Meeting @teamsteem and @karensuestudios tomorrow!

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There are a two well known Steemians visiting Amsterdam.

And I'm going to meet them for lunch tomorrow.

It's @teamsteem and @karensuestudios

I'm looking forward to it.


It's always nice to meet Steemians from across the globe.

Even though Steem is an ever expanding blockchain the chance you run into a Steemian in the real world is still pretty small.

It has never happened to me besides Steemfest and other get-togethers.

Often when I find myself walking trough the supermarket or in a busy street a thought creeps up in my head.

"How many of these people here have any idea of the awesome world that is currently being build on blockchains all over the world?"

I doubt it will be many.

So when I say everyone here is still a early adopter I mean it.

You are involved with blockchain and cryptocurrencies and are open to the technology!

I find that most are so stuck in their regular ways that it's hard to make them even look at it.

Not that I was any different in the past.

I heard about Bitcoin years before I bought my first one.

I brushed it off as something stupid that would never work without ever looking into it.

Only until I changed my mindset and decided to spend one evening teaching myself about it did everything change.

It has been a passion in my life ever since that moment but then it took another 5 years of waiting before it changed my life for the better.

It taught me that in blockchain you are always waiting :)

Anyway, I do like origin stories.

I like to find how people got into crypto and blockchain in the first place.

I'm sure I hear two nice stories tomorrow!

It will be cool!

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Greetings, Exyle

Pretty cool This meeting you guys are going to have scooter. Tell Karen I say hello. Tell her I think she's really cool. She's always been a very nice girl. I don't know her boyfriend, but I think he might be a nice guy too.

This meeting will be in London????
I hope you have a good time there. Someday, when I go to Europe, we'll score one too.

Thank you and good night!!!

In 2016, I had hired a University student in a Co-Op position (4 months working experience as part of his curriculum). He asked what I knew about cryptocurrency. After a couple of days, myself and a couple of colleagues had 6 Ethereum miners (6 GPU's each) mining ETH.

I asked him where he researched about this stuff. He directed me to Steemit.

Once on Steemit, I wrote a wrapper to make it relatively easy to mine steem (EZSteem). The rest is history.

Great Story!

Your crypto story is similar to mine, started buying bitcoin years after I heard of it. Now I talk to lots of people but they just brush me off...happy with their fiat money and tax enslavement. Life goes on but very soon crypto will take over. Am little busy trying to get that fiat to invest here,but when I get a chance I like to read your blog.....Cheers

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

"I like to find how people got into crypto and blockchain in the first place."

My cousin ordered a ton of pizzas and payed with Bitcoin in the early years.
Now he owns zero Bitcoin, which is a shame.
Anyway he told me about Bitcoin.
Then I traded Litecoin, I sold way too early.
Now I am into Steem and XRP.
I try to get my friends into crypto, it's not easy to explain everything, and to get them started.
It will be easier in a couple of years I hope.
Have fun!

You are right, my friend, cryptography is an amazing world that changes all our ideas about the future and I very much hope that soon all people on the planet will understand this. We are making this new world with you and in our power to bring about a great future! Have a good meeting with your friends! Thank you Mark.

Is @teamsteam a person? I missed that.

Haha! yeah it's a single person :)

I saw a picture of the both of them together in Amsterdam, I knew this would happen 😁😁, have fun with them though, two amazing personalities

Thank you!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow really i know both of them and they are great steemians, hope we also know good things tomorrow from you , lovely photography with sweet smile, thanks.

Sounds fun @exyle. I'm sure you'll have plenty to talk about and lots of stories to tell each other. Enjoy! 😊

No doubt!

Gaaf dat je netwerk ineens van mondiaal naar lokaal gaat voor een face-to-face lunch maaarrrrrr
waarom niet in 010 !!! 😂😂😂 have fun.

well, I did not really thought about meeting a steemians in person, but after reading your post I think my journey on steemit has just begun. I would like to meet you sometime once in my life lol

Haha I get the same thoughts and I am sure clearly most have no idea but I have to admit that's what I also like about it, the fact we are all working right now on making a platform better that one day most of the world will probably be using, its all very overwhelming @exyle have fun at the meeting.

Pretty awesome!

I'd like to meet @teamsteem, having already met you and Karen. Wonder if he's heading to Poland in November?

Enjoy lunch tomorrow!


Anyone coming to Vegas anytime soon? 😂😅

Wishing you ,@teamsteem and @karensuestudios a great meeting tomorrow. I am sure you are going to have lots to talk about with regards to life in general and the blockchain. From their earlier post they are having a fabulous time in the Netherlands :)

This is awesome! Takes some photos and post on this meetup! It is really something when you can meet up with other steemians visiting close to you!

Wish all of you a nice meetup.
Indeed its rare to meet some other Steemians on the street. Hope that one day this will change. What you said counts the same for me. I heard also long ago about bitcoin but it took me years to buy one. But I am glad to be on that adventure now.

Btw one day I have to visit Amsterdam too. 😊

Thank you! And let me know when you visit Amsterdam.

For sure I will 👍🏽

Well @exyle there is no doubt at all that man is a social animals and wants to interact with new faces to exchange the thoughts. I am sure you will enjoy your meetup with these two great members of the platform @teamsteem and @karensuestudios :)

Great to know that you are going to meet them and iam sure that would be a great meeting because those two are really nice and sweet steemians with a lot of knowledge about steem and crypto world, and iam pretty sure that we are still a very early adopters of this platform.


good content dear.
I appreciate it.
having a good time

That's really good to see that the steemit is not about money only it is great platform to have a new family..Have a great meeting with your steemians friends Exyle.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey exyle sir.
Your face is unique. I know it sounds weird. But i meant it in a good way.

I'm jealous! :P

howdy @exyle! hey that should make for a very interesting post tomorrow!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ohhhh awesome man....My two favorite steemians...
Do give Karen a hug from me...She is my steemit crush❤❤❤
And pay my respects to @teamsteem, he is my ideal...

Have a great time guys !

While it sure is the story of many that just avoided BTC when they 1st heard about it !While later every story takes a turn I suppose ;)

Cool! Did you guys already decide on a place to have lunch in this beautiful city?

Steemit requires investment, with 3 dollars worth account you can't help others. For some people at the beggining it was bright idea to make money. For me also, but I realized that without even 50 dollars invested in here, i will have rewards like 2 cent so often. People with bigger steam power help others with their upvotes, then people want to upvote them back and follow. I could make photos with toaster, but helping others would give me upvotes back :(((

This is going to be an amazing meet for sure have an awesome day ahead : )

I have a couple of people I know that are interested in writing and photography. I have tried to present Steemit to them as another outlet for what I already know they enjoy doing, but they haven't been that receptive. It would be cool to have someone you actually know on the platform with you though.