Finding a Bitcoin accepted sign in my local shopping mall and later a unexpected crypto dinner.

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Today I had to go to a small shopping center not too far from my house.

My key broke recently and I had to have it replaced.

I went to the shopping center with Bianca.

While walking to the key shop we came across this bed shop.

It had a very recognizable sign in the window.

I was well surprised!

Bitcoin accepted! In this small town! Fantastic!

If I had more time I would have gone in and inquire because I want to know more.

I'll go back there when I have more time.

I would like to know the story behind the sign.

But anyway, it's little things like this in my 'real' life that show me crypto is slowly becoming more accepted.

I think that's very cool.


Later that day I had a dinner with Ronald.

Now, I don' t think I ever mentioned him before.

He's one of my brother's friends but I have known him for a very long time as well and we get along great.

The reason we ended up together is that my brother had the great idea that he, his friends and me would come together on the first Tuesday of March to eat ribs.

A great idea to stay in touch.

Because for some reasons when you get older this gets harder and harder.

Sadly, when push came to shove almost everyone canceled for reason X.

Ronald and I were the only one left and we decided to roll with it.

It was a lot fun.


Ronald is a very smart guy and he told me he got into crypto around a year ago.

He invested in some projects but nothing major.

What I liked is that he was interested in blockchain in general and the technics behind it.

It's just different from the generic 'Mark, What do I need to buy (to make massive profits)?"

I could explain the difference between POW, POS and the DPOS systems (the one we have here on the steem blockchain) for instance.

And that's what I enjoy.

Explaining things to someone that wants to know.

And all this over ribs and a beer!

Could be worse :)

I love these unexpected little gems in life.

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That is so cool.m, I can’t wait till there are more places accepting it and I’ll be like bitcoin please :D

Can't believe they cancel on the ribs. taste so good.
Anyway enjoy and keep spreading the knowledge of steem.

Great how the acceptance of cryptocurrencies is expanding worldwide colleague @exyle. Here in Venezuela it is adapting among people.

I give you the idea of going to the store and see if you can get an interview with the owner... To find out how he knew the cryptocurrencies, why he accepts them as a means of payment and what is his opinion or vision about them.

How great to be able to eat and drink beers... and also talk about cryptocurrencies. Just today (about an hour ago) I was explaining to the parents of a friend how Steemit works and the cryptocurrencies... Now they want to join our community hahaha.

Greetings and a hug my friend ;)

Wow that's amazing! I wish one day I could see the same thing at my country too! So far I didn't see, but that's what I wish to see the most!


This is so cool! I hope there will be more stores that will accept Bitcoin payment.

I hate when people cancel at the last minute, though they might have valid reason. Too bad they missed some ribs.😄

Very nice to see that sign in a window. With BTC fees so low lately I think we will see more and more of these signs. Looking forward to wider adaption in the real world.

Nice you also got to have a meal with someone that understands blockchain. Haven't really found anyone other then my Brother Inlaw that does, at best everyone else bought some BTC and think that means they understand what blockchain is.

I hope the fact they are accepting bitcoin is just the beginning.

Crypto as a way of making transactions should end up taking over everywhere. Especially since there are better blockchains than bitcoin in that department, like for example steem :D

Noway! Did you eaten those FAMOUS spicy oriental spiced spare ribs?

possibly :)

A small food stall at my place also accepting bitcoin. It convicted me that the future of cryptocurrencies will still glow even there's still some issues with the government and banks.


I've spent lots of time on Steemit during the last 3 months (since I am here). I often see things that go on here critically. Your post was a great reminder, that the whole crypto-community is still a small one. And that there are not only people in it who use it for speculation, but also people who want to follow higher ideals and a positive change for the world. That's encouraging me to keep my faith up! Thank you.

Slow and steady wins the race so it makes it that much better when we see those signs everywhere because then people know that it took a lot of consideration to be accepted.

It's sad that everybody ditched the ribs, but at least you got to provide some valuable insight about the blockchain, which is just as great

I admire the store, but would question anyone who would trade bitcoin for a bed. Curious...

LOL! I guess it depends on how many you have :)

Massive profits! Hehe.

That's smashing that there is a bed shop that accepts BTC! I would be buying beds as gifts! :0)

Good to know about bitcoin making ways.
The whole world must speak the language of cryptocurrency. A lots of places are now accepting it as a means of transactions. I knew little about it before my time here on steemit, but now I am learning a lot about it from different authors on this platform,i love reading about it, because I want to have the knowledge of how it operates. Ensure you invite me along with you next time you are having such a nice time... Smile

Rolling with ribs is always a good idea. I wish I had spent more time with crypto a year ago, but there are always new projects coming up to take a shot at. I'm just waiting for the right opportunity.

That bitcoin sign must have been a good surprise, here in Africa I live for the day I see such a sign. Great to see u enjoying some lovely ribs and beer over crypto talk. Have a great night- its 2am here and I couldnt sleep so I got onto steemit :)

The cryptographic world is already living with us, more and more people are accepting bitcoin as a means of payment, that is great to transmit confidence, for the unbelievers.
What a good idea to maintain friendships through a scheduled dinner, as far as possible you have to keep the links, the dishes look very delicious.
thank you very much dear friend @exyle for sharing this information.
I wish you a happy rest

Awesome to see cryptocurrency more widely accepted. Thanks for sharing! I'm curious to find out more about the sign as you said. I'll follow you and watch for an update.

You broke your key gym must be going well lol or awkward door opening, wow that is amazing they would except bitcoin in such a place good find @exyle and yes it does get hard to see your buddies its so sad.

that is awesome

Bitcoin accepted! In this small town! Fantastic!

