Eating ribs with my brother talking about crypto.

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I had dinner with my brother this evening.

We want to see each other more often because in the past this has slipped a bit.

Now we go out for a bite from time to time and that's very nice.

Just 1 on 1 as brothers.

Of course because of my recently new adventure on the blockchain we have more common ground to talk about.

Before it was me in IT and him in finance.

Now we can talk about crypto and also about investments.

It's a lot of fun.

Snapseed 3.jpg

My brother has become a member of Steemit not long ago and he also (to my surprise) started blogging.

His name is @look4balance and he blogs about finance from time to time.

I think one of the biggest question he is trying to solve for himself is to find out what the value is of a crypto currency (including a STEEM token).

When you value a company you have many indicators to look at but this doesn't always work for a cryptocurrency. read his thoughts here.

Of course, he is not the only one that struggles with that question, many people do, including myself.

I have no experience in finance but luckily I do have a lot of experience with crypto currencies.

I have been using them for a long time and the way I rate them is pretty basic. I compare them to each-other. I look how well they work and if they serve a use case.

This is one of the reason I don't invest much in ICO's for instance. Most are on the Ethereum blockchain (that can't scale yet) and most of them don't do anything (no use case). (There is of course a lot of future potential and I think that drives the price.)

STEEM on the other hand works, has a use case and it can scale. It's what made me invest in the first place.

Now, The STEEM blockchain is growing and has a lot of active development and a clear vision where it wants to go.

But...truth be told I have no idea how one would calculate what that is worth in USD.

For me that is for the market to decide and I can live with that uncertainty.

Maybe that's a difference between my brother and I :)

I love these evening with my brother and I look forward to the next one.

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  ·  last year (edited)

I did follow your brother from time to time.

This is the most legit question ever ask about crypto.
Where is the valuation come from?
Aware of fiat establishment, it is a different ball game.
Crypto moves mostly by emotions and a use case like you said previously.
By the way Family first, glad you take this moment to show how important is this bond.
Keep on steemin'

Ribs and crypto. What a combo!

I agree with your sentiments on Steem, in that it is unique, can scale, and is being used by thousands already. Sky’s the limit?

Time will tell.

I have 1 brother and don’t see him much, but had a great ski trip with him 2 weeks ago. Was great fun.

Cheers, thanks for posting!

Like you and your brother, crypto has brought my brother and I closer :) Steemit is such a great platform and watching STEEM grow has been amazing as well as learning from others here on the Steemit community. Definitely following as I know there's a lot I can learn from your posts. Lovely Tuesday to you!

Wow. Looks like a great time. It's nice having Steem buddies.

I'm really excited about STEEM growing.

By the way, ribs are one of my favourite meals.

I eat it at one restaurant in my hometown, where they bake it in marinara of honey and serve it with potatoes.

It has to be one of the tastiest things ever.


I like ribs too :)

That is the same question I always ask myself when i see specific people choose their coins - do they choose the crypto's based on their whitepaper? Their CEO? Their social media presence?

Anyways, its hard to see brothers get along these days - i'll make sure to show some love and go follow him :)

Dinner out with your brother and your favourite food too. How awesome is that? I think it's great and now you have Steemit in common...

Great to share some quality time with your brother (and family in general). With your talk about crypto and him about investments, the only way is to get down and dirty and the best compliment to that is with a stack of ribs!
We put "value" of a crypto currency in terms of USD, which is what attracts people, but the real value is in its knowledge, technology and use.
It's an interesting comment about ICOs and there is a real problem there. There are ICOs happening left, right and center! Which ones are a) actually real and b) is different from the rest and worth investing in. There's a lot of future potential as you say, but equally a lot where investors get burnt. Stay real, due your research and due diligence. You can't crack all the good eggs, but prevent yourself from getting the bad ones.

Good stuff, man. It's great when you have someone to talk about your crypto passion. Especially if they share that passion with you.

good post, will definitly check your brother, would like to ask him some stuff to get the finance guy view point...
I know you said you don't like investing into ICOs, but you should check out refereum man, great ties with twitch(top streaming platform) and fortnite (one of the top games atm), they are still in ico and you can get a airdrop for free, i would post my referral but don't want to be flagged for it...


