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For @Kus-knee (I saw you asked me).

I don't have enough upload speed here to upload a vlog so it will have to be by text.

I was talking to Ezzy yesterday and we talked for about 2-3 hours about blockchain and STEEM and everything that is going on.

I still love talking about it. I basicly had to stop because Bianca asked me too :)

But I guess there is a real need for people to keep hearing that everything is alright with blockchain and Steem in particular.

But it's something I don't understand anymore because for me it's 100% clear that things are going great regarding Steem.

I believe the growth of Steem can no longer be stopped (unless the chain breaks for Reason X).

There are now so many project utilising the Steem blockchain in their apps, frontends and communities that it's clear that it's already the most easy integratable blockchain out there.

Projects like Dtube, Dlive, Steepshot, and Dsound (and many more) show me this every single day and every day more projects are announced wanting to get in.

A particular favourite project of mine is STEEM MONSTERS (not announced, already fully working).

These guys have shown that it's possible to build an application on top of the Steem blockchain utilising the chain to link ownership of digital assets (in this case cards) to users and more impressively have made an application that doesn't rely on STEEMPOWER or upvotes to be profitable.

This last part is key because it shows that anyone with the right idea and knowledge can build a successful application on here without investing in a ton of STEEMPOWER.

There are chances for succes here for everyone and people are taking them.

It also shows that anyone that has earned STEEM on this blockchain so far through blogging has gotten this STEEM extremely easy compared to what these projects now have to do for it.

It therefor explains why earning STEEM on a individual level is getting harder and harder (I have been saying this for 18 months and it's 100% true).

So far I have seen this all coming and have been preparing for it as best I could by keeping every single STEEM I earned and growing my account. (It's the only way to keep mining STEEM at an equal rate).

Even today I'm still buying STEEM and earning STEEM while I still can.

I think selling any STEEM at this stage in the game is an enormous mistake. If you didn't sell for $7 in Jan 2018 then selling for $1 with everything that's been build since then and what has been annouced makes no sense.

Selling a 1000 STEEM for $1000 will most likely not change your life (definitely not where I live) but a 1000 STEEM has the potential to definitely change your life if you make it work for you today.

Ever since the release date of the SMT's (March 2019) and the new HF20 (sep 25th 2018) it's 100% clear where this blockchain is going.

STEEM will be the most important token on this Blockchain because of the RC system (read: @steemitblog).

SMT's will empower all the projects on the blockchain to create their own token and add their own value to it (Being a self employed person for most of my life I know how important this feeling is. Their is nothing better than adding value to yourself (SMT) instead of adding value to a company (STEEM), ps. not a 100% accurate comparison but I hope I explained the sentiment).

Also SMT's will be the new way to reward content creators. (STEEM as a reward token is currently no longer sufficient).

HF20 will allow easy on boarding of users and this is key.

In a day and age where nobody has time a two week signup process is extremely outdated.

HF20 will allow Projects (STEEMPOWER holders) to onboard their own users and with a lot of projects already running on the blockchain I expect an influx of new users because we don't have to rely on STEEM inc to verify everyone.

And there you have it.

The roadmap for Steem has never been more clear than it is today.

All you have to do is have fun and watch it all unfold over the next 6-12 months.

I think it will be a sight to behold.

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Oooooh I feel so much better now. I can breath again and my IQ went up by 20 points.

Upvoted 100% and resteemed!


same here haha i can breath again Thanku so much@exyle i wonder you seen my reply under kussnee comment or not ?


We got an answer!


yup sir glad to hear that your iq went to 20 i think for me it really improved what i was thinking i was thinking the same that we need to hold a little bit more for the best time ...


Haha, thanks :)

Hi exyle. You have a few valid points and I like the way you think. I agree one can do more with a thousand Steem than just selling it. I do like your future valuation though.

Completely agree with what you're saying here. I don't understand the negativity some people have.

It almost seems like there are new projects popping up every week on the Steem blockchain. If only one of them ever goes viral, imagine what that would do to Steem's popularity.

I also think Steem Monsters has a great chance of achieving that.

Great summary of what's going on, as always @exyle. Thanks for taking the time to write it out again. 😁

All great points @exyle. I wrote a post, do not overlook what the Bench team is doing. They are going to be adding a ton of open source, steem based software and manuals for anyone to use.

The STEEM fork that they did was for the right reasons. So, in my view, we have two teams working on making STEEM better.

Spot on article.

Super great to receive your blog this morning @exyle! As always for me it's pleasant consistency i appreciate. I feel 100% confident in STEEM as well. Perhaps sending out some positive steem vibes on the blockchain would help ppl feel better about the direction it's heading.

I think selling any STEEM at this stage in the game is an enormous mistake.

That’s true! And I plan to hold my hardly deserved Steem for looong time period. Unfortunately, there are many people here on steemit platform making this silly mistake by powering down and eventually selling. Some may not have a choice, but some just lost their hope for steemit future and stopped believing. That’s a huge mistake. I’ve seen people quoting “I’m not f..... selling my SP” and at the same time they are powering down. That’s even worse!!!


"Some may not have a choice..."

I believe there is always a choice, my friend. :)

Great thoughts! I just pulled the trigger last week and started buying some STEEM to move into SP. I am super excited about it. I got thinking about how my LTC was just sitting there not doing anything for me while I waited for the price to go back up. I figured why not move it into STEEM and at least let it work for me. I am excited about the future of Steemit!

I always enjoy reading on the bright future of the stem block chain and all associated platforms. You summarized it very well. SMT projects like actifit and steemhunt are already distributing tokens to contributors and we look forward to many more like these. We are in for an exciting time ahead :)

@exyle how can I get in touch with you? Is there an e-mail I can reach you on? Thanks. Tomas


Hey man, you can reach me on Discord (Exyle#6516) or Steemchat = exyle.

great great sir

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@kus-knee is a great photographer. She has seen many pictures of her. She can take pictures very beautifully

The amount of projects for the steem blockchain has been impressive lately and SMTs aren't even a thing yet.

I am lucky to live in this moving time and to experience so many wonderful things! Thank you, I'm learning a lot here.

Agreed with you exyle the best thing you said here why should we sell for 1$ when we didnt or ( missed ) the 7$ rate up in january ... we need to hold and pray to God May God increase and gives us another time ...

Thank you very much for writing this blog.. This article will be very helpful for all.It will help to boost up our confidence level.

Indeed I believe that steemit has a bright future as well. Nothing holding it back. There are a lot of entities to steam that make it special and unique from other platforms. Full steam ahead

I agree with you

Finally great to read to read this blog @kus-knee deserve a shout out today hhaha :D steem is going to be amazing just keep holding

Follow me on steemit please.... 😫😫

what an amazing place this is!! just speechless