Finding meat heaven in Lisbon!

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I worked really hard to get in shape for Steemfest and it's a good thing I did because by now I probably lost the 12 weeks of gains before arriving here :)

But it's worth it. My goodness the food is good here.

Everyday we have an awesome breakfast in the hotel with anything you could possibly want.

All the other food and drinks have been free so far as well.

Yesterday was the first day we had an opportunity to explore Lisbon and it's a really nice city.

But at night we went to a restaurant Bianca found on google and it was like heaven!

Snapseed 2.jpg

The restaurant was located around 15 minutes walking from the hotel hidden in a dodgy side street you would normally avoid.

Snapseed 14.jpg

Snapseed 6.jpg

The first thing you see upon entering the restaurant is this! That gets your hopes up.

Snapseed 8.jpg

I got a quick glance at the kitchen and saw this pro going at it.

Snapseed 3.jpg

We sat down and were immediately served food in the form of this lovely cheese as a pre dinner snack.

Snapseed 7.jpg

Ezzy and I studied the menu and settled for a Butcher Steak.

Snapseed 10.jpg

The anticipation was real.

Snapseed 15.jpg

Nothing worse than ordering a steak in a restaurant and looking forward to it but onces it arrives at your table it's in the form a 3 bite snack. (And you already know you have to hit KFC later.) Then this arrived....o my..


Snapseed 9.jpg

Then Bianca's steak arrived and I couldn't help feeling sad. It looked twice as big! But then it turned into happiness when she said: 'I will never be able to finish that!'.

Snapseed 12.jpg

I looked to my right and Ezzy had gone quiet. He was already working his way through his steak. I got to work too. The steak was cooked to perfection. Real rare! The meat tasted awesome. When I finished mine Bianca gave me half of hers. It was heaven.


I once read that if you eat a kilo of chocolate you will get high from it. I think the same applies to steak. It's been a while since I felt this full but in the most happiest of ways. Bianca took this picture I think it says enough. I love this place.

Snapseed 11.jpg


Man those steaks can only be served in heaven! I would be in tears as well! Can't imagine life without meat! Make sure you say hi to your friends there and enjoy jet another day in heaven!

@exyle you reminded me of the old commercials I watched as a kid. "Beef it's what's for Dinner"...........

Wow... The steak looks incredibly delicious...Enjoy your stay in Lisbon!

Yup, pics are awesum!!

Enjoy the fun while it lasts, the gym awaits your return :))

wonderful and amazing pictures of restaurant bianca and its special food you shared, no doubt looking a meat really enjoyed there well in lisbon in steem fest 2. its good that you take care of your health by eating healthy food, i like that, my best wishes for you dear @exyle, once again appreciate for taking such a nice shots.
Steem On...!

A great adventure and I see that you were satisfied with the steak and ate at ease. When visiting Lisbon, we will also need to visit this restaurant :) Thanks @exyle

Great post friend you take a good meal, I hope one day come to Honduras very soon I will post you a a roasted meat from here, big with
plantain or green banana slices.

Upon arrival, you will again have to go to the gym, But judging by the photo it's worth it.

fantastic post my friend, it's nice to see you guys finally deciding to explore the Lisbon and yes Bianca finds a perfect place for the dinner, wow that hotel looks incredible and perfectly clean and calm and that pre dinner snack looks amazing, i also like the steam it's color is wonderful and it looks so yummy and delicious, yes your photograph tells the story that you really enjoy your dinner and visit to the hotel, have a very cheerful and joyful steemfest2 ahead my friend, Stay happy and thanks for sharing.

Excellent post with very delicious and tasty foods. Also awesome visualization. You`re really enjoying and fun in Lisbon steemfest2 conference. You have make hungry to me shown this photo shots.
Great effort @exyle.

Your eyes are glazed over like you are in the zone! Loooks great. Glad you are having a good time. 🐓🐓

You do look outrageously happy, I will eager it's because you got the half from Bianca too!

