapseed 21.jpg

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Oh yum! Now I know what I'm cooking tonight. Thanks @exyle!


yes this is a very good cuisine.


@dougkarr not just you alone.

this dish reminds me of my father who double us as a great chef and a plumber. While he takes contracts all over at construction sites, he never misses coming back thrice in a week to prepare the dish. Was too young to know what the food is but it just tastes great.

And it looks just like this!

Thanks @exyle

Like starting everything from scratch.
It shows true dedication to eat healthy and a good chef that I learn a lot from.
Keep on steemin’

Wow this is amazing! How it taste with Pine Nut? We called locally as Rata Kaju and I never add it with Pasta before! I will try this out! Thanks dude!



This pesto pasta is the only pasta where I know that it works. Although I'm sure there are others.

When I see you cooking this healthy delicious food, it reminds me what my grandmother always said “Don’t eat anything your great-great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. There are a great many food-like items in the supermarket your ancestors wouldn’t recognize as food.. stay away from these”
Looks delicious!


Sound advice from your grandmother. I do try to cook what I recognise, lol.


But eventually in this age we will probably be able to produce food in a lab. And that doesn't mean it will automatically be bad! They will with science probably be able to perfect it. We are living in an age where we will experiment a lot with upgrading our bodies. Clearly we will experiment more with what we eat as well. Think in the future we will eat tiny pills that contains all we need to easier live in this new fast-pace world. Our ancestors lived in a different age. Today we will experiment with all areas of life!


That’s what my grandma always says, but I say “We are mutants, we can eat anything and it doesn’t kill us oppose to a few decades ago”


Haha. Whatever we are we are going off the rails lol. 🚄 The amount of alternative lifestyles we will see oh boy. Clearly we are living longer so we are doing something that works! I don't like these that tries to make food into a religion. We are so different in how we react to certain kinds of foods. And just as with genetic variation we need food variation. People that fill different categories!

Nice! another mouth watering post! I am sure it tasted amazing. :)

wow amazing recipe indeed, i really like pasta and chicken and especially cherry tomatoes and red onion are my favorite because they increase the flavor and taste of the dish and they are also full of nutrients and vitamins, i note down the recipe and i surely give it a try and man the end result of the dish is no doubt superb and it looks so tasty too, thanks for sharing this recipe with us and wish you a very joyful and cheerful week ahead friend, Stay blessed.

I might try this soon, i enjoy cooking but i dont cook very often though... I dream of helping my wife in the kitchen when she is heavy with pregancy and when she is busy...romantic


Try it man! She will love it.


I sure will, i cooked for my 2 sisters for 4 years when we lived together in the University, mostly when i didn't have lectures.

That looks super tasty your wife have to be proud to have a man like you friend. Regards


she should! lol :)

Hi @exyle it Looks delicious like all your dishes..
I think could easy be a chef in your own

Enjoy your evening!

Kind regards

Pasta could be this different and tasty wow didn't imagined that very creative you are with cooking skills always trying out something new :)


Once you know some basics you can create anything you want. Cooking is a nice skill to have.

finally you turned out to be a great chef dear friend @exyle, many thanks for sharing the recipe and its preparation step by step.
I wish you a prosperous week


thank you, I wish you a great week too!

Watch out @exyle as got hes cooking grove going to bust some foods, but I most say it looks great I especially like the use of pine nuts they are so nice but not to keen on the olives some of this was almost like making a stir fry.


Skip the olives! no problem. Yeah it sort of like a stir-fry I guess.

I got my food and was gonna eat and watch this. I'm not eatin mine,i wanna cook this now! :D Nice one Exyle,love your videos but Bianca & you make stomach gold. Bless you guys

Awesome @exyle! Looks delicious my friend


thanks man!

Pine nuts rock! never thought of adding them to my food. I think I will try them out in salads


They work great in salads.

Have you ever tried making the pasta yourself @exyle? I mean making and rolling out the dough. It comes out much tastier than the store-bought pasta.


I did it once. Without a pasta machine. It was way too thick to eat. It is possible to buy fresh pasta in the Netherlands, it's very good. But as always nothing beats something home-made with care.

Will add this to my pasta list of meals to try. The kids love pasta and think everything in this dish will be ok to add. Looks great and can't wait to try it.


