My dad is cleared for another year and a perfect Valentines day!

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This morning at 10:30 I was sitting at the doctors office in the hospital with my dad.

It was his third or fourth six months checkup.

He had a tumor removed a while back and this is what they do.

They take a scan and then a week later you hear your faith.

For the result we always go together.

The doctor came in the room and said instantly he was fine even before shaking hands.

I like his doctor. He doesn't beat around the bush and he doesn't talk in riddles.

Just tells you what you need to know.

My dad and I left the hospital in good spirits and the weather turned sunny to.

In fact, my dad was in such good spirits he called his company told them he's was leaving already to go up North.

Fuck it, he said. You need to enjoy these moments, Mark.

Bless that man. lol.

This evening I had made plans with Bianca to go to our old cafe to do something for Valentine.


I say old cafe because this is the place where we used to go when we were still in the early stages of our relationship.

She was au pair in a fancy neighbourhood in Rotterdam and I used to drive there and we would have a bite in this cafe.

The place was cheap and the food is good. This is still the case.


I don't know why but most of the time we sit next to each other instead of opposite although that's not to common in the Netherlands. It sort of grew organically I guess. (yes, I am aware now I forgot to remove the sticker from my t-shirt......)


The inside of the cafe is simple yet nice with a lot of wood, old memorabilia and old photo's. Like this one with James Dean.



For food we had the same thing we had back then. Chicken sate with fries for both of us. It's simple, I like it. Great with a beer too :)


We enjoyed the food and had a nice chat while remembering old times.

And that was that.

Our fourth Valentines day.

With all the good news it might have been our best one.

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I am happy to see that someone had a nice valentines day. I wish i could say the same. I have good memories from last year though.

May God give him a healthy life ahead and give him strength .

Also looks like you guys really enjoyed yourself !!

Glad to hear about father . Father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.


When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol




Thank you!


Great news for your dad and your family! Glad to hear it. Don't worry about the sticker on the shirt, it's in style to leave stickers on hats so maybe you'll start a new trend!

Any cafe with a James Dean portrait like that is A+ in my book, the food also looks really good. Have a great Valentines Day!

Happiness and health are what we should all thrive for.
Very happy for him.
Keep on steemin'

Great news for your dad and your family! Glad to hear it. Don't worry about the sticker on the shirt, it's in style to leave stickers on hats so maybe you'll start a new trend!


lol, and thank you so much, man!


Congrats! On your Dad's health and Happy Valentine
Valentine was bored for me on this part of the globe


Well, great news for you and your family that your father is healthy and fine. And happy valentine's day to you and your valentine. Photographs are great, the food is great and I wish you a happy time to come together. Blessings

that is great news! hope you have a great valentines with bianca - it is interesting that you point out sitting next to her because hubby and I prefer that as well, but I see majority of the people sitting across from each other

I’m glad you father is fine. I actualy lost my dad when I was 10 years old. So from my view I consider you very happy having your father with you. Enjoy your time together as much as you can. All “I” have from my father are only memories and dreams. Even though I know he is watching me.


Thank you. Sorry to hear about your dad, I bet you miss him.

Nice post! And the Sateh looks great on the picture. I also live in the Netherlands and sitting next to each other is not that odd for me if I feel close to someone. So guess that might be the case :-)

I'm grateful to God that all is well with your dad @exyle. It's a valentine to be grateful indeed.
Wish him abundant good health


Thank you.

Living life to the fullest, your dads got it all figured out! Lovely story. Happy Valentine’s Day @exyle much love thanks for sharing!


I agree Fully on it !

Great news about your dad.. Worth drinking a good beer.. Cheers and happy valentines day !!


Yeah, this is one of the better reasons :). thanks!

So much good news! Great ;) yeah me and Dayle had an awesome day and valentines too! Super happy for your dad matey.


Thanks man! I was very happy with that news.

Congrats with the news from your dad. Hopefully it stays that way.

Haha always check your clothes before putting it on. I think you made a lot of people laugh with that picture so it was worth it

Great news about your Dad. I have a yearly check up and I get so nervous waiting for the results. When I had my first yearly check up I was recalled for biopsies, so I always imagine it is going to happen again. The meal you had looked very appetising


Thank you, It's a stressful event indeed. I hope you are ok now.


I am thank-you, I was left with a few health issues from initial treatment, but I am happy just to be here now

What a wonderful valentine gift for you. Your dad's health is restored and you hangout with your partner.

I hope for more better valentine days ahead for you.

For an "old cafe" it does look very good with a cool food for a special day.

Good to know that your father is doing well, always important that the ones we love are as good as we are.

I'm pretty sure you guys are happy. This is always great news!!!!!


It is! thanks, man!

