Holiday Stress! But we are on our way.

in life •  6 months ago

Haha, after getting rid of my business and 24/7 hour contracts I would never have thought to ever have to experience the stress of a server breaking down anymore.

But it seems I replaced one with another!

Bianca and I are leaving on holiday today and this morning the whole blockchain broke down :)

Luckily it was quickly patched but man, the stress!

It's in these moments I am so happy that I am part of a team for our witness and no longer have to face most problems alone.

I'm very grateful for the blockbrothers!


We left around 13:00 and took the bus and the metro together to the train station and from there to the airport.

Looking out the window looking at the beautiful weather I did wonder why I went on holiday in the first place!

But who could have known!?

We are probably experiencing one of the most beautiful spring and summers I ever seen in the Netherlands!


Arriving at Schiphol we found out the flight was delayed.

Luckily the World Cup brought some relief to us and other passengers enjoying the game on my laptop.


We are now about to board and are finally on our way!

Where are we going?

To the Island of @abh12345!

See you there!

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Team work is the way forward.
Enjoy vacation and enjoy time off.
Keep on postin'

In this day and age the IT business can never really be ran away from regardless of being on contract or not lol, yea I believe this morning I got up earlier and went on but nothing was working a little frustrating, haha funny as there's normally a few screens around showing the football enjoy @exyle

I envy you your long arms @exyle, being able to take selfies that far away and include both of you and a bit of countryside too! 😁

We are probably experiencing one of the most beautiful spring and summers I ever seen in the Netherlands!

I was just saying the exact same thing to someone in Australia, about the UK.

Please give @abh12345 a hug from me, or whatever the manly equivalent is in such situations. 😂

Have a brill time!


Thank you!


Pretty sure it's a hug! :D

But it seems I replaced one with another

That is life brother, stress of life won't reduce until we are no longer existing, as long as we are still alive, we have many battles to be fought.

I could see the beautiful weather depicting nature in its uniqueness and simplicity. Enjoy your holiday trip with Bianca.

Life is very different in different types of life, we do many things, do not forget about anything else, your post has been very nice and what style of your writing is better, and thank you very much for giving us such a beautiful photography thank you To you

Great idea, my friend, go on vacation and today I also did a lot of household chores while there were problems with the Steemit, of course not convenient, but need to find always a plus in any situation, haha. I wish you a great flight and look forward to your message when you arrive at the place! Thank you Mark.

For a moment I thought it was over, felt a little hopeless.. But thank God Steemit is still alive and running. It is too much of an addiction to let go.


Haha! all is fine!

Bianca and I are leaving on holiday today and this morning the whole blockchain broke down :)

It certainly means it’s about time for you to take a break. Even steemit did for hours 😆. It’s good now.
Enjoy it!

You both have beautiful smiles on your faces..looking happy to have a such are going to an awesome place.I hope you will definitely show us your wonderful experience.

Safe travels! Enjoy your well deserved break!



You are not allowed to think of SteemFat until after you return.


Will try!

howdy there @exyle! looks like a wonderful vacation plan and destination, have a great time!

You and Bianca have a fantastic holiday! See the photos later!

But we are back now, That's the important thing! Happy holidaysss and keep enjoying the game!!

All the best to you and Bianca- have fun and enjoy your holidays :)


Thank you!

you are so lucky man. I am feeling jealousy, the place is really beautiful. hey send some more pics from there......

A lot of wishes from here to you .......... and I hope you hadn't forget the last exams for Bianca 😂 or let me just guess the center is still a closer place to her reach now......... Safe landing and wishes you Godspeed.

Have a nice journey. a trip to a vacation place can be a dissapoinment medicine cause steemit was broken. And the joyous flight delay can still be replaced by the entertainment of football through your laptop, even you can ask other people to enjoy the game, really become a blessing in life that always change, even if not according to your expectation even then god have replaced with thing better

Well it sure is great to get back on the track and you guys are great to be as the witness.

While enjoy the time as seems to be a holiday ;)

Enjoy your vacations! Life isn't just about working everyday, we have to take a breath and stop sometimes :)

Have gr8 vacation and enjoy to fullest

Hi exyle. It's amazing how things work out. Safe flight and travels. Are you meeting up with Asher?

@exyle Safe travels to you and Bianca! Enjoy your holiday!

hahah the work will never ever leave you for sure it loves you lol but anyways enjoy your trip have loads of fun :D

Great you are finally on a holiday after so much stress. Enjoying the world cup is great. The best one can see on a long journey. So you are heafing towards an island. Looking forward to seeing more travels form you About the island. Some interesting posts.

Vacations , my good. How much I would love to have one.Summer and some tropić island. Cold beer and parrots flying around mmm

Nice shoot , you have both looking so prety .
Beautiful photography .
Have a good day .

Thanks for sharing @exyle
Upvote you .

I am very happy to know that they went on vacation, with your beautiful Bianca, I hope with all my heart, that you spend those wonderful days with more family unity, not everything is work, also from time to time we deserve a delicious vacation, I will be waiting for read all the moments that you are going to share with us about your trip, more about the good that you will have, greetings to Bianca.

Fixing a broken down server could cause an head ache especially to someone who is not technically sound in server technology, I am glad you finally fixed it. And I wish you a pleasant holiday trip

Enjoy the holidays, good trip.

Nice post
Good luck

Have a great break! Happy 4th, and followed you.

great sir and both are nice couple..

Enjoy your holiday! I was working on Schiphol today, if I only knew i could offer you some coffee

It's a good Island (the Island of @abh12345) but the weather might be better at home for once! We are having a amazing weather in the UK too.

Buen viaje @exyle, merecidas vacaciones.

what a moment!!!!!!!
very nice!!

Really the scenery you showed is beautiful! But if duty calls you have to take responsibility, either way I hope you have a good trip and keep us informed about the things you do :)

Nice vacation plan... That's so thoughtful of you....
I wish you Happy vacation....

beautiful place ... I want to go there :-)