Looks amazing!
Portugal has incredible dishes the next time i invite you to taste the Franceshina which is one of the most famous dishes here.
Spanish food it's also amazing too.
I hope you enjoyed your journey in Lisboa! it really possible to get high from taking a lot of steak!!! mum always tell me that too much of everything is not good..i guess she is right😁😁

That 15 min walk was worth it and the steak does looks delicious and it was indeed big enough compared to other restaurant ,despite the price difference though ;)

wow!!! more testy and delicious food. I like it & also thanks for share with us.

Wonderful post,delicious food. I like it & also thanks for share with us.very good job,thanks for great sharing

You are lucky. Can you share the restaurant name?

nice momrnt ♥

Always Wait For Your Post Man.

nice, that food is looking good.. you worked hard so you can enjoy the moment.. have fun in Lisbon and have a safe trip home.

You look indeed very happy!! I'm so glad you have a wonderful time in Lisbon.

AMAZING photo and wonderful post @exyle thanks for sharing

This is not fair,am salivating
Have fun guys
Rock it

Omg! Those steak made me hungry, I'm craving steak now 😢. Those meat looks very high quality! Im glad that you enjoyed the trip/ explore. Congrats for losing weight. Get sexy! Cheers! :)

Brilliant photo captures with nice article you sharing @exyle. You all of really having fun and enjoyed there happily. Nice hotel locations in Lisbon Portugal. Nice arrangements also wonderful landscaping area. I stunning all of your activities. I know all of you`re really tired this moment. Hopefully waiting what to do next task @exyle.

Cool, chilling after steemfest 2. It is needed.

Well my friend you r enjoy your trip . It's great

Fantastic moments with very delicious & sweet food.
You have fun there better.
Have a great day..

Yummy delicious food! You looks so beautyful man @exyle
I'm so glad you have a wonderful time in Lisbon. Have a nice day.

Amazing post really nice & mind touch blog😁..I like this👌.Re-steem😍😍

Great, ı am hungery now..

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Wow...that steak looked so delicious. The picture of you waiting for the food is just hilarious. I laughed so hard. Wishing you all the best...keep enjoying your time in Lisbon :)

The best thing for me : awesome breakfast in the hotel with anything you could possibly want.

Thanks for Share your good life story. bla bla

That steak tho! And the last picture of tou is pretty epic too! Ha ha!

Delicious! Had a great time! Thank you for the beautiful pictures! Have a nice stay!

and this is from me

Thanks,..... now Im HuNGRY!!! And just food is not good now,.... I NEED that steak !!!!

a very interesting post success @exyle
help Upvote @bustamam

@exyle you just making people to droll over this meat and steaks and bread hahaha

you seem to be happy after finding that a delight to find that in lisbon :D

Looks delicious and it looks that you will carry 10 KG weight along with your suitcases from Lisbon to Netherlands :D

Yeahh..this is more like it..give us some food pics man..haha.

Good to see you enjoying outside of steemfest as well.

you are making me [email protected]!!!😭😭

Oh I think I know how you felt whenever you got to know that you might get some more steak from Bianca 😊 I could actually get one as well again the next days 🤔

Hahha you loose weight for steem fest?? :D BTW it's good to be in shape ;)

Last picture of yours is so funny :D

Sorry 2nd Last :p

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

Wow meal is so delicious

Wow dude that's awesome! I think you guys went to a heaven :D It's huge but delicious meat experience! Thank you very much for sharing such great article with us! Enjoy well!


Se me hizo agua la boca de solo ver las fotos... Bueno, creo que iré a tomarme mi sopa jajaja.

A great adventure ... thanks for sharing

A perfect steak like that can make anyone happy. It looks so beautiful!

waw what a great place! 12 weeks huh, you'll have to blog alot the next weeks haha.

Glad your enjoying the food in my country @exyle wish I was still there after steemfest

Food looking so yummy feeling to have a taste !! thanks

Meaty & delicious!

streak kooks yummy I am sure you enjoyed. Have a nice time in Lisbon.I loved Portugal and everything about

Now THAT's a steak!! This must be the one you guys told us about the night we met on the way back to the hotel. It looks delicious and cooked perfectly too!