Hi, first off all great to hear that your father is cleared for an other year. It is scary wen your familymembers must struggle with these kind off things. Great to see that you had a nice Valentine dinner... i wish you all the best!

Kond regards


Thank you so much!

So happy for your dad. What good news


Thank you!

Your dad is fine and in good spirits, Bless your dad!
You had a great dinner with Bianca, what can be better? Happy Valentine's day, man.


Thanks! A good day indeed.

I am so happy to hear the news about your Dad. That's wonderful and hats off to him for going North early (whatever that means 😊)

Glad you got to have a lovely Valentines evening as well. What a perfect place to go.

All in all wonderful news all round! 💙


Sorry, with the North I mean he's going to his house in the northern Netherlands.

I am so glad to hear that your Dad was ok! I am sure dear @clio is happy as much as you! Celebrating this Valantine's Day with this good news is what you need right now I guess! Have a great time! Enjoy! Bless! :)



I'm very happy to hear your father scan result is clean. I think this is great gift to you and your family in Love Day. Happy Valentine's to you all.


Thank you so much!

When life's challenges hit us, we realize that each moments matter and we should make them count. I like your dad's high spirit after the check up.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your boo. I see you both had a good time today.

And please don't forget to remove the tag before you wear the shirt again 😁😁😁😁


He was in a great mood indeed. I guess that's very understandable. And the does happen from time to time with new shirts :/


About the tag... Sure I understand.

Thats awesome news man. I like Doctors that just say what they mean right away. Btw, that is one awesome looking satay sauce! Congrats on an all round good day!


Thanks man! And yes, they make a mean satay sauce there. Very dark and full of flavour.


It was the colour that totally grabbed me!

Its good that they do those checks glad to hear everything was cleared for your father and its always good to have a doctor that makes sense. Ah yes going back to the roots I prefer to sit beside someone I feel the table is like a wall between people @exyle

Hey REALLY great news about your dad, sounds like a top notch guy and good for him for going for it (quitting the job to enjoy the moment) My wife and I sit the same way when we go out, I don't know why, we just like to sit together. Looks like you had a great night man :)


We had a great night and thanks! Funny to read that it's not just us that sit next to each-other. I've seen several comments stating the same :)


Awesome man :) Yeah it is just one of those things I guess, we like to sit beside each other, it's more cozy I think.

I love that you guys all go together. I am glad that your father is ok!

It is important to continue dating, no matter how long the relationship is!

So glad to 'meet' Bianca!

You guys are a beautiful couple!

This is my favorite Valentine's Day post yet!

And, the good news from the Doc is just icing on the cake!

Best regards!


Wow... Your dad's case is a rare 1 @exyle. Thank God he is ok now.
That's a gud way spend d Val's day with Bianca... I spent mine with my boo in church for mid week service, after which we went to a viewing center to watch champions league, lolzzz, 'twas fun though. Our first Val togetherIMG_20180214_113147.jpg
On our way out to church


Thank you and you guys look nice together! Hope you had a good day!


Thanks a lot @exyle, we sure did

Hey, that's really great to hear. Congrats all involved! :)


Thanks, man!

I love reading posts like these because I know how relieved and happy all of you had to be following that doctor visit. Sounds like you had an awesome Valentine's Day.

Glad to hear that your father is fine friend and that old cafe is no doubt a nice place to celebrate the valentine day, i really like the decoration of that cafe and the food also looks so tasty, wish you a very joyful and cheerful week ahead friend, Stay blessed

Great news about your father! Love his attitude, you have to live in the moment. The rest can wait.

Very romantic, yet simple Valentine's Day. It's the best way. You don't need to let the special day rob you off your money, yet it's nice to do something as a couple. I mean, you paid €3 for that t-shirt, so that's €3 less for a fancy meal if you ate somewhere else (plus more). Not worth it, what's worth it is good old memories and that t-shirt. ;)

Glad to hear that your Father is fine now. Hope that he would be perfectly fit afterwards. A father is the only one in the world who wants you to be succeed more and moer than himself.
@exyle May God bless you and your father, my best wishes are with you. Have a good time with him. 😊

I am so glad your dad is okay, great news indeed. Love the sticker on your shirt, lol!


Thanks Rea!

May your Dad live longer and longer||| May he see hundreds of valentines days more. Bless man


Thanks, man!

Valentine's day is perfect for a few people.

Visiting back the old cafe is really a nice idea to cherish those memories again...Happy Valentine's Day!

@exyle What day is the Wedding ???

· :/


@exyle I don't want to rush anything but you may want to open an account and reserve exylejr on STEEMIT for your future son................

Im glad for you

I'm very glad your father is going to be okay! Have an amazing day :)

May your father always blessed god !!! ,,, and also you will become the father figure of a dutiful child...

upvote and resteemit done dear...
keep it on..

