I found my notebook from Steemfest 1. Being mediocre = not bad!

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In the early days when this blockchain was just Steemit.com (before busy, dtube, dlive) I once read a post by @dragosroua about journaling.

I liked the idea so I bought a Moleskine that same day.

Nothing ever happened regarding journaling but I did take the empty book with me to Steemfest 1 to make notes.

This is November 2016.

I joined the blockchain in July 2016.


The book is filled with names of people that are still here today but also people that have left the platform long ago.

Some of them were really big names back then. One of them the makeup girl that made a $30.000 post but is now gone.

My favourite name in the book is @ezzy.

Since Steemfest 1 we became very good friends and he's the only one that I know that can relate to the rollercoaster ride of emotions when it comes to STEEM and investing and believing that this blockchain could work out someday.

But I'm sure there are more Steemians that can relate to this feeling.

I was very grateful to be able to discuss my ideas with @ezzy back then to keep my sanity because the sentiment back then was so negative.

It literary felt at some point that I was throwing my little spare money into a toilet.

A toilet I believed in though :)

You think we have problems today? You have no idea how dark this place was at one point.

One of the biggest reasons I started to believe in this blockchain so much was Steemfest 1 and if you ever get a change to go to any of these events I highly recommend it.

Although I doubt it will ever be as cozy as it was that very first time.

200 nutcases all part of some crazy ride joining up in Amsterdam for a weekend.

Good times.

I was a minnow back than with only 10k SP (I could give away 1 cent), and on my way back on the train I took my Moleskine and wrote down some plan for myself.

It's fun to share.


A couple of things I like on this page.

  1. Steem price: $0.13. Yeah....that's never going to happen again.

  2. I sort of realised back then that with bigger names joining more users would come. I doubt these bigger names will ever join steemit.com but they have joined dtube and dlive.

  3. Constant writing. Build Followers, Never give up, Build Reputation, Live life = Stories, Stay away from discussions.

  4. And probably my favourite: Mediocre = not bad! Most people are mediocre accept it. Including myself.

And there you have it. A little Steem history from my perspective.

I hope it was fun.

All I can say is that the blockchain that I knew and the blockchain people see today are not even in the same universe.

This thing has grown so much and will I believe this will continue in the upcoming years.

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Its really hard to believe on this blockchain at that time but you keep your faith in steem...this is really inspiring ..after 2 years you still posting content ..most of the early adopters left this platform...feeling sorry for them..lol..
Did you make 100k sp through you 10k sp??

The time to build is today!
I will build my own Steemit media application soon.
Follow me to see what is comming.
Thank you

Nothing is perfect right from the word start, this platform is no exception... it is evolving for the better over time... you are not a Mediocre as you are creating a success story here, already halfway up a mountain.

Yes nothing is ever perfect, man was able to prove that in the garden of Eden despite that he was created in the image of God. You are quite apt.

Right, but words do not have freedom !

Hepl the humanity by voting

Mark @exyle Yes you are Mediocre but 15,000+ Followers don't mind at all. You are everything that STEEMIT is about in order to be Successful Here. You take people through your daily Life and you are Consistent Like Clock Work when it comes to creating your Content. People can say what they want about your Simple Way of Doing Things, that being said you are a Huge Success and I would be disappointed to ever see you lose your Mediocrity...........................

Thank you.

  ·  last year (edited)

hehe, ok, this is cool and indeed most of us are mediocre and that is not bad but we all have something we are good at and that is what we should write about, passion shines through

and really, you could not come up with anyone better then justin bieber as an example of a famous person???




I guess you were a lot younger then... we will have to forgive you for your lapse in judgement

Haha, I was just thinking about the younger generation that uses social media. I guess.

Exyle sir,I need help to understand the whole things using in this community. I think your responce will be positive.Tnxs

Hello @exyle I arrived for a month on this fantastic blockchain and when I read your posts I understand that the level of increase can be very high!
I see that on Steemit there is an enthusiasm that can only lead to benefits for everyone! best regards to all the steemians.

that was a trip down memory lane, what reputation were you then

I guess in the 40's.

