Brazilians are very clean except for this one thing....

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Brazilian are clean.

They love to shower and keep their body's clean.

Especially in the hot weather it's not abnormal to take several showers a day.

They also clean their house meticulously.

Every night before bed this house is clean and tidy.

And in the weekend they even wash the pavement in front of their own house.

They are much cleaner then I am at home I must admit.

But in the gym they do something strange.

It's again one of those cultural difference I noticed.

In the gym....they don't use towels.....

They move their sweaty body's from machine to machine without cleaning them or using a towels to absorb some of the sweat.

Truth be told it's really nasty arriving at equipment dripping with sweat.

I'm the only one in the gym putting a towel where I sit and cleaning the machine after I'm done.

I'm sure I'm known as that weird tall gringo with a towel by now.

But I just don't understand it so I asked Bianca why this is normal?

She said she doesn't understand it either...but it's how it's always been.

Again I except but I'm keeping my towel :)

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This same situation occurs here in the United States as well. A lot of savages here just leave the machines with sweat all over them but it is usually good if you put some soap on a paper towel and wipe down the machine afterward but a lot of people don't do it. It's a total biohazard. lol


lol biohazard is the right word!

I'm sure I'm known as that weird tall gringo with a towel by now.

Maybe you will start a new trend!

I always found it weird that they don’t flush toilet paper but I think that is more common in Europe too haha.


lol, I didn't wanted to go there :)

Beloved friend, for us it is very normal to take several showers a minimum day should be two, one in the morning and another at bedtime, and if you give us some time we take one at noon, it is like our houses, you have to clean them every day, for dust or if you have a pet, you also need to clean your house, well you're the only person who uses a towel for the gym, here in Venezuela if it's something normal and you need to use it every time you exercise, It is strange that the Brazilians do not, but here, you must agree with Bianca and visiting Venezuela one day you will like it a lot.

They move their sweaty body's from machine to machine without cleaning them or using a towels to absorb some of the sweat.

Yuk! That would be a great excuse for me not to go back @exyle. It doesn't take much! 😂



You can never go wrong by being the weirdo with the towel! Quite a lot of people in my gym don't do it either and it's horrible!


My towel must be soaked with sweat from at least 10 different bums :)


There's bound to be a market for that. You just might have found a new enterprise to invest in :0D

And in the weekend they even wash the pavement in front of their own house.

We do that as well. Fortunately where I live, it stays clean. But in the city (Manhattan) they try to wash the sidewalks especially urines after dogs, but it still complete mess. When it comes to gym and towels, yea here we always use our own towels. Perhaps they don’t know in Brazil. Perhaps someone has to show them. Do it few more times and they might have to do the same. People will notice.

It is groce... At our gym, Zutphen Holland :), there are also several guys not using towels although it is mandatory. I have already complained about it cause it is really dirty...

That is very unhygienic and unfortunately you cannot change them unless you talk to them individually, call a meeting of all members or put up posters. Some may even get offended, so the best thing is to keep on being the weird one with your towel :)


Haha, I'll stick with being weird for a couple of weeks :)

Hahahahaha. Yeah. Yeah. In my country they also leave all the sweaty appliances!! And there's usually no air conditioning in the gym. So you can imagine: Even if you look like a big freak, don't let go of your towel! Also, when you get home, you take a cold shower. It will rejuvenate you and make you feel 20 years old. Greetings and hugs!

Culture is something amazing to comprehend.
Maybe you may start a trend by using a towel.
Keep on samba.


Haha, I doubt that. But I'm keeping mine.

🤔🙄 is not time to throw-in the towel! As they say... 😂 hang on to that towel Mark! 😝😰 🤣 have a nice cleansing shower and change after all that sweat! Oh my lanta!! That aughta strengthen up your stomach!! 👉 wishing you great workouts!! 😉 Hahaha! 🏋️‍♂️💪🏃‍♂️ (ewww!🤢)


I'm hanging on!

hahaha yeah thats the fuckest thing not only in brazil but in other countries also people do exercises and make machines dirty for others and thats something very irritating btw i think its not about cultural difference its about in which gym you are as there are always good people and people everywhere so depends on which gym you are

They move their sweaty body's from machine to machine without cleaning them or using a towels to absorb some of the sweat.

I not only take a towel, I take spray on sanitizer! Sweat on gym equipment is just gross!

Hi exyle. That sounds disgusting but funny at the same time. I am sure they are wondering who the bearded snob is lol.


That is a really big problem in Italy too, even if a lot of people use the towels at the Gym and during yoga, but not everybody.
I love Steemit because I enjoy knowing the other cultures and the other traditions about cleaning or something else.
This is a good opinion because you are not Brazilian, but from Netherlans so your opinion is not conditionating by anything.

So they don’t take several showers throughout the workout? The only logical option...


I wouldn't wrap it around my neck then :))


I wish you wouldn't had said that!

I know how you feel, this annoys me so much! Most of the guys in my gym do use a towel but I have to admit that its common to see some sweaty machines here!

A great trip to the gym, my friend and you are right, when you train better to use a towel, it's clean and the skin of the body absorbs oxygen better, but you see in Brazil your customs and I think you will be remembered for a long time with your towel, haha. The main thing is that you are on the move. Well done! Thanks Mark

Brazil, like you're describing it, feels like India. Same stuff happening at the gym as well.

Great buddy

eso esta bueno para Venezuela que no hay papel higienico

@exyle information given is strange sir. Brazilians should make their habbit at gym as they do every where. It is not big job for them, because they are in habbit of neat and clean. We must respect others also.

wuao that is unpleasant I also go to the gym every day and we all carry our towel because it is unpleasant to get to a machine that is soaked with sweat, the owners should not allow it and make it a rule that everyone carry their towel to others that the sweat also damages the machines, I can not sit on a machine so I am very scrupulous and that displeases me I am the subject je je

Each country has its habit and its way of behaving.

😬 😂 Thats funny, but difficult to change a whole country now.

Well they be like sweat more to gain more ;) well anyways good to know about this quality about Brazilian people this is really good

Ewww. That is pretty nasty. That is why I stay away from the gym. Better not to risk it :)

"I'm sure I'm known as that weird tall gringo with a towel by now."
That must be a pretty correct translation of what you are know for there!
The more I read about you getting to know Brazil, the more I realise we are very similar to them here in Portugal... But this time I can't relate with your problem (more like, their problem), because I have been in 3 gyms and all of them were pretty clean and everybody used towels.