It's time to consider your STEEM as a longer term investment instead of something that you earn and spend today.

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I'm on the blockchain for several reasons.

I'm an investor, a content creator and a witness.

I'm always busy in my head trying to figure out where the blockchain is going and planning for it.

I feel things are changing and I have a lot of fun trying to figure out why.

I've always shared my thoughts on here since I joined almost 2 years ago and I hope to continue to do so for a while.


It's time to consider your STEEM as a longer term investment instead of something that you earn today.

With more entrepreneurs coming to the blockchain with different and more efficient business models to earn STEEM I believe earning STEEM as an individual will get harder and harder.

I'm terrible at making graphics but I hope this explains it a little bit.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 09.56.56.png

Having more entrepreneurs on the blockchain I consider fantastic.

It has given us new tools to create and promote content and has given birth to other projects I could not even have thought of like and Steem Monsters.

But it comes at a price.

These projects also want to earn STEEM and these projects also attract new users to the blockchain that focus on these projects.

Considering the reward pool is fixed this simple means there is less STEEM to go around.

I guess you can say that the following is the current struggle on the blockchain:

A bigger stronger blockchain with a lot of dapps and users vs. more STEEM for content creators.

I guess it all depends on the reason why you are here which development you prefer.

Personally, I prefer a stronger blockchain.

When it comes to earning/mining STEEM I always make the comparison to Bitcoin.

It's no longer possible to earn Bitcoin (by yourself). You need a mining farm or join a mining pool.

Yet people buy Bitcoin as an investment every single day.

I think STEEM is a great investment and it's maturing rapidly.


The growth is there in the form of development and Dapps, there is scalability and there is a good roadmap for the future (SMT's, Communities, Easy signups).

(And yes, I know not all these things are here yet. But by know I have realised that this space (blockchain) moves a lot slower in development than people make you believe.)

I therefor think it would be wise to start looking at your earned STEEM as an investment instead of something that you spend today.

Because the chance of earning back the STEEM you earned so far when this place grows won't be as easily trough content creation in the future.

Of course you do need to believe this platform will grow and get bigger and better in the future.

I do.

I therefor stay invested.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

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We are on the same page with this. I believe that STEEM, the token, is transforming. It is going to be the "fuel" for this blockchain. The days of STEEM being primarily a reward for content creators are coming to an end. In another 6 months to a year, it will all be about dead. SMTs are going to be the main reward mechanism....STEEM will be used to run the blockchain.

Entrepreneurs are going to step in like your graphic shows. They will take the SP first.

I have to have a multi-year plan for all this...So I can catch up with you whales, or at least attempt to lol ;)

But in all seriousness, it's so true. I consider every dollar I spend on STEEM and every one I earn as an investment. And not something I plan on pulling out from in the next month....It's multi-year for sure.

That being said, with all the exciting applications, I really wish people saw it as you do man....The best thing for this blockchain is more applications to attract the entrepreneurs. That is so important I think...

Because they will come and they will get creative with what they can do...Just look at Steem Monsters, Dlive, etc...That is the most exciting thing I see as an investor and creator here!

Hoping for more good news every day here on the blockchain :)

True powering up is the thing to do currently people with 5000+ steem power are envied but time is going to come even when someone who has 500+ is also envied because I believe the game has not yet started here and we just singing the anthem .Steem should be handled as a long term investment because the more steem power you hold the more influence you have on this platform but truly power down and see how your followers can fly like wind .

Please help this Blue Baby Patient, Laine Kharece by upvoting the link below. This is not a scam, we just need your support as part of steemit community. Thank you very much for reading and extending a little help.

STEEM Blockchain is wonderful as it pays curation rewards to content creators for holding Steem power, while holding Bitcoins does not pay any dividends for HODLer's. Indeed, Steem is the best longer term investment.

I think STEEM could change the world more than any other crypto! (Other than Bitcoin!..) Upvoted!

Mark @exyle The MOST Exciting part of STEEMIT is everything that we have not even seen yet that will make the STEEM we have so much more Valuable. With a little Patience I think #steemwillmakeyourich..........
Just Keep Creating Content and Making Relationships with others that have interests in common with yours. Just Giving a little Everyday will give you a lot back over time..........