I thank God and the doctor for your dad's health. Glad you both left in good spirit. Enjoy your day with him.

Congratulations! :) Make sure he eats healthy.

upvote and resteemit done dear...
keep it on..

Oh that was great day spent....happy valentines day @exyle ...may you live happily everafter..

Romantic family, nice mr. @exyle

Asik baget holiday in winter with family friends hope you happy friends @exyle

Happy Valentine Day

Now that is indeed a blessing to celebrate!

Happy valentine dear, Your blog is really excellent and creative. I hope your dad be happy with good healt and you also be happy with your favourite persons.

great news xx

What great news for you and your father. Planning for the future is fine, but the simple pleasures of life should be enjoyed in the present. Going up north is a good decision.

how awesome is that! glad to hear!

nice post

nice to hear about your dad and hope now he will fine
And its really good to know that you celbrated your valentine with bianca in you old cafe and all the things and decoration is exellent and also the foods is looking delecious ..hope you enjoyed there you lovely moment
happy valentine and many best wishe with your beloved @bainaca

So glad to hear your dad got a good check-up and he is prioritizing enjoying himself instead of work :) Also sounds like a really sentimental Valentine's Day! Have fun!

What a nice way to spend the valentine, Thanks for sharing. Happy Val @exyle

Very good news, I am happy with you, guys

that's a beautiful story!


Agreed :)

Hello I hope you find good, a Canadian friend greeting, you know I chose you, to participate in a platonic love contest. because I admire you for a long time, your simplicity and how warm you are, makes me admire you so much the tremendous person that you are, without more than telling you I hope that it is of your liking and your support. with affection antonela, Happy day of love and friendship

Awesome news. . May his health continue!

On a day like today, that is probably the best news your dad and you could have heard! A memorable Valentine's Day

Enjoy ! Happy valentine Day

Happy valentines day to you @exyle and to your father

Dear sir , I'm really glad after read your whole post. I'm sure that "this the day (Valentine's day) is special for you and your family from before Valentine's day." Sir mind satisfy is greater then others and i hope next Valentine's day will be more enjoyable.
Whis you and your family best of luck.
Happy Valentine's day.DQmW64X4Rtgk8XhjU7SwSB13WxcTaZC1QxeAy3SwkYkVdbG.jpg

Quite interesting!

A true bond between a father and his son, I commend you for being there with your father, acquiring results from doctors is always frightening for patients. Truly you are a good son!

Awwww.. so many feels ♥♥♥♥♥

Great work man..........good thinking...........
creative work impress me...........i appreciate your post.......!!!!!!!!!!!

Home is home Family still remains te best ...u reminds me of my father

Lovely story i love that

Nothing elaborate required for Valentine's Day. Just a simple appreciation and gratitude for the lives and time we have together of those we love.

Felicidades Amigo..

Dad is always loves his children it's not a fixed date like valentines day.. Also I love my dad everyday.

this happy news friend, do not give up, may your father get well soon

great couple...

Hahhaaa... Happy valentines exyle. Looks like you had fun eventually.
Plus yeah... I think online your dad's doctor too. Straight to the point... Unlike those who beat around the bush giving you unnecessary suspense and heart ache... Lolz..

There can be no better valentine gift than this. This one is priceless. Father's love is all that we need @exyle

One of the perfect couple I saw in my life.
May God Bless you Always.
Eating food with the one you love the most is great.
@Exyle i need your help.
will you help me?

The sticker moment was hilarious :))
I'm glad your father is ok and you were able to spend quality time with him.
Cheers man!

Emitting and receiving love and happiness - everyone reading this message! Great to hear your dads health improving!
Peace, Compassion, Gratitude! Have a great day!

when there is life,there is hope. Valentine is all about love,i can see it in your smile you had fun,long life to your dad.

Nice to know about your dad good news this is we all are very happy :)

Awesome thing to know today very good news this is and very relieving one

Glad to hear about father . Father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.

Great news for your Dad (and you too)! A really nice valentines date. Sometimes revisiting an old place is better than finding some place new...

A father is always at our side no matter how far he find ways to meet his daughter in all special occasion. for them we are very important

Happy to hear that. Glad for you both. Notting is like å father love. And for him you will be the shining sun in his life. Love is strong <3

Congrats for the fourth year :) Keep on counting

I hope your parents get well soon in their care.

Cool cafe, cute couple and very good to hear that your dad is ok.. Happy Belated Valentine's! :)

I am happy you got good news from your Dad! My baby girl of a little over 3 weeks was recently admitted to the hospital. We learned she is fighting 3 viruses. I kept my faith up and am thankful my wife and I have so much prayer and support from friends. For Valentines we had a simple dinner made by a concerned friend and spent time with our Toddler whom we dont see much now as we are staying at the hospital with our baby. We have to cherish each moment. Family first!