I have been eating Sushi like a barbarian...

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Only recently I learned I have been eating sushi like a barbarian.

As you might know sushi is served with a small plate of ginger and a plate of wasabi. (I'm not sure if this is the authentic way of doing this but this is how it's done in Holland).

I always thought that the point of the ginger was to put it on top of the sushi (with the wasabi) before eating it and I have been doing that for a long time.

O big no no...as it appears...

I don't remember who pointed it out to me but the point of the ginger is to cleanse your pallet between different sushis.

And worse....pilling it on top of the sushi is actually an insult to the chef...you are basically saying..."yeah...this sushi needs some flavouring m8".

I'm glad I was taught this because I don't like to be insulting (even unknowingly).

And in some way I can relate.

It's like someone putting pepper and salt on a steak I just served before tasting it....

It's not horrible thing to do but you always feel that slight hurt feeling...like your seasoning is not good enough :)

The sushi I had with Bianca tonight was nice.

But it's one of my dreams to one day eat 'real' sushi.

Preferably in Japan itself.

Just to try it once.

But I better learn all the rules first.

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Hmmm...I also wonder who pointed that out to you...somewhere in January...🤔


O, OF COURSE! WHO ELSE! sorry m8!



First time I encounter wasabi I went to aall you can eat buffet.
I did not know it was wasabi.
It looks like guacamole from a distance.
I mean the color can fool you.
Thanks for the heads up
about the rules with sushi.
Keep on steemin'


If you took a big bite you must have gotten a nice kick from it!

I have never been successful at making sushi at home but I love to enjoy it outside with my friends and family.

Dammit! I do the same. I thought it made it really tasty piling the ginger on with a splob of Wasabi! oops!


Seems like some certain person could teach the bith if you some foreign table manners concerning food eating


I thought I knew!!! I thought I was being all sophisticated!!!


it only applies to food from a real sushi chef and not at an all you can eat sushi restaurant. That would be the same, as eating with table manners at mc donalds. Like eat a hamburger with knife and fork....I guess you are sophisticated enough😉


Phew, exonerated. kind of :OD

True, eating sushi is fun, particularly if you go out for sushi rather than make it at home.

trust me the sushi you eat with western taste is far better from REAL SUSHI!
I mean the california roll, the shrimp tempura etc...

ofcourse you may have a strong acquiring taste, which is a completely different issue then. let us know if you tried some traditional sushi :D

Mark @exyle I don't know any of the Rules at All for eating Sushi. I have maybe had Sushi 5 or 6 times in my Life so I guess once you eat it more Often then of Course you get to know the ropes............... Bianca @bkdbkd looks Very Happy and I am willing to bet she knows about the Rules of Properly Eating Sushi..............


I not had no idea as I follow no rules lol

You are also not supposed to let the rice in the sushi touch the soy sauce :-P, again its another insult to the chef, you are basically telling him that the flavors are not balanced and you need to drip it in soy sauce. The proper way to use the soy sauce is on the outer area and not in the center where the rice is.


Noted! Do you know the rules when it comes to rolls?


Most of the rules for sushi apply to rolls too... but you are not supposed to cut the rolls, you have to eat them whole, and if they don't fit into your mouth you have to ask the chef to cut it for you, don't use the chopsticks to cut them! then there's also the soy sauce thing, don't drench your roll's rice on soy sauce and never mix soy sauce and wasabi!

I think you have most of it covered in the post :-P


Write a post about sushi
That would be great.


Wait... Never mix the soy sauce and wasabi??? I love doing that. So what are you supposed to do with the wasabi?


It appears you are a sushi barbarian too, lol.


I'm cool with that label...


We love sushi! It's just a shame there's so many establishments serving low quality ones out there. You have to pay a reasonable amount to get the quality. Which, we're now willing to do after experiencing poor quality sushi.

Don't worry, you're not the only one that did that mistake. Just loved the pickled ginger on the sushi, but now we can only do that at home, so no judging eyes can see 😉

I love sushi, ya gotta have it! Wasabi is great smeared between the fish and rice with just a dab of soy sauce. That's it. Sushi tonight.

Another no-no I learned in Japan is not to put the wasabi in the soy sauce. You are supposed to put a little bit of wasabi on the fish, then quickly dip the piece in the soy sauce, then eat.

The best sushi I have ever had was in Tokyo. The second best was in Vancouver, Canada.

I just found this for you.


Thanks for the video and the rest of tips. Man, love to go to Tokyo one day.


