I told Ben that movie must be almost 20 years old!

in #life3 years ago

I had lunch today with fellow blockbrother and our dev @bennierex.

We wanted to celebrate a successful Steemify launch with the whole crew.

But sadly @s3rg3 and @eqko couldn't make it today.

To fill in the void the girls came with instead.


I don't know how it happened but at some point Keanu Reeves came up.

Bianca thought he was 60, Ben thought he was 40 and I guessed 50.

Turns out he's 53.

The conversation then quickly changed to the Matrix.

I told Ben that movie must be almost 20 years old!

We looked it up and yup...it's from 1999.

Man, 1999 always feels like not so long ago...

I then realised that I have lived longer in the 21th century then the 20th.

A very useless thing to realise...but o well..

Talking about time flying!

I remember that film coming out like it was yesterday.

A genre defining film as for as I'm concerned.

I haven't seen it in over a decade.

An idea popped up straight away.

Beers and Matrix trilogy tonight.

Sounded good to me!

I like it when things like this just occur and it flows naturally.

I doubt we will manage to get to the third film before we pass out knowing how ancient we have become.

But we gonna give it our best shot!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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that was a movie that change how creative it can be with computer.
Cool movie.
Watched all the time.

So you're telling me I can sell my STEEM for dollars?
No Neo; I'm trying to tell you that when the time comes, you'll just pay for stuff with upvotes.

Hahaha! That's great!

I don't know how it happened but at some point Keanu Reeves came up.

At first I thought he actualy came to this restaurant lol. I tried to look at your picture if o missed him there. Then I realized it was a conversation about him. Almost 20 years, wow 😮! Time goes by sooo fast. I’ll we can do is to just enjoy every single day and thank god we are healthy.

I hope you made it through the third one!! Lunch looks great with the four of you together!
If you feel ancient already, how do you think I must be feeling? (lol)

Omgz!! You are all so old!!! ;0)

lol! how far did you make it last night!

Hahah, I made it possibly further than I should have. I am a bit delicate today!

haha delicate, you'll bounce back :)

I already am! ;0)

Great conversation.I too still remember the matrix like it was yesterday. I find that the years from 2000 have been flying away pretty fast.Glad to see you guys having fun- enjoy the movie :)

Alcohol + the Wachowskiss = win

Uhm.. Let's see, The Wizard of Oz 1939, 101 Dalmatians 1961, Mary Poppins 1964, The Lion King is close to turning 24 on June 15 !!

Time passes too fast, so much that it frightens to see back.

I still remember walking out of that movie shadow-boxing. Evening, with my parents, everyone impressed as hell. Remember clear as day. : )

Matrix. I still remember how exhilarating it was when my friends started telling me about the movie sometime in high school. I wish I could come see it with you guys.

Have fun

How the Matrix relates to Steem.


It's a stretch, but many will understand.

Nice way to kick off the weekend, @exyle! Let us know if you make the third movie...we already figured out how ancient you have become. LOL

lol, we managed 1! Talked for an hour after which was also good!

Talking is always good! Communications with friends is better than a movie any day!

Looking forward to hearing if you make it through the third film @exyle. I'm guessing not! 😁

I still struggling trying to get through answering all my comments having been out most of the day.

It seems to have been really busy around here tonight!

Holy crap I never realised or thought of that but yes its true I have lived longer in the 21th century then in the 20th!! Matrix movies definitely 1 and 2, number 3 I didn't feel was as great but my favourite is the 2th.

Great topic!
The Matrix is an awesome movie!
Have you seen part 2 and 3?
Do you like the movie Speed also with Keanu?

Speed is a great film. I have seen 2 and 3 a long long time ago.

Long live the king!

Very useful. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed

Awesome photo sir.Much obliged for sharing it

Nice way to enjoy a great day celebration like these are must to keep progressing and keep going :D

I have no idea about this movie but it's true time is flying. Really time and tide wait for none . So we have to do some good things in this short time like you. Nice to see you are enjoying and have a good weekend too.

Woah, if the movie is from 1999 to 2018 then thats a lot, and i'm sure for it to be that old and mentioned by you, i have to admit it, its a film worth watching. You guessed his age right than the others by the way 😁

Awesome, long time watcher

Turns out he's 53

You have a good eyes more than anybody just like that woman that recommended your lenses said, now I believe why she made mention of that. I like this gathering just like an old friend reunion. Some old firms will still sound perfect in one's mind compare to latest sometimes.

indeed time passes without feeling ,,, suddenly arrive at the moment we realize is old ,,,, success continues in the work @exyle

Yes actually the time happens and we do not realize but belong to the good generation of matrix! We all saw her and comentabamos of her

I can watch Matrix again and again without getting bored. And the Zion dance and music is amazing! Enjoy your evening :)

A wonderful meeting, my friend, and it's always great when you can gather and celebrate such a momentous event as the launch of the Steemify and it's unfortunate that the rest of your team could not, but still the celebration took place and the girls were an excellent alternative. By the way, the Matrix is a great movie. Well done! Thank you Mark.

I've heard that finding Keanu Reeves is something normal there basically lives as a normal person no matter that is an actor lol XD

Cheers everyone enjoy steemians.

It shows that it was a nice meeting, I would like to see them all gathered for the next! And surprised us with some surprise project

Yep, I remember I went to see it when it came out at the Theater. Time flies and I hadn't heard from Reeves in a long time. He's off the grid

nice NEO in the house. Sounds like a great lunch.

I have a small problem with movies and books. I forget details. So mentioning the Matrix I have some images in my head, but don't know anymore what the movie is about.
The advantage of forgetting is that I can watch movies a lot of times as if they where just released.
Okay after 10 times I won't forget the details anymore. ;-)

So have a good Matrix-Weekend !!!

The Matrix was the first DVD I ever bought! I didn't own a DVD player yet, but I had a DVD drive in my computer. I still remember seeing all of them in the theater, but watching the original on my old CRT was a fond past time. I am not sure if I can remember a movie that engrossed me as much as The Matrix. Looks like you had a great time!

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