It's time to consider your STEEM as a longer term investment instead of something that you earn and spend today.

This is absolutely the truth in disguise, steemit is a long term investment project, the money we invest and earn today will be our future tomorrow, so we don't need to keep withdrawing every damn amount we get today because tomorrow maybe to hard getting the steem to earn. The wise one will surely keep their steem intact and desire to have more will always be there watchword. We have to remember this, if steemit doesn't exist we will always have way of paying our bills so steem should not be taken as sources of daily living but future benefit. We are moving forward and steemit is growing.

I have always thought of the steem growing more than it is now. Some years back, with my local currency, Bitcoin was very much affordable to me. But then, i thought it was a waste of time buying Bitcoin. But now, Bitcoin has risen 50 times what I was supposed to buy it in five years back. Supposing I invested some money on Bitcoin then by now i would be having my capital multiplied by 50. That is a good investment if I should invest 100 thousand dollars today and get 50 million dollars in the next five years. Steem is actually a good start for me now as I can afford it. It is better late than never so i encourage everyone steemian to save because the next 5 years, steem will not be what you see today.

I stay invested and powered up. I don't even look at my steempower as money. I see it as the tool with which I make the money (sbd), which I spend or pour right back into my wallet as steem power. I stay invested.

I believe in steem growing bigger and better and i want to be in a place where I can help people, help myself and be relevant to the further growth of the platform

A good overview about the current ecosystem changing. Also the comparison to Bitcoin and mining is hitting directly, as mining as newcomer at Steem is getting more and more difficult. (Just starting to realize it after 2 weeks :))

Hopefully Dapps communites like utopian or steemhunt will get more people from outside into the Steem economy which will help to grow it in total :)
(BTW. love your steemify app :))

Glad you like the app!

Nice post @exyle, just voted you and your brothers as my new witnesses. Your points make sense, Steem is clearly a better investment than Bitty, especially if the Steemian is creating quality content, that could even be reused in the future on other platforms that may compete with Steemit. In a sense, content creating/curating is mining, just a different way to get the same result. More so, I believe that Steemit is a mini business in essence that generates a weekly income and if you look at the current price against Steem's all time peak, this is a great time to invest in Steem. Resteemed!

Most common word exyle uses: Fantastic :)

I agree, we have to adapt with the times and now more than ever it is wise to invest in Steem.

lol, I guess I like that word indeed :)

Me too @exyle. I have no interest in powering down only in how I can keep enjoying the game whilst increasing my Steem holdings. 😁

The current value I'm not so bothered about, only that if it drops below $2 I'll buy some rather than relying just on earning it through blogging.

I notice you put voting bots in your graphic. How are your feelings towards those? I've always had a pretty clear vision: Voting bots are bad and its users are taking away money from serious content creators, while lining the pockets of the rich. There are plenty of people who share this vision, though I see so many using them these days. I don't want to consider it, but if you take all the emotion out of it and just consider every action on Steemit as an investment in your own future, I understand using them.

How do you feel about them? Would you ever consider using them? What are your thoughts on people using them?

(I know this is a heavy subject for many, but on a steem-is-an-investment-article, I feel the question is kind of relevant here.)

I think bots give investors that don't want to blog or curate a tool to make ROI (return on investment) and a reason to buy STEEM. It also locks up SP so it can't be sold on the market and that's good for the STEEM price. It also gives users that want to a tool to promote their content. (You don't make money using a bot even though the payout might be high).

It's a good question though. I would like to ask you one in return.

What do you think what would happen if the voting bots could be banned and these investors were returned their delegated STEEM?

  1. They would sell the STEEM.
  2. They would find another way to make ROI (self vote maybe).
  3. They would start to curate and look for the best content to upvote.

Oh boy, you make good points here! Taking emotion out of it, you make perfect sense.

What do you think what would happen if the voting bots could be banned and these investors were returned their delegated STEEM?

In an ideal world, they would start to curate and look for the best content to upvote. We don't live in an ideal world though, so they would probably do one of the other two... 1 would be bad for Steem price and 2 would basically not be a big improvement on how things are now.

Do you think you would start using voting bots if your predictions came to be true and Steem will get harder and harder to come by?