I recommend you watch for a block chain conference in Tokyo and ask to be a speaker. There’s a good chance they will cover accommodations and food. Then all you need to cover is airfare.

I’ve never been a fan ever since the first time I tried it and committed but all my friends love it and want me to visit restaurants with them . I think I might have to give it another try

I'm glad that I had a japanese girlfriend once who taught me how to eat sushi. And what all of the different styles are called.

What's your favourite?
I'm a fan of California Rolls myself. And anything with deep fried shrimp :-)

And to everybody I would recommend trying other japanese food.
It's delicious and very different from sushi to be honest.


I like nigiri sushi.

That seems a bit strange @exyle. I wouldn't have expected ginger to be a palette cleanser as it's such a strong taste. Did you try it that way tonight or did you discover that was what it was for after you'd eater your sushi?


It's a special type of ginger called Gari. here.


Ah. I see. I always think of ginger as being the knobbly tuber kind but, of course, there are many kinds. Didn't think of that. 😁

Thanks you for the link.

I found myself enjoying sashimi more than sushi. The few times I had sushi I couldn't get over the fishy flavor of the seaweed. Sashimi vs. Sushi Good catch with the ginger though. I think that would goof the flavor up when added to the sushi.

Lol @exyle the Sushi eating Barbarian who insults the chefs by mixing hes ginger, same here I would love to go Japan one day and tasty the many crazy things, I must keep collecting my Steem.

I tried Sushi in Maui at our Wedding and just couldn't eat it. I think most people I know either love it or just plain hate it.

Thanks @exyle for sharing

Minor detail :D

Did you also know that soja is just for a slight dip of the fishy side and not the rice side

And that ladies are allowed to eat with their hands when needed?

I did a sushi masterclass once in the Okura hotel in amsterdam. A whole night of funfacts :)


Sushi is not that popular in my country, at-least now I learnt how to eat it when the chance comes :)

I also become a Viking when I eat sushi. And shout loudly like a barbarian. Because I like to pile ginger on top of it! It just tastes better... I can't help it... :(


I never noticed you put ginger slices on top of sushi last time we had Japanese together :) I would love to visit Japan...


It appears that mixing wasabi with soy is also very very not done :)

I love sushi! One of the few healthy and delicious food I would love to eat everyday!

Comb your hair

Only recently I learned I have been eating sushi like a barbarian.

It’s called been addicted to good food lol. You see I love pizza and I eat pizza uncontrollably when I do.
I can relate to you not being insulting even unknowingly, we have this in common and I pay attention to whatever courtesy demands . I hope you send me mine or you sponsor the purchase of it here ... lmao . Just joking

Oh, perhaps not very polite according to Japanese standards but like a barbarian the fish would be alive!

haha now eat like a barbarian

Both are looking cute and beautiful dear

go easy with the wasabi, otherwise you are taste it again the next morning

It is a beautiful thing to admit that sometimes, we make mistakes. I can relate with the feeling that after much effort put into cooking, someone adds a little seasoning like saying you didn't get it right.

each culture keeps its secrets in the culinary art, I must admit that I ignored all this information, thank you very much for transmitting it.
I wish you a great day dear friend @exyle

Hmmm... I also wounder who pointed , true eating sushi is fun .

I resteem your post my blog .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

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OH. resteem- the world must know.

As you might know sushi is served with a small plate of ginger and a plate of wasabi.

Yes, that’s the way we eat it in US as well. I just put everything on top including soy sauce, who cares what cook thinks. I like it this way all in one with one bite. One of my favorite foods. It must be fresh of course. You can make Japan sushi 🍣 at home 😆 or just make a short sushi visit to Japan 🇯🇵. One of these two options will make your dream come true. Good luck whichever option you choose!

A wonderful walk in the restaurant, my friend and sushi is a great dish, but to be honest, I myself really did not know how to use ginger in this dish and reading your post found out what and how to use. You are right, it would be great to eat sushi in Japan itself, but have to learn all the rules, haha. Thanks Mark

Sushi is my favorite dish!

No one can resit in front of sushi :D

I like eating japanese food like a barbarian, it's more fun that way :P

I guess I am insulting the chef too! Wow! Thanks for the advice, @exyle! Japan is on my bucket list too!

eating barbarian would give very test to eat it well.

what an experience that would have been simply outstanding....

.I also wonder who pointed that out to you...somewhere in January...🤔 I do the same. I thought it made it really tasty piling the ginger on with a splob of Wasabi! oops!