Great notes, my friend and I would say that this book contains the history of the Steemit and it's great because you can always analyze the old times or just return to pleasant memories. For me it is also interesting to get acquainted with the moments of the education of our ecosystem! Thank you Mark.

Thanks Mark @exyle for sharing this flashback to those early days. I definitely want to attend Steemfest some day. Maybe I will have the privilege of meeting you and having a beer there :)

Man reading 2016 just feels like few days ago but its already TWO years
and related to Moleskine - it is a bit overpriced so i just bought bunch of small note pads and it does exactly the same

I think the point is to just write

I think the point is to just write.

that makes sense.

Well, I'm honoured to be in that book, bud. We've gone on this amazing journey together and I, for one, wouldn't have changed a thing...

Bless, man. To life-long friendship and the best of times! :)

It's been pretty mental hasn't it :). Hopefully many more good times to come.

You are just another example of a person who perseveres and sticks to the plan despite the doubts and problems that appear, and being successful because of that. Really powerful story because it is so hard to implement in real life.

Nice journey down memory lane. Your hard work just inspires me to continue being on steemit. The fact that you didn't give up when everything was not so good is simply amazing. Wishing you the very best as you keep steeming :)

Even the beiber getsa mention on that page. I have learned similar things. I am kinda hoping that it's not too far away this year. We'll be fascinating to see it's evolution, steemfest that is. We have a ringside seat for steemit!

I think the next steemfest will be a lot more business like.

Most likely, still. That's where beer comes in :0D

This thing has grown so much and will I believe this will continue in the upcoming years.

Nice story book! It’s alway great feeling to go back in time especially when you have it in writings. @ezzy has always been positive. Since I started following him and Steem was at $1.70 I remember his post saying only positive things. So have I. I wonder, why all these people left steemit platform? Don’t they feel that are missing something? You mentioned having only 10K SP. that’s definately not “only” now 😆. But from you point of view I totally understand.

It pains me when I hear of people leaving. I feel that there's so much that person would have given to the community. I wonder why those big names in your book left.

There is something I picked from your notes; stay out of discussions I think that should be amended to stay out of negative discussions. We are all discussing every day but I would rather be in a discussion that seeks the way forward than the one that is just stating problems for the joy of it.

I believe in the steemit dream and I am happy it has gone above 0.13$ lol. How would I have survived all these months?

  ·  last year (edited)

Well the make up girl sounds interesting! 30000$ post. The most people would leave after hitting the jackpot :)
I am for 6 months here,but in that period many things changed rapidly. DTube, DMania, DLIve and Steepshot. Many users registering everyday. My old friends that I met here left the platform. 90% of them aren't here anymore.Nothing stays the same. The most of them gave up very early and didnt make it!

You've proved a point with this post. A point that I've adhered to for many decades. It's is vital that a person keep a journal. So many lovely experiences are lost (because we cannot remember everything) when we fail to chronicle. Would you have remembered all these details had you not written them down? Maybe. Maybe not. But you ensured they were not forgotten by adding them to your journal. Kudos to you.

Some really fun memories some people stay for last some just move on :)

legacy and history are super important in an ever changing data hungry world, where ya from and how you got here make all the difference.

I love this post! Maybe because I'm such a nostalgic person.
I also love where it says "never give up"! Hahaha. <3

I'm nostalgic sometimes too. But with Steem i'm now ready for the future. And not giving up..yeah.. It does work :)

200 nutcases all part of some crazy ride joining up in Amsterdam for a weekend.

I hope this will happen again, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, it's all fine.

ohh right well said but i really don,t have any friends.
specially someone From which I can take some advices.
sometimes i feel i am the only one in this whole world and i just want to die, or hurt myself
sorry @exyle i can,t understand this post because i don,t know what is this feeling but thanks for sharing this post because through this post i just tried to imagine how you feel.