For my own content no, you lose money using the bots even though the payouts are high. (you pay more than you receive).

The @Smartsteem bot seems to one of the few with a + ROI right now.

It mostly felt like gambling to me. I'm not sure what bots are around these days.

It's true. I can't remember who it was but did you see the poster that lamented about powering down a pile of steem to buy a car? He bitterly regretted it because he thought at the time it would be easy to earn it back but he is nowhere close because steem is harder to earn and increases to be harder

I'm pretty sure you are referring to @alexbeyman. In fact, I believe it was this post right here.

That is the very one!

I don´t know if it´s only me, but I have never considered selling my STEEM or SBD, all I own is destinated to get some more...

It is probably because of my age, but I always considered STEEM as a long term investment, and I can´t understand anyone who sees it differently. Unless you depend on it to survive, you shouldn't be wasting your STEEM/SBD.

My account is so small I can't even fathom turning anything in at this time. Pretty much everything I make just gets re- invested to slowly build my SP. I read about these people using STEEM to pay bills and stuff and it just baffles my mind. I don't see how that is possible. I am guessing it is either people with huge accounts or people in other countries where the cost of living is below what it is here. Great post!

'It's time to consider your STEEM as a longer term investment instead of something that you earn today.'

You damn right about that, that's why I keep powering up! It's getting more exciting every day, invest in it and don't take anything out I say.. yet.

I therefor think it would be wise to start looking at your earned STEEM as an investment instead of something that you spend today.

I agree! I’m there with you! I can’t imagine to withdraw my Steem from this platform. Since it’s not my main income I’m not force to do it. I’m not sure if I ever take any Steem from this platform. But never say never. If the price went to the moon I probably would take some out 😆. Anyway, at some point it’s really fun to earn here even though I know I’m not going to cash it out at anytime soon. Which makes me a long therm investor.

Smt's confuse me though.... will people really even need Steem tokens once these get released?


  1. Steem will be the only trading pair vs SMT's on the internal exchange.
  2. You need STEEM to buy bandwidth to run (popular) SMT's.

nice post friend and i agree with your thoughts, no doubt right now hodl steem is a wise decision indeed and it surely benefits us in near future and that's why i am also hodling steem because i believe that it has a potential to compete with top coins, thanks for sharing your nice thoughts regarding steem with us and wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors, Stay blessed

yeah,sir @exyle really very high quality thought you sharing everyday in your blog.just excellent powerfull knowledge of you.everyday you doing great experience sharing doing evety steemians.really you are a super hero in this platform.i think that,steem blockchain is a main way in this platform.investment is main rules for power improve doing. but sometimes this prize reach very low position and most of the time this prize again come back before position.but i don, t know what doing this time.i am frustrated most of the time this problem causes..but this time your post to seen i am really happy.because alots of new thing learning this matter..thanks to sharing for your great post.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work..may god bless you.

blockchain truly change our future, all things will follow.

It seems to me that perhaps serious content creators are more oriented towards "building a brand" (long term) than towards "posting for money" (short term). I'd like to think that even if Steem is primarily an investment, there is still room here for patient content creators who are happy to watch a little drop at a time fall into the bucket that is their investment, e.g. Steempower.

What worries me, as a content creator, is what seems like an uptrend in the short term profit taking. Even from an investing perspective, that seems more like "playing the lottery" (e.g. timing the markets for gains) as opposed to true investing where you buy and hold an asset because you believe in it, in the long run.

Hey, @exyle Really great work my dear friend and I am glad to seen your daily post .many many thanks for sharing with us your important post.

I agree the delegation aspect is great. However, it would also be great if say, an rising artist can find a following, be part of some curation trail or something, and earn a consistent return for their stand-out contributions. I mean, if both minnow support and investors can make it here.

Extremely committed.
Blockchain is growing

It's good to read your article. Thanks for writing this article.

Some Crypros are def long term investments

ahaa, i've been wanting to ask. with the fluctuating decrease in the value of SBD, will the value still increase in the nearest future and probably be a little bit constant than it is now?

Steem is the most vital power anyone has it they should hold it this will be rare to get in some days everyone is looking to grab more and more :D

Hi your article is very good.
i want to translate it and share your idea with people around me.
am from China, Beijing.
hope can get your early response discuss about this.
Thank you so much for your sharing.