We already have Dlive. It's functioning and getting better every time.


True, still, getting into refereum, getting the free tokens, selling the tokens and buying steem, win win scenario xD


Time out with family is usually a memorable time especially now that you and your brother have a common ground and liked passion created by crypto. I guess the sitout was haha haha!

And I think your brother will be able to master how steemit works having you hangout with him and discuss about it from time to time. Also bringing in his expertise on finance down here. .. His success can be bomb!

Cheers to him

How does he like it now ? I remember when you first were even talking to him about joining this paltform


He enjoys it when he has the time!

That's a lovely picture! Thank you for sharing the link to his article "Blog 5: What is value? Traditional versus Crypto". That article is really amazing.

Bonding with your sibling is always the best especially if you have a common interest. Nice to meet you @look4balance. Since your both from different fields before its nice that you now both are discussing cryptos. :)
Thank you for sharing this @exyle. :)


Thank you!

It is always good to have a space for family dining and much more when there are two topics to talk about on a table, as you said one is the cryptocurrencies and their active incidences in our lives the other issue is Steemit and as more and more our time.
The dishes look delicious, Here in my province of Corrientes Argentina we are very carnivorous, I must admit that it gave a terrible desire to eat a barbecue
I wish you a wonderful day dear friend @exyle

Hey Mark that's very nice. My brother and I used to do that. And wish we did now, I miss those days but we are 1,000 miles apart. So it's hard to get together for dinner lol

Anyway, it's good to hear your confidence in Steem. I am still learning more about it everyday.

Btw, I am Following your brother now ( as well as you) . Thanks for the heads up in your Post about him .

And thank you for your post.

P.S. I do apologize if this is not proper protocol but I did a piece earlier tonight based on you and @Terrybrock YT video on "the Grind". I talk about "the Grind". Of course I give you credit in my Post and I want to thank you for explaining this and bringing it to light. It makes total sense :)

Check my article out if you get a chance at my blog. Thank you for any consideration.

And keep up the great work. Really solid stuff :)

Excellent post friend and it's nice to see you going out for an outing with your brother and i like cryptos because it give me freedom to use money and it also remove the possibilities of any third party and i also prefer to use steem blockchain because it is simply the best blockchain present on Internet and it is also super fast, honestly i never experience such lightening fast trx processing in any other blockchain, wish you a very cheerful and joyful week ahead friend, Stay awesome

It's fun discussing the price action now because when crypto will have a market cap worth trillions, I don't think the price will move that dramatically anymore.

you're brother has a great mentor..;-) for sure he did not sell after the last month RED days... You have seen it all

That's the main reason I don't really do ICOs either, the thing they are raising money for often just isn't there is likely to be and well, you did it... Ethereum!!

Its getting harder these days to keep in contact with family being so busy its nice you had the opportunity and can now also talk about Steemit together, I like your analogy on where you see value in crypto currencies and the thoughts on ICO's @exyle

Keep up the good work gentlemen; Steemit is awesome....

I am looking forward to Steemfat5! 😉

Leave your brother out of this bubble!! Hahahaha
Welcome @exyle brother aka @look4balance.

It's nice that crypto is able to bridge both you and your brother's interests. I know it's tough to communicate sometimes when interests between loved ones move in different directions.

I will follow you @look4balance ... Good appetite to you friends
Bro I need your help : in morning I and some people, have been attacked " flag " by unknown people . Can you help me with just one upvote ? if you want of course my friend


Your Bother looks intelligent,, I believe he must have a beard too.
Personally I am very optimistic about the future of Steem despite the big dump in cryptocurrency market these days. A lot of development has been done and a lot of new users joining everyday.
wishes for the best of the best

Loved the post @exyle ! I'm sure that the steemit network will go through the roof. Love that your having good time with your brother. Keep up the good work! BTW you would look kinda similar to your brother without the beard and glasses.

It's good once I'm a while to be with family and maintain that bond. But what is ribs pls??

spending time with family is a great habbit

family work

God bless Exyle

I want some ribs now. lol Looks like a very good sized serving. Congrats on being able to spend time with your family. :)

I wish I had a brother to talk about all these themes.
Only my dog listens when I talk about crypto. Not even sure if he loves it, probably he is waiting for me to give him some food lol.

