Eagle eye Vision!

in life •  6 months ago

Today I went to Rotterdam to have new lenses put into my glasses.

I have been exited about this ever since I was told I would have eagle eye vision :)

I got in the store and was greeted by the nice optician.

She sat me down and went to work on my glasses.

Just 5 minutes later she was done.

She put the glasses on my head and the world changed completely.

The world became so sharp that I didn't know what to do with myself.

The amounts of detail I could see is sort of hard to describe.

I felt sort of lost in the store just looking at things.

She told me it could be a while before I got used to them completely.


I got home after a pretty sharp car ride (looking at all the number plates) and sat behind my computer.

Then I noticed something very odd.

The monitor was no longer straight.

It seemed to run inwards towards the bottom (like it was bend).

I went to the TV and noticed the same.

I then looked at several square objects around the house.

One of them a big old wooden chest.

With glasses it was so sharp I could see all the little details in the wood but it was 'bend'.

Without glasses it turned in to a more blurry box but straight.

I decided to call her up and explain what I was seeing.

She said it was normal and it will go away in time.

(While I'm writing this it has gotten less but it's still there, I hope she is right).

I went to the park to walk the dog.

It was magical.

The leaves of the trees were so sharp I stopped at times to look them.

I think the last time I looked at trees this intensly was when I was high on mushrooms years and years ago!

I was also surprised by the amount of depth I could see.

It was just cool. I was enjoying myself.

It started to rain half way which was nice because it's bloody boiling in the Netherlands.

I stood in the rain for 5 minutes enjoying the sight while Trevor was doing his thing.


When I got home I lid the green egg.

My dad was here too and we had a great meal.



Now after having these new specs on my head for about 9 hours my eyes are bloody tired.

Seeing all the details is hard work and I guess my brain is making overtime adjusting to a new world.

The optician asked me to give her call in a week to see how I am doing.

I hope by then everything is straight again!

What I am gonna do is enjoy every moment of my new vision.

You often get used to new things rather rapidly and it becomes the new norm after a while.

Enjoying the time before you get there is important.

And I will!

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Meal looks really great and glad to know that now you see the the world with sharpen vision.. congrats!

May be it always happen for new specs user. But when adjusted it looks like a miracle.World is so beautiful. You are looking so handsome. Good to see your dad. Foods are also delicious. Thanks @exyle.

I use specs from six standard. Obviously it was transparent. When I wore it seemed Somewhere elevated and somewhere low of ground. After some days it has normal and sharp from before. That was my experience. Your's will be perfect.
Sir, You are looking so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your some sweet memories of life.

HAhahah This happens to me when I first get my specs. It's kinda weird that you came to know the actual shape of an object ;)


I'm hoping my monitor is not a sphere.


HAhaha no its not :D Its like square rectangle shape.

It is common problems if you change the lens. Your eyes and brain need a little time for adjustment. It's great that you have a sharp vision. Hopefully soon you will overcome the bend problem. Meal is great. Have a nice time @exyle


I hope so. Let's see if it changes soon.

Mark @exyle Remember something if you will. Heaven is just a new pair of glasses...............

I'm happy for you, @exyle. You've told your experience as an incredible story. I'm glad you see with affinity now.

By the way, I haven't seen that food in a while. O. Here in Venezuela we call it "Pinchos". I love it. I love it. I have to get her ready with my dad soon!! Greetings colleague :)


Hello @exyle, I am glad you can see better. Its almost like you have a new pairs of eyes, lol! Enjoy...

Now if you enjoy seeing everything, I guess it was a feeling of satisfaction to admire every minimum detail of anything you saw, I'm happy for you! I hope to read more of your experiences with your Eagle view as well as those delicious meals you prepare! Excellent photos, great work @exyle :)

This is like how I got used to Transitions Lenses. With these I have to turn my head, not just my eyes to see. It does get easier over time. Good luck with your new vision!



If you pop outside and look North West you might see me waving! :0D

Great attitude to enjoy our new vision while it's still novel @exyle.

My new glasses always take a while to get used to so hopefully everything will settle down in a few days as your optician suggested.

Glad you had a nice evening with your dad and enjoyed the rain earlier. We could do with some more here! 😊

This is awesome. There's nothing like seeing the world with new eyes, being able to enjoy the sights you have forgotten about. At times like this, you realise that the world is truly beautiful.

I believe in a week's time, the bend you experience when looking at square objects will disappear. Well, I am not an optician, so what do I know?


I am not one either. I'm hoping she's right.

How nice that your sight is so improved. It will become even better when the bending part is ruled out.


Ray #lifeisforliving



I have never won glasses but I can feel the excitement through your writing. Am sure in the coming days it will be a full 20/20 vision. Always nice to see the doggie. BTW your food looked delicious especially the skewed meat and veggies :)

Being able to see is such a big blessing, and much more able to appreciate all the details
is, this is good news dear friend / exyle, a very good decision to attend the eye doctor.
I wish you a great day

haha dude you have ignored your vision for a long time then ;)

I also had this when I received my first glasses. The church is built out of stones, the leaves EVERYWHERE !

