Vlog 226: When steemit.com is down the power of the blockchain becomes clear!

in #life4 years ago

This morning I could not access steemit.com.

I was shown this.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.11.59.png

If it was any other centralised website this would be the end. All you can do is wait for the website to come back up to access your data and your funds.

But this is not the case with the Steem blockchain.

Because Steemit.com is not the same as the Steem blockchain!

Steemit.com is just a website that allows you to communicate with the Steem blockchain.

But there are many other ways you can do this.

So this morning I went to busy.org, logged in, and communicated with the blockchain by answering comments and up-voting, using their front end.

I could also access all my data and funds.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.23.56.png

I could also have communicated with the blockchain using Esteem or Chainbb for instance.

This is the power of a blockchain that is decentralised.

A lot needs to happen before this thing is not accessible.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

▶️ DTube

Love Busy! First thing I did when I saw those errors (other than freak out LOL) was remind myself that the blockchain doesn't just 'go down' because of the decentralization and awesome work of the witnesses.

Took me a second to tell myself to relax LOL

But then went right to Busy and checked everything....Good to go! Different interfaces for different markets. Crossing my fingers about the SMT's and all the potential that will have...Love it.

They should seriously add some information about that Gateway problem. What it is and why it happens and if they are working on a solution. Because I think this is the third time I have seen it! And when it happens you Google for a solution and there is only other Steemit links that are down for the moment.

We need a website that all can go to and write on when the Steemit website goes down! Like a website dedicated for this. Now we only have services like "Is it down" but they are usually filled with spammy ads or comes with bad user interface. We need one that is dedicated to Steemit only. Also Busy dot org is flawed since you can't use a slider when you are voting. It only seems to be supporting 100% upvotes. Which is a disaster for people with high Steem Power!

There is a slider. It's in the settings menu. There is nothing flawed about it.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.29.00.png

Thanks for letting me know about it!

Hmmm Interesting. Slider seems to work for me at Busy. Can't wait until I get it at Steemit.com LOL

Yeah I think all this stuff will come once the platform (steemit) grows. I remember how lost I was when I first joined, so the more information they can put out to help newer Steemians the better.

Especially when those errors show up. But once you 'get' what it all means, the blockchain etc....You aren't too concerned when a website goes down.

Yes! Btw can you show how your slider looks on Busy? Since I can't remember seeing one when I clicked like there but it just instantly pulled a 100% upvote.

what is the reason?

think, understand, and form judgements logically.
"humans do not reason entirely from facts"
synonyms: think rationally, think logically, think straight, use one's mind, use one's common sense, use one's head, use one's brain, think things through,

@exyle, this is so profound, i never knew blockchain isn't the same with steem.com, i noticed steem.com is down also in the morning and could not log in.

Steemit.com is now one of the most visited site in the world. It is found among the first 1000 websites being visited, i guess that's the reason for the lost connection.

Now, i now know how to go around it. Thanks my man @exyle.

Did you noticed STEEMIT hits 1,000 at Alexa ranking today! I can remember once you said if STEEMIT down we can use Busy.Org! Excellent and very informative article!


I’ve learnt something new about the blockchain....again!! Thanks for the info buddy, this allows me to put even more trust in Steem and it’s future :)

Man, the amount of time I use your posts to explain stuff to people! This one will be in my 'dummy' folder under 'blockchain benefits'.

The cold air makes me want to go ice skating btw :-)

Thank you! It's going to be even colder later this week. People have already started to sharpen their ice skates.

My nephew is devastated because the ice skates he bought with his very first longtime savings (the guy is now 14 years old) a few years back no longer fit him... used them once, he's considering cycling and bowling now :'D

I totally agree...Blockchain technology as a decentralized entity is a good solution to handle single point of failure, the Blockchain has a collection of member nodes , even if one fails other will still be operating normally with multiple "nodes”" with the Blockchain acting as a consensus mechanism to ensure those nodes stay in sync... Hence ,Blockchain technology handles extreme fault tolerance, which stems from their built in redundancy. A true revolutionizing technology with immense potential to change the world.

Great post! I started following you, great content about how steemit works. Every week I start to love blockchain technology a bit more.
Steem is gonna own Facebook!

@exyle I never panic at all when I see the 504. I know that their are as you stated so many other ways to access our accounts. It is a blessing to be a part of the ever growing decentralized world. I dream about when we no longer need Big Brother in our lives...............

OH no shit an EXPERT, well fuckin A why didn't you say so skippy that changes everything, count me all in Bit Boy !!!


