Brazil won!

in life •  5 months ago


I must admit I'm having an excellent World Cup experience even though the Netherlands are not in it.

I've been cheering for Brazil.

(For those that do not know: My girlfriend Bianca is Brazilian).

Besides the first game where I sort of had to get into it. (It is 'strange' cheering for another country).

I have been having a blast watching the games with my Brazilian friends.

As usual it comes down to switching your mindset.

One can choose not to enjoy the World Cup because you are not in it or you can just choose to have fun cheering for another team and just go with it.

I choose the latter. I chose fun. I just prefer it.

I now even get nervous when they play, lol.

Just like with the Netherlands.

Yesterday we were all at a nice sportsbar in Rotterdam.

The place was filled to the brim with Brazilian supporters.

The atmosphere was excellent with a lot of cheering and singing.

The result was excellent too!

2-0 for Brasil.

On monday they play again!

It's the knockout phase that's when the real nerves begin!

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Honestly I am watching the World cup rn
and I don't know who to cheer on :D
I am just watching the games to see some quality football


Croatia.. Always cheer for Croatia. :D


But what about the other amazing countries :D
Croatia is amazing
but Brazil is super cool aswell
also England is wonderful
and Belgium
and Japan
and Poland
and I could just be here naming all the countries that participated in the World cups :D


Well i know Poland is out of the World Cup.
The rest i dont know how they are standing.

Nice to see you cheering for your girl friend's country.Bianca will be very happy for your love where she was born.Thanks for sharing your experience of gaming ,good luck.

They played beautifully and won !

They have performed well so, they deserved the winning. I'm cheering for them too. I'm looking forward seeing them reaching semi finals of the tournament.


Me too!

Excellent game of the Brazil team, my friend and I congratulate you and your friends with this victory! It's always nice to watch the beautiful game of your favorite team, especially in a great company of friends. We look forward to further games and victories! Thank you Mark.

Wow very nice to see all of you enjoying and having fun.
I'm also very happy to winning Brazil like Bianka because I'm Brazil supporter . Both of team played well but Bianca's Brazil was best. Hope next Monday they will win again and lot of cheers for them,thanks to share your beautiful enjoying moment with your girl friend and other Brazilian supporters.

Brazil should obliterate Mexico.


Let's see!

Non of my countries qualified, even my wife’s country Poland 🇵🇱 sucked. When I watched Brazil 🇧🇷 playing with Costa Rica 🇨🇷, when I saw how frustrated Brazil was and at the end how Neymar got emotional, I became a huge fan of Brazil. I also like Belgium 🇧🇪. I hope they both get to meet in the final.


Sorry about Poland but at-least you were there :) Belgium has a nice team! They are playing very well.

Glad to see you've chosen to have fun! Always a good choice. Even if it means a change in mindset. Which in and of itself is super important for brain health especially as we age. Not always easy. But, worth it! Go Brazil!

Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself @exyle. Looks like a lot of fun!

We've got big screens on the beach here to watch it, although I've not been there myself.

Watched the end of the Germany match on my son's phone yesterday as there was a big kerfuffle going on in the house and I just had to go and see what all the noise was about.

I thought they were now showing a black line to indicate off side but it turns out it was a crack in my son's phone screen. 😂 😂 😂


Lol! Maybe you will get more into it when England enters the knock out phase?

This is one of the the best world cup ever, full of surprises and lots of fun spectacular goals been scored daily but the big questions is can brazil, france or belgium claim the trophy seeing the defending champions Germany dropping from the group stage of the competition? Should we be expecting an average country to win the 2018 world cup or will it the the host country Russia that will lift the trophy. Being an african my support goes to senegal wish them the best


Yeah it's been a lot of fun so far. I'm sitting ready to watch Senegal play!

I bet watching the World Cup with brazilians is a lot different than with Dutchmans. I was also rooting for Brazil, I just got very worried about Marcelo, I love him as a player and personality, and the injury looked pretty serious...


It didn't look great indeed. Hope he will be fine.