I hope you will enjoy it.

I have to start eating things like you, much healthier than Pakistani food

Damn this makes me extremely hungry! Big fan of chicken over meat. Nothing better than a Caesar salad with some chicken added. Sadly making food like this with passion usually takes too long around 1-2 hours in total. Wish we could have a food robot that could do the basics for us and then we could just overwatch it. I'm sure Elon Musk will come to rescue eventually.


It took me around 30 minutes (excluding the shopping). Once you do it often it goes really fast. Although I like the idea of a cooking robot :)


Yes it's true. But since there are so many interesting recipes out there that cooking robot would be a good thing. ;) I don't think we males are wired for remembering a million recipes haha! A few works! ;)

It's actually quite fun to do cooking of course once you are deeply involved in it.. These times I wish life was longer so many things you would be able to go deep into if there was more time! Cooking one of them.. Another is programming but that takes insane amounts of time!

Bellissimo, so good, mua!
One day I will fly to the Netherlands just to try your food, man. I love it!


Thanks, man! :)

I really hope that you keep pumping out these cooking blogs! I am going to start to cook for myself really soon as a effort to save myself money from consistently spending money each night on eating out


I have been doing them for while. Soon it will be more grilling blogs though :)


Yeah I noticed you do them a lot! I always seem them on the front page of steemit! congratulations on that btw!

I would definitely continue to come back for them grilling blogs, they might even inspire me to make my own!

I do like a bit of chicken pesto pasta. This looks a hearty dish!


It's a nice hearty dish indeed!

Wow! This pasta dish looks awesome. It has all the flavours I like. I'll be making this one soon! Thanks!


Cool! I hope you will like it!

As I read this, "Tasty" (the cooking page on Facebook) popped into my mind. I wonder if something like that would work well on Steemit, or they would simply come here and start putting up videos to DTube(or DVines or something) too. That would be cool.

The food looks good by the way!

Looks fantastic to me, but I'm not sure my girls would eat it with the pine nuts and olives.

I do make a chicken and pasta dish for them with garlic, onions, basil and parmesan that they love, even as leftovers. Can't go wrong with chicken and pasta!


Souds like a great version of the dish!

Wow. That looks really yummy. I didn't know you were a chef too! 😊

I'm impressed what a tidy chef you are. Very neat! 😁


Not really a chef, I like to cook though.

I wish I love cooking as much as you do? Took me seven hours to finish preparing a small soup. Half of the time was spent wishing someone would just come and help. How's Sam doing?


Lol, you will get it man :). Sam's doing great. He's back at his mom (my sister).

I also love this pasta. I have a tip for you. When you fry a chicken (or prepare one on the Green Egg) you will have too much. Keep the rest of that roast chicken for this pasta. That is so much better than chicken fillet.


That is a great tip!

What a coincidense.. just saw the post while making my pasta with chicken.. image

It's amazing because a man who has this kind of cuisine, the best teacher in teaching cooking.

One thing is clear: it´s way better to let you cook than repair something in your house! 😂


O yes! 100%.

Looks awesome, thanks for sharing

I am too greedy to eat your recipe.

This post has been upvoted and resteemed. i also started following you to see more of your work

I love finding new recipes that are packed full of flavor, and this one seems to do the trick. I am not a fan of pesto, so how would you feel if I substituted a lemon butter sauce instead? Would that be a good addition to the recipe? I appreciate the feedback, so I can take a stab at this recipe as well.


waw this is a very interesting new way

wow this is a way of cooking that i can do in my house. this food looks more appealing and deeply teases my mouth.
I hope to try to cook this food in my home.
thanks you my friend @exyle

Nice friend your a great cooker man

I screenshoot your image for the procedure I cook at home please permit me.

thanks you my friend @exyle This very tasty



loooks healthy and very tasty well done, red pepper, green pepper, olives...


ok iwant in my home thank my friend

wow this cuisine is very interesting and useful for all of us. and I really appreciate that friend @exyle

like her a great chef for your family.
I really appreciate that friend
you are a chef great man @exyle

it is a very tasty cuisine it seems, and certainly its accompanied by a great chef.

you are a very great cook

thanks my friend for shering @exyle

I hope Bianca doesn’t know there is a delicious surprise waiting for her home. When I come from work I always can’t wait what surprise is waiting for me in the kitchen. It’s everyday, but it always surprises me.

