Checking out land lots in Brasil.

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Bianca's dad suggested we check out some new area of the city where there are some land lots for sale.

He invest himself in lots and has done well over the years.

And as you know I do like long term investments.

A lot goes here for around 8000-10000 euro and once you have it you can build whatever you want on it.

There is less regulation here than in the Netherlands that is for sure!

This city expands pretty fast so even if you just sit on it for years the chance of it going up in value is there.

The new neighbourhood from the top


On the ground


Some houses are already being build. This is one of the more smaller ones.


In December I would have done this in a split second but things are bit more unsure now.

I like the idea of owning some land/house here for different reasons in the future.

One of them being it would make staying here for longer periods of time easier.

I will give it some thought but it sure is tempting.

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Brazil, unfortunately, will always be the country of the future! My dad used to say his grandad told him that back in the 1940s and unfortunately nothing has changed.


Nice to see you in the comment section now...

Right on!


were they the world's 8th largest economy back then?


My dad's old boss who we used to visit used to say the same about Brasil to me! Personally I feel this country has so much potential but it's just not coming out (yet).

Do you stay at Brazil long enough?.
Landed properties are always a great investment choice when you're sure the area is not included in any government future plan.


Not this time. But in the future there is more chance.

10k Steem is 100k next year?

Haha, @abh12345 is thinking along the same lines I am! Exciting! How much land do you get for that price? Are any utility services included at that price? How much are taxes?


±250m^2 according to her dad (just asked). It's just the land but water and electricity is there.


Nice. It's super cool there's no building code, and that you have access to utilities. How does sewer get managed?

Once you bought a lot there it you can build whatever you want ! Fantastic!!! Here in Italy to build something on your own land it like to climb the Everest, almost impossible! Good to know there are country where we can do it :D


Lot's of rules in the Netherlands as well.

Love this!

Go on man get a plot 😛

Tricky on current crypto feeling but land is land and advice from the the future father in law could sort you out for something there 😁


Haha! It sure is tempting.

You could buy the land, then, when you are not using it, rent it on VRBO/Air BNB, but use steem as the currency.

You get an investment.
You get extra steem
You promote steem
Steemians get a place to visit.



I like this!


It's win-win-win-win!!

That sounds really exciting @exyle. I hope you can find a way to make it work for you. As you say there are a number of good reasons to buy some.

Land is always a challenge though, since you can't make any income off it while you're waiting.

Is Bianca keen? 😊

This is a good idea.
If you can afford that long term investment,
I salute you.
I think it is a positive mindset and just for profit
it is not a bad deal.
I like the view.
Like you said, give it some thought and look
for your benefit.
One thing for sure YOU CANNOT LOSE.
You may lose value but you have a piece of land.
Take care and
Keep on postin'

Wow, great idea, @exyle! Although these things require study, I think it's a very good proposal. And although they are far away, there is Bianca's family that can take care of her. What you should check is the area, the builder and what type of urbanization they are going to have. If they don't like it in the end, they can sell it and they'll probably get a lot more out of it than they invested. There are goods that never depreciate, on the contrary they increase their value in the market! Apparently this house will be a good business. I support you! Hugs for you and Bianca

Look at all that land and earth in a way its shame to have it covered in houses but also the idea of owning your own bit of land is always tempting as when I was a kid many of the forests near me all belonged to someone who later found themselves wealthy went they sold @exyle


Driving around here I am just amazed about the amount of 'space' here.

Exyle is planning to build a steem mansion there! 😬

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Hi exyle. Wait and buy two lots next to each other. That way if you build on one and everything goes well you can have a bigger garden than anyone else. If not sell the other plot or build and sell.

I think it's a great business, @exyle. While you're in your country, they can rent it out and make a profit! Or you can rent it to friends of yours who want to know Brazil. Don't think about it too much!

I just bought land to build in here, and now am already thinking about buying and building overseas. It just costs so much less! Be sure to check the fresh water situation.

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Real estate investment is excellent in a country with growing population.
Invest and forget above few years and you would definitely be making money

Just do it, you have the luck of having someone with the know how in the country.. start with one ( like steem) and slowly go to 100 ;-)

Excellent Post Friend, I quite support the idea of ​​investing in land, Thanks for Sharing.

Well yeah as the current situation is quite tough indeed

While it sure is a nice idea to get back up by the way and it might turn out to be gold in the long term !

They are making much new real estate.

very good post

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Most of Brazil's lands are not arable @exyle but you can choose the ones that is good for planting trees and plants or maybe near the ocean :)


Are you Sure? Brazil is one of the biggest farm powerhouses in the world 😬


Bianca is right @bkdbkd

Great colours of this land, my dear @exyle!
Red is synonyms of power and passion: the same feelings that you will have to put on your investment!
Good luck!

Do it Do it! haha buy some land in Brazil! That would be awesome! Awesome you are still there, I totally forgot how long you were going to be there.

Mark @exyle Follow your Heart and you will do the Right Things. You have always had Great Insight..........

I say go for it! You only live once right? Worst case you have to do two or three posts a day instead of one or two. Then with a good upswing in the market you are golden! It is always great to have a place where you are close to family. Plus like you said, you could always just sell it in the future when things start to expand out that way. It looks like a beautiful area!

the best investment is property investment state investment as you have a proof of biancas dad success because of long term great investmemts

Perfect pricing too if looking at the long term investment there :)

I can see why you are tempted. Advice from a future in law could be invaluable...