Thats very comforting because if it was a centralized system it would be disastrous should the whole system shut down.

Excellent video friend and i agree with your thoughts that's the power of steem blockchain, now we have many frontends and we can access to steem blockchain from any frontend, well all these are developments on top of steem blockchain and it strengthened the blockchain even more, busy.org is also my favorite frontend after steemit and whenever i see steemit.com down i use busy and busy.org is fantastic and it also has many cool features which won't even exist in steemit, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us friend and wish you a fantastic weekend ahead, Stay blessed

I really thought I had bad connection this morning thanks for this post 👏😎 very useful and it just shows that in a second everything we have on here can be gone it's very scary hopefully it don't happen again

Really I also faced this problem sometimes ago. What is the reason I didn't understand about this matter. I thought my network is slow that is why, this problem is showing. But now I am clear to get your post. Really thank you from my heart.

Absolutely, friend it is the strongest system with which we are related to each other. You are the back bone of the community who can create every positive thoughts in the heart of people. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information about the working and awesomeness of our steemit blog chain system. Wish you and your beautiful family a very beautiful time ahead friend.

Yeah. Thats what makes it a technological innovation on par with the civilization. Until now we didn't know how to make technology smarter and civilized, but now we are at dawn, with blockchain. Virtual trust, decentralized governance, immutability became feasible.

I think this is absolutely great and I will be sharing this on my other social media accounts.

When people think about blockchain all they think is currencies and nothing else. This narrow view of the blockchain doesn't even scratch the surface of what it is possible with the blockchain.

I've been toying with the idea of providing "always online" solutions for customers where websites can be kept online backed up by the blockchain. If the server fails for some reason, the domain will still resolve and produce the website regardless.

Can't wait for a blockchain powered MySQL kind of database.

Because I'm new I panicked a little. Can you imagine if I'm only getting here and the next day it just doesn't exist anymore? My new money is gone! But nope... I thought "Hey... but what about Busy, and the other platforms? They should be up. And man, I swear this blockchain is just magic.

When steemit was down, did it have any affect on steemify?

I find I use steemify almost as much as steemit.com.

No, it does not. Steemify is connected to the blockchain, not steemit.com.

I'm sorry that I've just discovered your blog. If I say I'm not worried when I can not reach the site today, it would be a big lie :D I never thought of trying busy.org. I understand why now.
Yep, because of the blockchain technology that unfortunately I do not have enough knowledge about it for now. I was completely unfamiliar with these issues until December last year. Now I learn new things every day thanks to people such as you.

thank you for the explanation, it helps me a lot and I am not a newbie!!!

You're welcome!

Cool , I did'nt know that. Had the same bad gateway. Your never to old to learn :) thanks !!

That'#s exactly what I did too. It's the first time I've used Busy so it took me a while to get used to it but now I know it's always there if Steemit is down. I might even try a few posts from there now I've used it/

Busy.org has become a fantastic frontend to access the blockchain and they charge no fees on content created through their front end.

please check my profile.

even better....they give away votes using the busy tag.

I always write my posts trough busy, I like the posting manager interface

They also give you upvote based on your followers SP. Busy.org is a great alternative of steemit.com

To get the upvote you have to actually post on Busy and use the tage busy. Is that right @khalidjr? IE you cant post on steemit and use the tag and get the upvote.

Ya that's totally right .

Thanks. I'll give it a go. 😊

It's my pleasure...

my pleasure

Hey, i had the same problem this morning but like you sayed No problemo! Busy.org was running smoothly... I see that blockchain is the future...

Kind regards

First thing I did when I saw those errors (other than freak out LOL) was remind myself that the blockchain doesn't just 'go down' because of the decentralization and awesome work of the witnesses.

Took me a second to tell myself to relax LOL

But then went right to Busy and checked everything....Good to go! Different interfaces for different markets. Crossing my fingers about the SMT's and all the potential that will have...Love it.

Oh! you haters, you thought that by one site being down we would panic? This is blockchain and that´s why we love it, don´t worry this is the future, and we are making our own.

I´m ready to leave this last correction in the prices behind and start a great year for cryptocurrencies, and specially STEEM and our dear platform.

I did exactly the same and used busy.org. I think this is a bit confusing for new users but once you figure it out it's awesome.

Amazing. That's something useful information.
Sometimes I face bandwidth issues with steemit.com and couldn't operate my account. So, during that time, would switching to other sites be the solution? Or that's a separate thing?

That is a separate thing. That is based on Steempower. The more you have the more bandwidth you can use on the network. Here you can see your current bandwidth on the top left.

este comentario tuyo me ayudo a entender esto, soy nuevo en steemit gracias..