the food is delicious, and all the steemian feel like to bite the screen of the smartphone mareka, because the delicacy of your food,

you are a great cook. thanks my friend for shering to we are.


seeing this post makes me feel hungry, honestly I really like this kind of food.


do you want to try it

Waaaaaaaaaawwwww, great. Iya like it master

this is a very tasty cuisine with such a distinctive aroma,this is a very tasty cuisine with such a distinctive aroma,

nice post and good cooking

thanks @exyle

upvote and resteemit

That looks really so tasty !! :)

This looks amazing. When can i come over? :) I love pasta very much and always try new recepies. I will try this one for sure. Thanks for sharing. Have you tried to make the Pesto by yourself? Just a simple Pesto with dried tomatos, parmegiano, pine nuts and a good olive oil...maybe some garlic it <3

You are great, not all men can cook, let alone this fancy dish.
Good job @exyle

I loved to cook, pasta and nodles are favourites, it's thick-jaal nodles soup.. wanna taste?? orca-image-1517962385585.jpg_1517962385894.jpeg

I have dreams of travelling and learning new recipes, cooking is one hobby I would really love to explore. great stuff you do.

This is a special delicacy, I'm already salivating for this. I want some please.. Lol

Really amazing and worthy of the best

Waw very tasty cuisine and a good recipe I love it

@exyle have a mercy man i am on diet but i am thinking to break it jut because of ur plates😝
It looks so delicious 👍🏼

it looks very delicious. I want to try it turns out you have the talent for cooking. thanks for your post@exyle

I'm getting hungry 😬

You are amazing, and thank you for sharing the way

Pasta is my favorite food. thank you for share.

resteemit done sir

Looks delicious! I know what I am making Friday night! I absolutely love this post! All the best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

The pictures of the food look amazing, need to make me some like that - Bon Appétit :)

It's amazing and you're the greatest chef

Excellent recipe, I will practice at home. I like your blog. 👍🍝💟

Man you always making me hungry after I just ate hahahaha :)

Looks delicious! I love seeing the process of making a meal. It’s an insanely good quality in a husband when he knows how to cook!

Oh. Nice good

How i wish i could cook, tried really hard but managed to master the art of egg frying before i gave up. Am so proud of myself. Really looking forward to cooking something half as good as this.

Easy recipes and a great way you deserve a good title for sharing your cooking procedures.

So you are a cook now.

Looking good, wish you could share it with the Steemit Community!

Just a bite please

Looks appetizing. I bet it's delicious. Nice one you've got there. Enjoy your meal.

It seems good food can i try it @exyle

You are the greatest chef

😋😋😋 I really love recipe of Pasta... 😍😍😍😍😍

The end result was very beautiful, looks yummy🙈, i feel like eating it with you😀
Picture quality was also great. I will definitely try out this recipe and hope you enjoyed your meal😊

Looks like we have a cook, and this dish is something I would probably eat.
It has a delicious aspect, just by reading and seeing the images it already grew water in my mouth. Is it too spicy ??

Pasta is vere good
I love pasta ....

Nice to meet you.
Maybe this is best recipe in my life^^
Thank you!!

Pasta looks mouthgasmic ! Looks yummy and tasty !! Mouth watering here @exyle !!

Under 30 minutes and you come up with a super dish thats go my stomach gaga and intrigue my craving to have a pack of quick noodles late night.

Upvote and reteemit.nice recipe.
Great job.

nice your post i will done upvote..@ exyle

I am getting hungry T.T

great mind......creative....great recipee....

this can make anyone's day special after eating it beautifully prepared thanks for sharing exyle special

It can only take a gifted man to cook like this,the meal looks appetising.. i'm going to try this! I hope mine tastes and looks delicious like yours.

Thanks @exyle for the tutorial.

Looking very yummy and the addition of some different things today made it looks so nice :)

Deliciousness at its best wonderful work done :)

very delicious

great job! Looks good

It looks very appetizing :)
It must be delicious :)
I will try to do it :) Thanks

Pine nuts are my friend. They are such a nice accent to a dish. You've inspired me, I think I will make an @exyle pasta, gringa style. I'll keep you posted.

Very tasty cuisine seems and you are the greatest chef