Hi Exyle. I have watched bits and pieces and honestly don't give them much hope of going too far. I think there is going to be some shocks in the next round.


We have faith :)

Awesome that your team won. That is always exciting. Since the US didn't make it in and my favorite baseball team is terrible this year, I don't have a ton to cheer about :)


Haha! Always find something to cheer about :)

One can choose not to enjoy the World Cup because you are not in it or you can just choose to have fun cheering for another team and just go with it.
To do the latter is not difficult when you get used to. My country has never been in a world cup and the excitement about it is always present. We always have enjoy it anyways. So you are from netherlands? I didn't know

Yeah I'm from the Netherlands. We did not qualify this time. But cheering for Brasil is a nice substitute.

Bianca @bkdbkd has to be congratulated FIRST. Mark @exyle She deserves this and talk about Love you are willing to accept new friends in your life from far away lands. How is that not a Great Thing ??


Of course she does! I learned a lot from Brazilians about accepting new people in a group. They can make strangers feel like friends very fast, when I experienced it for the first time I was touched. The Dutch are not that great at it you see..

No doubt Brazil is a wonderful team...Looking forward for Monday's game..


Yup brazil is good but not much as it was before brazil was a team who had some hard working players

Well done, Brazilian team!

Brazil is a great team. Their play was really awesome! Congratulate to Brazil.

Yes sir
It's has been an amazing World Cup so far.The Brazilian Team is actually a good team with top class players,no need to worry about them.They will do just fine

Really brazil win? I'm new to football game . I like this game also

Yeah Brazil won and it will be even more interesting to watch their game in the knockout... Cheers for the team :D

I bet it if they're really going to forge more ahead with a step after the group stage 😂 why is because they are likely to meet up with Belgium or England immediately after the round of 16 but because you are cheering them I wish them well too but....................... 😂

I started to become a big fan of Brazil from 1994 when Brazil was world champion and reinforced by romario, bebeto, cafu and ronaldo. Ronaldo was still very young. Hopefully Neymar and friends successfully become world champion in the year 2018. Warm greetings from Indonesia

I think the world cup has been full of surprises lately, Germany are definitely out, I'm quite glad Brazil won as well, I hope they can get to do better in the quarter final stages, which team is Bianca rooting for?

This game was too exciting. I was very excited. I like the way you like to watch the games. Full fun and suspense. When we are part of the country even better, greetings to Bianca.

No doubt, Brazil is the name of victory, As the last match was so excited and thrilled. I am totally agree with you.

Brazil were looking good last night! But the world cup is coming home (yes to England, am i delusional? its possible!)

Trully its all in the head- mindset.
Most people watch a game biasedly with their happiness tied only to the team they support.
However its always best to choose fun.
As its meant to be an entertainmemt sport and not a die hard affair.
Its no surprise as famous footballers of all time play for the fun and love of the game.
Cheers mate.
By the way my country got knocked out by argentina lol and now im supporting the germans hahaha.

That game was great, so good that you have enjoyed together with your friends.

@exyle, Firstly I give huge clap to Brazil for selected second round. With Nigerian match had some talent and finally Brazil team shown their attacking condition. Congrats Brazil.
I know Bianca was happy more than you. Without Brazil team don't like to watch final round. Currently Neymar played awesomely.
Cheers for celebration moment.....

In this red blood bath of crypto some entertainment is indeed necessary !

wow that's good news man!!.......

I was overjoyed to see Brazil win too. From the picture you guys look like you had a great time watching that match.I am rooting for them and hope they will go far and I must admit they played very well. Congratulations to the team, all Brazilians and their supporters :)

Friends like family is always fun and enjoying match win along with them feels so energetic for sure :)

"I now even get nervous when they play, lol.

Just like with the Netherlands."

That's what I like about the fact that the Netherlands is not participating.
No stress!

BBBBBBrazil!!!! Love it. 2-0 is a great win. FIFA fever!

Congratulations to Brazilian girlfriend .

I am a Photographer and Traveller, I have started posting my pictures and travel guide series, I hope you may like it.

Love you @exyle