Making Smokey Burgers on the Green Egg with Ben after working all afternoon on our Witness @blockbrothers.

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My office at home is slowly turning into a @blockbrothers battle station.

Not long ago @eqko came around when we launched Steemify, today it was my oldest friend and dev of our group @bennierex.

He's working on a script for the Blockchain and needed some peace and quiet away from home.

He's always welcome here.

While he was coding I was trying to promote our witness on different channels.

This whole witness endeavor is turning into a huge project. Much bigger than I anticipated but it's a lot of fun.

It's not just setting up a server and hope for the best.

It's actively participating on the blockchain and adding more value to it through development.

It takes a lot of time. I'm very glad we have 4 people in our group.


After working all afternoon Ben and I were hungry.

With Bianca ( @bkdbkd) it was decided we were going to fire up the green egg and have Burgers.

Off to the shop we went to buy Burger stuff.


We bought some relatively cheap Rib (the fattiest we could find) at the store and I cut it in pieces.



Ben's wife ( @mlvanderwaal) arrived with the kids soon after and Noud his eldest son wanted to help straight away. I kept a watchful eye while he ground the Rib meat.



While Ben and his son made the burgers from the meat, I went outside to fire up the Green Egg. I missed her! It was bloody freezing though and dark. Impossible to take decent pictures.




So I'm skipping straight to the good part for just this one time. And wow! These burgers were good. Very smokey, yet juicy with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and a Anchor Steem beer to wash it all away.






I have recently become a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:


Those are some GREAT looking burgers... impressed that you do the whole process yourself, and not just buy ground meat. I'm sure it's fresher and tastier the way you do it there... makes me want to cook burgers for dinner now!

Oh, and I just cast one of my few open witness votes for you guys.

Since I started grinding the Meat myself my burgers quality has increased a lot! The grinder is not even that expensive. Like $40. O wow! thank you so much for your support of our witness!

This look yummy and tasty.
You make Steem easier to absorb
Keep on steemit

Those burgers look fantastic, cheers man..

Thanks, man!

Thanks @exyle and @eqko, @bennierex for the amazing hard work you guys provide for this plantform. Very appreciated.
I love the name @blockbrothers and you guys got my support.
Love how you guys make the hard, long day at work so much fun.
The hamburgers really got me hungry. Delicious.

Thank you, much appreciated!

Excellent, it's nice to see ben at your home this time and ya he made a wise decision because piece and calm place always required when someone working on tough projects, i hope he soon complete his work successfully on blockchain script and wow those burgers looks absolutely fantastic and i hope the taste of burgers was also delicious, keep enjoying with your friends, it's no doubt a great course and good way to release the stress and anxiety, Stay awesome and thanks for sharing

That are real fresh homemade burgers! They look juicy and taste, your friends have luck with such a cook!
Have a Nice evening together!

Beer and burgers, mm mmm! Burgers made from scratch too. They looked awesome, perfect way to round off a busy day!

I haven't been here from the last 23 days and didn't know about you becoming a witness, just gave you my vote, you deserve it!

Thank you!

Those look fantastic!!!!!

It's -30° here today. With lots of wind. I am not going to be cooking on the egg this evening. :-(

O man! And I thought it was cold here!

Oooof that's a bit too much, lol. You got your heater working I hope?

I just woke up from a nap in front of the fire. 😃

Then I took the dogs for a walk. ⛄️

looks like you all had a great time, thx for sharing it with us :) need to get me one of those green eggs some day! the burgers look great!

I love my green egg :)

Wow those are so great and looks really delicious! Actually we are buying this type of burgers in my country by spending 3-5 USD. Sometimes more than that too! This is amazing! Great cookery experience of yours shared again with us!


wah that is so tempting.. nice looking burgers.. bet taste the excellency as well.. the feeling of being surrounded with close one, family and friends and do stuff together, cooking at home and spending times, is always bring some happiness on your heart, making you more productive and etc for the rest of your time.. love that..

(OMG this meat....)

Haha well I think a @blockbrothers battle station will definitely be needed in order to be successful, oh yes today was also very very cold, but its worth it cooked on the fire and I got to say those burgers look amazing @exyle

Thanks, man! They were pretty good!

Ok, now i am hungry.

What an amazing work you are doing. Respect.

Thank you very much for sharing all this with us. :)

Those burgers look fantastic. I should have stayed!!

They are really nice!

Oh my gosh, you know how to live it up and let the good times roll. The food looks so good!!

mouth watering.and really the burger looks very delicious. your post make me hungry. And i think after a while you sahred some food story.but miss the recipe. keep worling on your project and take care of yourself.

@exyle You always have kind of the same expression in your selfies, I now call it the exyle expression! Hoho! Upvoted my friend :)

Highest Regards

Tasty, tasty burgers yummy! I bet you had a great night :) Do you still go to the gym? Are burgers working well with your diet? :)

I went today :)

I'm so friggin hungry now!!!

Steem beer :)))) it's steam beer on the label. Great idea though.

Well spotted ;)

At-a-boy! It is good to see you venture back into the joys of cooking out! The burgers look fantastic!

Thanks, man!

Cooking is an art and day by day you are mastering it my friend. Huge love to you.

Wow thats the healthiest homemade Burger. Nowadays it is very difficult to find something like this in any fast food restaurant.
I am glad that you people came together and enjoyed your time :)

Man, you made me hungry for the second time tonight! Next time I'll be joining!

Dear friends, thanks for the nice evening! The burgers were yummie!

Oh, yes, my friend, it's so pleasant to relax after your favorite work! Finally we see your famous green egg and the fried meat is just excellent! I imagine that divine taste of hamburgers and fragrant beer is simply perfect! Thank you @exyle for sharing the wonderful moments of your evening.

Those burgers look awesome! When we lived in Canada we were out in snow drifts, in the dark BBQing all winter long! A Rib roast on New Year's taste extra special when slow roasted on the BBQ. Didn't have green eggs back then. We still cook outdoors when we can. Torrential rains excepted.

Looking Good. When do you have time for me? I would give functional ideas to Bennie 😉 but the burger s

I can't handle no more, man 🙈🤯

Those burgers looks really delicious!

Wow! The burgers look great. I actually just cracked one of the Anchor Steam beers. Great stuff.

I like Burgers Thank You @exyle I will be right over......

Lovely, what a delicious looking food.

Hello @exyle and @bennierex

sir. I have arranged your post very nicely today. I love your post. I always like to see you post a good post. So I'll follow you all the time. You will be a big man. I will do a lot of things in the future. I have given you my love and love for you. So that you are a big man in the future

Nice post @exyle food looks so delicious.

Hi @exyle, Another clean, detailed and very well-written blog post. Keep writing and sharing more mate.

Good job.

Steem On!

Always cool post bro @exyle great

it is important to spend time with friends, quality time, not only work but quality time, aaaaaand especially with wife!!!!!

mouth watering and you made my stomach to drive crazy.. right now i want a burgher to looks delicious..yummy..its good to see the whole process of making burghers..appreciate your effort :)

honestly the burger seems very delicious. your submit make me hungry. and i assume after a while you sahred some meals story.however leave out the recipe. hold worling in your project and take care of your self.

delicious food and great life

Great burgers to have after a great working day its looks really delicious green egg did it worked like a charm again and your cooking skills are always on top ;)

wow the burger looks super delicious the pics are great so nice to see this blog post

Looks like you guys surely enjoyed it seems :)

Maher cook on what I think I just joking, brother @exyle

the burger makes me hungry. one vote done for your blockbrother. hope youwill get what you want very soon.

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