Couldn't reply instantly due to negative bandwidth, LOL
Thank you brother for clearing the confusion and providing of that useful link :)

thanks for info, now I know what to do if steemit is ever down again

Theoretically, yes, one could not know about Steemit but still interact with the blockchain. But that would require other platforms to give people access to all their Keys, and the ability to change their master key, as well as account recovery. As far as I know, Steemit is the only place you can do that at the moment. Until that changes, every other UI will be anchored to Steemit.

I question the conclusion that steemit.com is down. I suspect that the network equipment supporting access to the website is at fault. I am being picky about details, but to 'blame' steemit.com implies an error within the website. Improved environment for the website may be what is required.

t is a very good thing, the more banyam web that can go into steemit, it will be easier for us to work .. good luck friend, hopefully for the future more and more websites that can connect to steemit ..good job.

You people eh. Everything is always a nice story, nice post, thanks for sharing...

Oh, yes, the same problem arose with me, my friend, but now everything seems to be resolved and the Steemit.com is working again as before. But you prompted a very good decision and I honestly did not know about it, that you can establish communication with your office and through other resources that are connected with the Steem blockchain. Thank you Mark.

Does busy.org have the bandwidth issues?

Exactly @exyle.
I had to access my account through mspsteem.com
It really tells about the power of blockchain.

That's means steemit has better way of making steemians communicate with blockchain.

I noticed it also. I had to use busy.org and my account was accessible once again. The blockchain is the next big thing after the internet

Yes, i agree. That's one interesting thing about the steemit blockchain. It can be accessed from other sites aside steemit.com
Isn't that what's been called hard fork if I'm correct???
If I'm wrong.. I'll love to know more.
Thank you @exyle

Are there other wallets besides the Steemit wallet where you can claim rewards and transfer funds?

Thanks for the way of 504 gateway time-out Solution.
Good post

But how is the Blockchain hosted? If you know anything about it? Is it running on multiple servers? If so where are they located. Can it be hacked or is the math very safe? Very curious how many servers it needs. Clearly the Blockchain must be saved somewhere!

Awesomely fabulously beautiful

I too suffer this problem.
but as steemit is getting more popular, more people are joining it,
And you it was ranked 1000th most visited website on Alexa.com.
it's a big achievement.
It will be resolved soon.
so no need to worry.

I also experienced that same error for the 1st time today @exyle but never did I think of negative thoughts, although I don't have much to loose as newbie, but I know it is not that easy to put down this website...I'm still looking forward for growth in this site.

I follow blockbrothers .. very strong group .. Thank you for share :)

esteem app is good you can post, comment and u can do transaction as well... and more

@exyle thanks for that so in honour of your post i am commenting to you from busy.org

I had the same thing this morning, but unfortunately I didn’t know about this site so now its going to be tucked nicely away in my favourites.

Thanks for the share.

Just curious what is your favorite way to use Steem? Do you use Stemmit primarily?

Steemit and d.tube I use the most.

so for most web access, we all go through AWS global cloud and hit our most local node.

but when you used busy.org, what was queried? an individual miner/witness machine? or is there another master node at steemit inc? or what?

always curious how the tools i use operate.

OMG.you so big user sir.im small user.i need help sir😰

embracing & pleasant!

Exactly @exyle.
I had to access my account through mspsteem.com
It really tells about the power of blockchain.

I'm finally relived after reading this, I was shocked when this error came up i was like i couldn't do anything about it anyways i don't need to freak out anymore :p hehe thank you for the valuable information :) @exyle

Then no stress if one website has a problem, go on at other one... That is how the business go. I love steemit and its opportunities. Thanks @exile, you are giving us important infos. :)

it is a very good thing, the more banyam web that can go into steemit, it will be easier for us to work .. good luck friend, hopefully for the future more and more websites that can connect to steemit ..

I still need to give Busy a try.

Your posts always amaze me.
Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.


Last night in Aceh (Indonesia), about an hour ago we were here unable to access steemit.com as well. So all @steemit users here have panicked and a little panic. but this interruption occurs when we open @steemit on the web but if we enter from the application directly in @eSteem smoothly and there is no interference. finally now the trouble is no longer a problem, open @steemit on the web was already able again. our hearts happy again.

Oh yeah! I think steemit going down for this short time is a great thing that happened to the blockchain! With all the attention to the small issue this caused, now people who are less aware of the power of the blockchain could see it with their own eyes or at least be opened to listen and understand!