One things is for sure when it comes to steem: patience is extremely important and hopefully worth it.

Honestly it is hard to know where it is going. I personally think the price point of $3 is what $1 was last year. Last summer if the price went under $1 then STEEM was a buy. Now when it goes under $3 it is a buy if you have fiat to commit. Most don't and if they do it isn't enough to influence their vote that much at this point.

Automatically I get around $4 at this point off auto votes. You are in a position where yours is probably closer to $100 with your voting ring. My voting ring is less powerful.

It simply becomes harder to Hold a large percentage of the earnings for me as it would be for you if we said that we spend an equal amount of our time on this blockchain.

At some point a lot of us have to cash out and to make an impact on our bills it ends up being a lot bigger percentage for us.

The solution? .......... Go bigger on EOS than we could go on STEEM and hope that between the airdrops and the social networks that will be there we will be able to get a decent amount of influence.

I hope megawhales don't become like the Chinese bitcoin mining farms, the little guy miner is what makes steem cool. Also the people doing it to make money now are going to regret selling all the steem when the price skyrockets

That I do believe and as for Steem it is easy to get hands on in Steemit rather than mining like BTC.

In near future we sure are gonna have sth great for Steem Blockchain.

For sure, I consider buy steem power and investing on them instead of earning via blogs.
Your advice is inline with my dreams.

I do agree with you but at the same time I feel like it grows the community as well, when say I can give someone 25$ worth of Steem in exchange for a amazon gift card!

I feel like it gives some real life value to Steem outside of just the price. My goal is to definitely keep growing my Steemit account and my SP to sorta have some sort of an upvote, but even sometimes it's nice to be able to send some Steem for a silver Steemit coin or some sort of materialistic possession!

I am happy to be a part of this steem ecosystem. Honestly I think the greatest value I have gotten is being exposed to all of the wonderful content that is being created. We have an incredibly intelligent and diverse community here. The fact that we get paid for interacting is just icing on the cake.

Steemit is a in itself a living example of a tokenised income-based social network and it's most crucial groundbreaking element is yet as tested, the cryptocurrency markets are terribly unstable. Though the technology here has plenty of potential, the larger apparatus that this business is conducted within has yet to garner the clout or credibility to further convince those many doubter out there. The revolution for them will come swift and, undoubtedly sudden, when a turning in the tide of financial structture comes to an ends. This point, it would seem that anyone invested at all in cryptocurrency or its underlying application, will indeed inherit the future. Everyday, there are an increasing amount of new entrepreneuring businesses with real-world impact models utilizing blockchain technology. These initiative will evolve into commercial partnerships between resource-captialists to the most humble communities, like ourselves, of the talent and technical capabilities to manifest change.

This is a future worth getting excited about; one that anyone can make a living producing and sharing information authentic to themselves, for the value of living within a community. Virtual communities could offer such to the entire world with little governing infrastructure and provide plentiful housing for global intellectual innovations.

Here's to the future.

Thank you @exyle for sharing this!

Yeah i consider steem as an investment, more like an asset maybe. But i dont want earning steem to get harder and harder cos it will only give other competitors to steem more advantage, and existing users will simply migrate to the other platforms.

Actually here whatever I may earn is a bonus, as my major goal is to share my fitness expertise and share tips, there by build good connections on this platform!


Earnig steem and accumulating steem power is not easy as minnows. But with time while steeming on, we will accumulate more steem.

Steem has inflation to take care of entrepreneurs.

Beautiful Idea I like your thought. We can wisely invest in Steem.

Thanks to @exgle , as I'm new in this community and started to learning and it is quite difficult to understand how the things going on here. Form my understanding so far writing at steemit will not bring anything at a time. It is the same way we are working somewhere, work hard get well payment! Still a lot to learn and learning from post like yours. I've found your post and the comments below it really helpful for the beginner. Thanks once again, following you for many more ideas.

nicely done man...HODLLife HODLGANG

I am here to stay because Steem has changed the way I worked as an artist.

And I believe it will change the way most of us will work in society.

It may not be mainstream yet, but we're slowly and surely headed in that direction.