Cheers for the both of you, i remember my bonding with my brother to this post..

having family member on steemit sound great,, u got something in common to talk about , i will have a look at his page to say welcome to steemit big family

Bro what it ribs???

After carefully seen your post, I'm going on so much crazy. And analysed that the magical portion of grow up steem. I'm totaly excited about this.

Steemit is steemit. It will never die.
Grow up non stop.
I'm stop here, cause that is your ribs times. Now i'm cool down and You may take eat full round..

I can really relate to this post because I have a brother. Just one for that matter. Although we are schooling in different cities, we still communicate and it gets much better when we're back home together dining.
@exyle I'm smiling at this post and wishing I could dine with my brother too right now ☺

It’s good to have common interest with your siblings,, he blogs about finances wow I will definitely follow you @look4balance

I worry about the $530 million thefts and the bad press cryptos are getting. Something like that could turn a currency on its back if it doesn't have the spine to keep growing. How do you think Steem would react in the short and long run to such an incident?
Cheers bro.


When you introduce finance people to crypto, their first reaction is: it's a bubble, too much volatility, bla bla bla...

very good

It's good to have a different perspective on things. It's interesting that he knows about business but you're the one with all the knowledge of crypto currencies which are one of the most popular things in business right now.

Everyday I get on Steemit and there is something new about the value of Steem. I haven't been on Steemit for too long, but I am really optimistic about the future here. We first started when it was over $10 and now it is under $5. Is there any actual way to predict whether it goes up or down, or just enjoy the speculation 🙃

Eat With family, a very beautiful moment

Steem definitely to the over the moon.

That's pretty cool to know thanks for the tips by the way, have a nice..

Reminds me of my constant conversation with my sister about cryptocurrencies, blogging and Steemit. I started out earlier than her and she has so many questions about how's and what's. Well, I don't know a lot so we both research, find and talk about our findings. Aahh the beauty of crypto and Steemit, making siblings closer and richer together.

It's good to be with friends and family, enjoy your dinner @exyle,

great.. I think, there is no friend in this world is as good as brother.
thanks @exyle:-) for your great post

Spend time with your own brother, it is very fun, I want to join you, but I like to read your blog is enough, thanks for sharing, and one more thing I am newcomer, and I have followed @look4balance

steem grows and grows and grows and....? interesting 2018

When we friend met before our topic was only about girls!! Now time changes. Girls becomes cryptos!!

Mark @exyle It is good to see that your Family is Close. I am sure your Brother and you will always have good things to talk about.

wow well done nice story ..... i like it.
keep it up .... thanks for shareing

I wish I get to discuss Steemit business with my sister like you two do, so envious right now.

Its is really very enviable to have someone almost like yourself to chat about things with, @look4balance's concept on time value of money is so true that I suddenly need a mentor😭😭😭

To get together with family members is sure great and if it happens often that is even more great !And as for crypto market uncertainty is sure the thing that we all have to face and Steem sure is a great token and the history f it is sure great and hope in the coming days more improvement will be on the way !

Two brothers brought together by an interest in the blockchain, love it!

Great person always busy with his/her job.
I think you are great. Cause you never would not lose your valueable time. "Fact:- case of ribs time"
God blesse you

There's no other love like a love of a brother...i'm glad you guys had good times

Have fun with family whenever you can. I haven't seen my brother in a year and this make me feel like flying home right away.

Truth be told, the crypto market is one full of uncertainty, there're almost no clear indicators so we just have to have a little faith in the market.

@exyle This is great :) Spending time with special people is also an investment of trust. Best wishes - @splendorhub

  ·  last year (edited)

thank you for the story of your life, and thank you for sharing it with us, a story that inspires me to know more about steemit
@beureugek for @exyle

Loads of interesting talks about crypto and having such great dinner is a good idea ;)

Great meeting it was with your brother a nice discussion and fruitful talks that's bro love :)

OMG ...... perfect team i guess

Sometimes it is not easy to convince famliy members on something new. Well done mate.

Thats nice bro you having a good time

I do have a sister here in steemit as well. She was actually the one who introduced steemit to me. I hope,we could bond over some steak and would be talking about crypto or steemit too.


Bringing families together for 24 moons!