It’s a great feeling to hear news like this. It definitely assures me that I’m at the right place. Your friend Ronald is definately not too late if he got into crypto a year ago. He is getting nice profits I bet. BTW: I love 🥩 and 🍻. I’m sure you had a great time with your friend.

Very cool, you should also check out arnhem sometime, you can pay with bitcoin almost anywhere :D

wow it's great to hear that cryptos are adopted by shopkeeper's now and this proves that cryptos are growing and it will soon become viral sort of thing and we able to buy anything directly with cryptos, well it's also nice to see that you having a fantastic time with your friend ronald and yes this is first time you mentioned him here and it's nice to meet him, he no doubt has awesome smile, thanks for sharing your life experiences with us friend and wish you a fantastic week ahead, Stay blessed

Today I had to go to a small shopping center not too far from my house.

Crypto is gaining acceptance gradually. It's just a matter of time.

What I liked is that he was interested in blockchain in general and the technics behind it.

Great story with you buddy Ronald. Trust you had fun

this is really cool, a really great clear sign that with time peaople will accept cryptocurrency. thank you.

Oh yeah, that's great news, my friend, and once again convinced that it becomes more and more places and countries to accept Bitcoin and this can only please! Agree, it would be great if you found the Steem logo instead of Bitcoin! Thank you Mark.

I haven't see any picture of Bianca. Care to share sir 😀

That's great! Adoption is key to the success of cryptocurrencies. Once more smaller businesses get on board the larger ones will become more open to accepting it as a form of payment.

not seen any shop were I live accept bitcoin as yet , whether it will take off in many shops remain's to be seen

It is really nice to hear your story. Did you make your spicy oriental spiced spare ribs today

Dude that is awesome. I'm waiting to find one of those in the wild

Excellent post as always. Steem is best for me. I updated on IRS style of taxation and German view, guess it will also affect users of steem? Check my updated post in it to get better insight. Tks for sharing

I love you sir and I love your posts

It should be more shops where you can pay with Bitcoin.
Cryptocurrency is the future!
Thank you for sharing your experience.

Thanks for great story..i appreciate this writing.i like this life...

Bitcoin a virtual money

Ribs and beer sounds epic. Did you persuade Mark to join Steemit? (if he hasn't already)

It is encouraging to know this....I strongly believe that in the nearest future crypto currency will be accepted everywhere in the world.
Hope you enjoyed your meal @exyle

Thats pretty cool, its a sign that the world as a whole is beginning to accept cryptocurrencies...The future will be different, thats for sure!

A lot can happen while having ribs and beer.
Great to see bitcoin being accepted is shops.
While going for jewelry shopping with my mom in Bangalore, i also happened to visit a store that accepted bitcoins:)

That's a rare encounter for now. But later this year crypto become part of our daily payment tender. Oh gosh, how I wish. xD;

@exyle sir your pros and cons in blockchain join our discord

ya ya, ini kisah yang bagus,,, semangat terus ya kawan

LOVE the pay with Bitcoin sign and dinner looked delicious, thanks for sharing that with the community.

This is simply awsome......

Yes it is fun and it is ok if cryptocurrencies are accepted in every way just as you buy your new key at the shop unexpectedly bitcoin is accepted

I was wondering the same question.. if you found an answer, I’d appreciate replying to Me in any of My bligs or here is nice too.

Nice post I like it

every day the cryptocurrency takes over the world, this comes to revolutionize

Bitcoin has come to stay. So does many other cryptocurrencies. I believe bitcoin should would be generally accepted.
Recently, i watched a video where money was withdrawn from an ATM machine via a bitcoin wallet. Although it was a test-run by the company so sooner or later ATM machine would be everywhere

it's a great perk that your best friend does, and it's rare to meet anywhere else, it's a great effort to advance the exchange of bigkoin
thanks for sharing your friends

Fantastic!! Hope for the best for bitcoin. It would accepted in more shops one day.

It's really good to know that crypto is getting accepted locally. Thanks so much for sharing. And nice concluding story.

cool bro happy to know some store is accepting bitcoin payment.☺

Wow that is epic bitcoin is now coming everywhere this is really cool :D

wow great food enjoyed and seeing the bitcoin accepted logo there was such a cool thing too nice day you had :)

@exyle nothing better than Good Friends, Good Food, and a BITCOIN Accepted here sign.......Mark. looking forward to a future post explaining what the store was selling for accepting Bitcoin..............

Nice time spent with Ronald great talks and nice food to enjoy :)
awesome day

I hate how people back out on the last minute plan and i'm already all dressed up and everything.

But on the brightside i'm glad BTC is getting more 'mainstream' - side note, is your friend Mark on Steemit as well? if not he definitely should consider to join!

That was a great rolling time to have fun super cool things spotted along the way :)

good post Sen manyak bi adamsın deli gibi para kazanıyorsun bizede bi el at beee

I am also pretty excited when I see crypto in the "real" world which happened a few weels ago in supermarket.

bitcoin should now be accepted everywhere that's amazing to see its so nice nice time spent there

Sounds like a lovely evening. and how cool was that a bed shop excepting bit coin :D soon there will be that option in every store

Crypto is definitely growing more and gaining more acknowledgment and acceptance with time. Also, I agree with you- talking to someone and giving him/ her knowledge when he/ she is eager to learn feels so awesome. I find it very inspiring when people actually want to learn something and are ready to listen to someone speak.

amazing post,,enjoy yourself

Good posting

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