You see everytime I dream about steemit as my future and I know it’d be a dream come true, I started Jan 2018 and so many people had left , I mean those we started together. Nice plans you made for yourself. And it’d will surely help we the Minnows . Hard work and persistency

I admired those that joined the steemit platform earlier when the price of steem was 0.13$ , they saw a brighter future in the steem blockchain and invested in it then , and now they are all dolphins and whales. The steem blockchain is still growing and it has a brighter future and with the addition of SMT tokens , I believe steem will rise to 20$ in the future

success begins somewhere. You got a pretty good start!

Steemit is a long journey nor , bro

Good work buddy love your work for steemit

Need to be motivated.

Your post gives a good historical (can I use this word as steemit is just founded in 2016?) insight about the evolution of steemit, that's very interesting to know! Times are changing so rapidly and knowing about the beginnings and especially your own funny experiences gives me a motivation to keep going, so thanks for sharig @exyle:-))

Wow! So it's been like 2 years and you still got that notebook. I'm sure it brings back good memories :)

Steemfest give you so many cool friends and memories :)

Well, that's motivating, well done on your persistance

wait, what??? Steem at 0.13 $, aaaaaa,

Wow so cool to see that and steemit has came a long way from that :)

Even though I knew of Steemit and the world of crypto just November of last year, I can imagine why you call this platform a dark place before. When you started with many people but stayed with only a few after many months, it can change not only how you feel about the blockchain, but how you feel about yourself - from a visionary to a foolish one.

I’m glad and thankful you @exyle and the “early ones” kept your faith in Steemit, regardless of how dark it was before and how uncertain its future will be. 🙂 Just imagine how far the blockchain has come, so far! Though the future is still uncertain, we can hope for nothing but the best for this platform.

Thanks for sharing this and giving us a glimpse of Steemit’s past! Cheers!

Lol, I know that feeling when you look back and see how well you have done. We are getting to that point someday. I started this year January.

That was fun! Glad i hopped on the boat when I did but .....$0.13 Steem!! Wow! Would have been nice to buy in @ that! Good for you 😊 well, better late then never! In the big picture, i am hopeful it will still work well. ✌ ...just keep steeming 🤣

stay away from discussions
True indeed

It is very nice to be the first win or lose even with a girlfriend

How I wish I learned of Steemit back then so I could invest a well enough sum. Would be better off, but I suppose the thrill of it doing it the real way is pretty cool, too.

Glad to see that you've still stuck around. Catch you here in 5 years!

wow even you also donate your steem doller to the poor people.nice thats great.i saw your image.thank you very much for donating to the poor people

@ezzy is good person. I also love to watch him and his posts.
Constant writing. Build Followers, Never give up, Build Reputation, Live life = Stories, Stay away from discussions.
Which discussion you mean? @exyle

Thanks for sharing your memory!

So many memories written in the book it would have been an awesome time to find it for sure

i think its good job for making notification app for Steemit account for iOS.

Some stories make history.
Some are so inspiring that an one legged person dreamed to walk on again.
Trying to be one :-)

Excilent idea good job .

I recieve your post resteem .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

Follow my blog @powerupme

Some things will never be the same again but you will be glad to enjoy that at that time :)

Awesome, I hope that one day I am going to tell my story too... Telling minnows that Steem will never be $30 again, and actually being right. Thanks for the post

Being Mediocre = Not Bad !!!!!!!! Right

Good ....
Thanks for sharing your memory

Constant writing. Build Followers, Never give up, Build Reputation, Live life = Stories, Stay away from discussions.
Excelent tips. I think that constant is VEEERY important on steemit.

Very good one exyle
We win together.

Your own logo is so nice and creative.........

The thing that jumped out at me in your notes @Exyle. Was "stay away from discussions". Why did you decide to do that?

I'm really hoping I will make it to Steemfest Three.

I love how you wrote your notes in English by the way. I'm always impressed when people speak a second language so well. The Dutch are masters at it! 😁

Writing mediocre stuff at least is better than not writing at all! and in Steem you get to hang out with really amazing people too and hopefully it rubs on to us someday!

$0.13? I hope not, lol.


It is good to have your perspective from the early days. We hear so much negativity now. I still believe in Steem and I am here for the long term. Steem isn't only for the investment. Look at the friendships formed here and the amount of knowledge to be gained. The sky is the limit!