Short "502 bad gateway" error for steemit.com = aweome benefits for the entire ecosystem (and I'm not trying in any way to minimize the importance of steemit in the ecosystem).

Steem on guys and gals! Steem blockchain is up and running and there's no particular reason why it shouldn't be in the future!

Thank, a post easy to understand and very trust building for the Steemit community!
A must Resteem!
If busy.org would have a nightmode it would be 100%, now 99.99% already, hehehe
Thank you very much
Zanoni, the squid

Very interesting !

Gotta learn more, thank for info @exyle

I didn't even notice this. Probably because I wasn't really active this morning. You are right. That's the good thing about the power of a decentralized blockchain. You have many doors to the same office.

Thanks for sharingggg......finally learnt something about BLOCKCHAIN....tried to access the steemit since morning but couldnt..now its fine...and thanks for your valuable info. And time

Saya sudah lama ingin belajar di @DTube
Tapi saya belum mengetahui bagaimana bolehkan anda mengajari.
Dan lewat post anda bertambah semangat saya

wow very nice life story @exyle

same thing happened to me this morning I thought my connection was bad but what you just explained is very scary it shows how you could lose everything in a second

this is why the steem blockchain is special we have got many things to cover and sum up the power of decentralization world

Que bueno, haré exactamente lo mismo cuando me pase.

Great to know another benefit from blockchain. Another one.

Wow...really excited to hear this. Though i didn't experience it. Reasons been that, maybe i was offline when it happened.
I love the fact that i can access the steemit blockchain through other means including steemit.com
The decentralisation nature of blockchain has made it more trusted and this has prevented fraudulent activities during transaction.
@exyle, thanks for the knowledge you just passed across. Am grateful.

A lot needs to happen before this thing is not accessible.

can some one vote me plz!

Was it down? I was probably sleeping at that time and watching some happy dreams riding my pink Lambo.
So you can use busy.org, I see. That's good to know.

Nice work bro i remember my self you are doing a great job.
This is fore every body who enjoys good thing

It's great that the blockchain is safe even when the site goes down, and that there are workaround and possible ways to access the blockchain in a limited fashion... but that shouldn't be necessary. The site should stay up. If it doesn't, it will lose legitimacy. Already I've had 2 of 3 friends I introduced to Steemit decide to give up on it. The last friend is only staying because I'm asking him to. I believe in Steemit but it really needs to stay online 24/7 on a regular basis, so others will believe in it too.

Wow...great story..i appreciate this writing..

Thank you very much, it’s encouraging again, I have to sign up with busy, then.

Hi @exyle, I must have slept through the outage because I stayed up late last night playing a video game and streaming to DLive!

I only knew about DLive because you mentioned it in your video the other day, and I earned over 30 SBD for playing my favorite game!

i should start using different apps on blockchain so that i can have a backup present when something like this situation arises

“Multiple entry points.”

This is a game-changer for social media. Twitter has become very biased in the content they allow- yesterday people lost hundreds or even thousands of followers in what is being tagged as #TwitterBlockOut. I personally lost 100. I’ll have to set up an account on busy.org. Thanks for this valuable information!!

good writing..

Great times are ahead for Steemit.com as it punches through the top 1000 in the Alexa ranking.

I agree with you that nothing will happen to a blockchain as the evidence is with Bitcoin for the past nine years. Upvoted!

Funny enough, I actually experienced the same thing not too long but all my thought was that it could either be my browser or my network provider, but it couldn't have been my network provider because I able to access other websites.

Because Steemit.com is not the same as the Steem blockchain!

Steemit.com is just a website that allows you to communicate with the Steem blockchain.

Thanks for the insight!
But does it mean Steem blockchain does not have an official website?

Nice post men. Great work.


it clearly shows how much you are in love with this project and blockchain now even i can't think my life without it :)

I also had experience similar issue not being able to access steemit.com but I just waited now I'm glad I can access via other mediums 👌

Same for me - after Steemit.com didn't go through I reminded myself of busy and whoala - everything's working!
I guess we all trip kinda same!
Have a great day!

Sometimes I am facing this problem also. Then I am clearing all the history and cookies. But it doesn't work

this is what i try to do have seen this error many times but the beauty of steem blockchain is that we have got lots and lots of option available now :D

Always at the top thank you

Good point, can you get your data from Facebook?

its not like other for sure just imagine if we don't have this thing and seeing our funds lock in that site how worse experience that would be but decentralized power that is for everyone

I had that page"504" when I went here some minutes ago.

add your insight and your useful postings, you are very well seen in profile picture and I am new member may I join or have a congregation with you ...?

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