Just a good day!

in life •  6 months ago

I was up around 5:30 this morning.

After I made my vlog I went straight to the gym.

That was around 9:00 am!

Man, you would have thought that place be empty at that time.

But I could not have been more wrong.

It was busy!

And here I thought I had no life. lol.

Snapseed 3.jpg

Everything went well today.

What might have helped is that I went to bed very early yesterday...but more likely it had to do with the green markets.

I do believe they affect me more than most things :)

I did all my exercises and found myself back home around 10:30.

So much day left!

I decided to clean the green egg inside and out (it was due for a cleaning).

And after I was done I was starving so I lit her straight away and made a nice lunch for me and Bianca.


Snapseed 3.jpg

We watched the match together (Argentine vs France) which was out of this world.

Fantastic game on both side.

After Bianca wanted to go for a bike ride.

We biked for 40 minutes and it was perfect in the awesome weather we are having in the Netherlands.

From now on we will use the bikes more.

All these little things must help us achieve our weightless goals.

I'm now we are preparing to watch the next game.

Portugal vs Uruguay.

It's been a great day so far!

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Would have liked to have seen Argentina and Messi prevail, but otherwise it has been a great day.

I never expected Argentina to get pass France but they put on a good fight nevertheless. I kind of feel bad for Messi though! I'm sure he'll feel better when Ronaldo leaves tonight.


Haha, I guess he must feel better!

Mark @exyle I was just wondering if you have seen this Product Yet and if it would be Good for The Green Egg and you Could do more Vegetables on it ??
It makes the vegetables not look like they get overdone.........



Never seen it! But these peppers are delicious I guarantee it :)

Hello dear @exyle, I am happy to say hello, as always, here for your comments, I love that you have gone with Bianca on a bicycle, those walks are very nice, and then a good lunch while you prepare for both, just missing a good game, what a fabulous day, I hope you have many more like that. regards

Uruguay has the Defence... and decent offense. Ronaldo is the wild card.


Yes, the man can make miracles happen, but maybe not every single time!


It will be fun! Enjoy the game!

Definitely not people are normally getting their workouts before going to work and the hardcore go after work also, the gym can be busy practically all the time, I am so guilty of the markets controlling my mood its frustrating but I am sure if this continues I will be in a very good mood @exyle


I'm sure you feel better today :)

Glad you had a good day mate. I took my Gran to a National Trust garden today and they had these cool off-road wheel chairs that I could use to push around the lake - was fun. 👍


Sounds fun!

This sounds like a lovely day @exyle! Getting to do something you wanted, making lunch for you and Bianca and spending quality time together! The most important thing of all! :)

A wonderful day, my friend and you today did a lot of things, it's nice to hear that you visited the gym and cooked dinner for yourself and Bianchi and had time to look at the game, France - Argentina and you are right, a wonderful game! But the match begins, Portugal - Uruguay and I run to watch, I hope this game will also become exciting, until tomorrow! Thanks Mark

We've had a good day too @exyle except it was so hot we were forced to go to the beach to cool down. 😂

No we need to sort out the house ready for the grandkids who are arriving tomorrow and staying over night. It's bit like a military campaign as our living space is quite small.

Enjoy the next game! 😊


Sounds like you life is flowing well today with your duties done and enjoying soccer and your family.

Um yummy food, looking perfect and think both of you like hot because I'm looking fried chilli. Was it surprise for Bianca? Looking you were very busy and and at last enjoyed sometimes with Bianca ,then relax and watching football. Nice to read your beautiful day, enjoy the game.

Nice to read about your day. I had a great day watching the football matches, can't believe Argentina and Portugal are out, lets keep focusing on Brazil to be the greatest of 2018 :)

I used to go to the gym early in the morning to dodge everyone else but it was always busy. Glad you are enjoying the good weather anf getting out on the bikes.

I wish you have a good day with Bianca .
Nice photography .

Thanks for sharing @exyle
Upvote you .

Have a great day @exyle and stay blessed. I hope you would achieve your weightless goals soon:)

This is a nice and stress free way to spend the whole day. Thanks for world cup which at least has given us reason to cry, smile and have something to talk about on that aspect.

Great work bro

yes , good day .

What a fantastic day to start off with and the prices of steem too would have made your day special :D

Sounds like a perfect day! The food looks awesome! I would love to have gotten outside more this weekend, but we were under a heat warning with temperatures upwards of 105 degrees F on account of the humidity. It was a good weekend to just stay inside and not exert yourself that much.