I had my eyes lasered. No more fuss with that -6.5 , eagle eyes now with no extra tools. Wish I had done it years before


Did you have any side effects from the laser?



it has been 6 years now or so and not a day of regret.

first two weeks were a litle bit tender, using eyedrops and so, and that is it. only happy joyjoy afterwards. Thats why I wished I had done it years before, it was in and out in a couple of minutes and all of a suden there was vision again. crazy!

I was a bit concerned you would not recognize people. We have flaws you might now be able to see.


Funny you say that. The first time I got glasses I realised most peoples skin is not smooth :)

Hiii friend @exyle, congratulations for getting new vision. your wrote your whole story very well and in interesting way. you seeing all the things in odd is due to Eagle eye Vision , That's really great moments when someone passes with his father. My father has died since 18 years ago and I miss him a lot. you are lucky that you are spending time with your father. LOL.

That is such great news it must be amazing to see so details and hopefully you will appreciate those things most will take for granted while I must say I find it hard to comprehend all the bending stuff but I hope this will get sorted as the adviser suggested @exyle

I felt the same way after my cataract surgery! I could see! The colours were brighter and things were so sharp and clear. It was like I was a child seeing the world for the first time!

As a fellow nearsighted person all I can say is I'm very jealous :)

She put the glasses on my head and the world changed completely.

I’m really happy for you. It’s almost like you are discovering completely new world with all these details. Have you ever considered laser eye surgery? My brother in law used to wore lenses, after quick and safe laser surgery he doesn’t need anything. His vision is 20/20 now. Few more of my friends have done it as well.


I considered it. But I'm also a little scared.

I gave up contact lenses, glasses long time ago, my kids were little at the time in just a matter of 2 months I had to buy new glasses. I opted for laser surgery and it was the best decision I ever made not only my eye sight got to 20/20 but it haven't deteriorate since. Maybe is something you should consider

Meal looks really great and so delicious . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

How beautiful to see everything with better vision and clarity, I imagine those happy!

It's very good, I'm also happy with you, because if your eyes have healed perfectly, it will make your days will be more beautiful again, because you can enjoy the beauty of this world with good. Hopefully your eyes will get better. thank you @exyle... :)

Today I went to Rotterdam to have new lenses put into my glasses.

Wow, this is really cool, the woman actually fulfiled her promise and the glass looks smart and perfect on you. I know the woman is up to task unlike other optician you have been to.

I have been exited about this ever since I was told I would have eagle eye vision :)

You should be excited brother, it's actually a success brother, there is no part of the body that is good to be affected so I'm happy you're completed now even without your lenses.

Now you have showcase delicious meal again, won't you invite me to join you brother. It is love in Sharing.

Hahahaha,,, that's the reason for the tittle. Have fun and get use to it

that's good that you see things with optimism I think it's great and that you have a good vision loaded with good vibes, happy afternoons friend

congratulations for the new acquisition ... One of your best investments.

wow that's good news man!!

Te felicito por tus lentes nuevos, hace mucha falta, para poder trabajar en la computadora y par apreciar todos los detalles que hay a nuestro alrrededor, que los disfrutes @exyle

Lord. Is it just me or do you have us all glued to following your stories? There's just aas hint of innocence and sincerity in how you write that just makes me more curious and eager for the next post. Like now I'm already envisioning your next conversation with your optician next week. Lmao.
I need to get a life damn it.



lol...I think we always chime in for that sweet proposal when he slides his grandma's ring on Lady Bianca's finger...

Btw, that meal looks scrumptious! Agree?



Hahhaa. Yeah, the proposal is definitely sth we are all looking forward to. Delish it was he said? Looks so either way.


the proposal is definitely sth we are all looking forward to

Reallly??? I thought it was just me....lol....Ha! I'm imagining a backyard wedding with close friends and relatives, and the night before spent grilling the ribs on the Big Green Egg for the reception. Forgive me, I'm such a hopeless romantic! LOL...But, truthfully, I believe love is the greatest gift God gives us mortals, and we should let Him know we're appreciative by 'doing things right'....lol...I can hear @exyle blasting me from across the pond...lol....


That is cool brother, the glass fit you perfectly, the woman actually tried getting your matched, she couldn't be compared to other optician you have met who had recommended a lenses or two for you, according to her in your previous post you seem to have a perfect eye working even more than average human. I enjoyed this meal it looks yummy.

You wrote very beautifully. Your writing is very much like me. I am really impressed by the fact that you write your jilukhi about the real and practical experience of life. I am really impressed with your writing. I would also like to write to you as your writing. Well, hope for your next post

posts truly remarkable @exyle keep doing better again later.

Regards @hamdani01


Yes Boss @exyle every enjoying moment is one thing that is very important, continue enjoying it Boss.

Excellent news, my friend and it's very good that you began to use lenses, I hope the optician knows his business and you need to wait for the temporary errors of use to soon pass and you would enjoy these world even better. By the way meat on skewers is above all praise, well done! Thank you Mark.

Congratulations for your new glasses that will be your new eyes from now on, enjoy the moment and enjoy the new way of seeing the world in Hd hehehehe.

I had the same experience with my glasses, it is really wonderful.